25 thoughts on “your call is important to us

  1. This is hilarious… and probably in some cases so true… I remember a friend of mine who is in the game talking to one of the others in the company about why there printer wasn’t working… she had forgotten to turn it on…

    • I think there is a lot of truth in it … and I can image it can be very stressful too. I did something very likeness your friend, not so bad as the unit wasn’t turned on .. can’t remember what it was, but I felt so stupid when I was caught out by the technician.
      Had problems with my internet security program while living in Belfast and I got a guy that was sitting in India .. couldn’t understand a word what he said.

  2. You certainly gave me a smile. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people who would be calling and I don’t have a child in the house who can fix my computer. 🙂

    • Karen, I think we all been there .. and the next minute we have realized that the problem is just we being plain stupid.
      I guess there is some great stories to be told from all those helpdesk calls ..

    • Jo, I was engaged with a German man … that was in the car industry -VW – he always said it doesn’t matter what car you drive so long it’s German and silver metallic. Same with laptops .. doesn’t matter what brand so long it’s from Asia and in silver and it’s a big plus if it works.

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