weekly photo challenge – good morning!

Good Morning, 42nd Street !!!!!

Was back in NYC after 13 years and this the two first photos I took .. during my visit. Both are taken from room 2410 on Westin Grand Central Hotel on 42nd Street.

NYC morning light

The silhouette photo I took still lying in my bed, it was the fist thing I saw when I opened my eyes that morning – not a very focused photo (just like myself) – but I like it just because of that. Sunday 8th of Sept, and the beginning of a glorious day and a fantastic 5 day stay in NYC.

When I walked over to the window …. looked down on 42nd Street and it was nearly empty … no sounds what so ever out there! A very strange experience ….  A quite NYC!

no action

“4 am—if I’m ever up that early,
it’s because I’m up that late.
Jarod Kintz

Why not joining the challenge – or check out how others look at a good morning, Weekly Photo Challenge – Good Morning! 

41 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – good morning!

    • Thank you so much, Angeline …. not the most focused photo I have taken, but it was the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes that morning. Love the colors.

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    • Terry, millions thanks. You know what they say that things has to get worst before they will get any better – I think I’m at that point just now, because it hasn’t gone any better *laughing.

    • Bob, thank you so much … I was a bit afriad to drop the camera from 24th floor … the part of the window that we were able to open was so small – so I could only have the hands with camera outside it.

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    • Jo, Good Afternoon to you …. Neil Diamond one of my favorite too! My day so far has been a bit dizzy, but quite a bit better than yesterday – so hopefully the medicine have started to work. Yesterday was terrible, still with a bit of fever – still in bed. *smile – best place for me I suppose.

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    • Yes, Neil Diamond is a great artist – been around so long as me … I think. Thanks for your always so kind support.
      The photo I took from the bed … had the camera beside the bed, but not my glasses *laughing

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