$28 better off today …..

… than yesterday!

However that is possible – but I have now got all the payout slips on all my pensions and I have $28 more today than I had yesterday … plus that I can save my whole UK pension or use it up for my upcoming adventures.

I don’t know who has been looking after me – it hasn’t been me … that’s for sure.

So I want to say thank you to:

stena-line - stena se

Stena Line (Making Good Time) 

 – my employer for 35 years in total and a brilliant “boss”.

SPP - .apple com

SPP (Live Now – Always) 

– that has taken so good care of the money Stena Line has paid in to me.

AMF_Pension - logotypes101 com

AMF (A Little More to Live For)

– not much, but still so I can buy my favourite coffee, pay for my internet, lottery tickets and be able to keep my mobile phone.

pensionsmyndigheten_ hitta se
– that got me sweating for a couple of months and never stopped sending me new forms to fill in.
On this alone I couldn’t live, but I understand – I have lived aboard for nearly 25 years.

dept for work and pension - toolboxsw.co uk

Department for Work and Pension, UK 
– you totally have taken me by surprised – a full UK pension. Thank you so much, but on what you give me I wouldn’t be able to even pay my rent.

All together you give me a good amount of money – some I get on 18th each month, some every 4 weeks and some on 25th every month. Thank you so much, but I have been working bloody hard for them to. Up to 15hrs and even more per day, at times, and 6 days per week when so need. You, all, should know that I loved nearly every minute of all those hours.

I must admit that you all have made me sweat from time to time during this application time, but today my bank account is smiling – and $28.00 more today than yesterday. Isn’t this every pensioners dream not to lose income and have to lower living standards when the pension kicks in, so I can have the same comfortable life for another 5 years, then some of it will disappear – but I will survive then too.

But I read today that in 2014 the Swedish government will 2,7% back on my state pension, so I will break even than.

retirement - 123greetings com

And the best thing of all is that I can still be put away the same amount of money into my savings accounts as I always done.

So as a Swedish pensioner I could have done a lot better if I had looked after myself better – but I never did, I trusted the systems and my employer  …. once again I gambled quite a bit – and here I’m a very happy pensioner.

To you, young and restless – be smarter than me … saving accounts are okay, but make sure that you put money into a private safe pension. Don’t think so much about quick fix – play safe and go for a stable investment. Because our pension systems are getting worst and worst, more or less collapses … all over the world. Maybe I have strike luck, that I became a pensioner in 2013.

So I’m a happy pensioner but I wouldn’t mind to be 40 with my 30’s body and 65 years of knowledge. *smile – and I want to dedicate this song to myself – one of my top 5 songs and it’s original an Italian song “La vita” by Bruno Canfora & Antonio Amurri. Norman Newell translated the lyrics into English and Shirley Bassey recorded it the first time in 1968.

Common sing along with me …  and Jo, here you have the lyrics – you don’t have to make up your own *smile

This is My Life”

“Funny, how a lonely day
Can make a person say
What good is my life

Funny, how a breaking heart
Can make me start to say
What good is my life

Funny, how I often seem
To think I’ll find another dream
In my life

Till I look around and see
This great big world is part of me
And my life

This is my life, today, tomorrow
Love will come and find me
But that’s the way that I was born to be
This is me, this is me

This is my life and I don’t
Give a damn for lost emotions
I’ve such a lot of love, I’ve got to give
Let me live, let me live

Sometime when I feel afraid
I think of what a mess I’ve made
Of my life

Crying over my mistakes
Forgetting all the breaks I’ve had
In my life

I was put on earth to be
A part of this great world is me
And my life

Guess I’ll just add up the score
And count the things I’m grateful for
In my life

This is my life, today, tomorrow
Love will come and find me
But that’s the way that I was born to be
This is me, this is me

This is my life and I don’t
Give a damn for lost emotions
I’ve such a lot of love, I’ve got to give
Let me live, let me live

This is my life
This is my life
This is my life”

Images provided by and thanks to:

44 thoughts on “$28 better off today …..

    • I know exactly what you mean … I don’t need much neither really, but I don’t have to cut back on anything and still what I fancy .. travel and go out for a meal or show now and then. What I most happy about is that can carry on saving the same amount every month – because that was I was going to cut down if I had too.

    • I don’t know anyone .. that has come out with more … but it will only last until January .. and then I break even.
      Fun so long it lasted – I’m so happy that .. I don’t have do any cutbacks *laughing.

  1. My Department for Work and Pension, UK surprised me as well. I thought I didn’t have enough contributions while I was working in the Middle East for many years, but because I was recruited in the UK, the agencies had paid my full contributions unbeknowing to me. So I was a happy bunny as well as you Viveka 😀 Ralph xox 😀

    • Ralph, I phoned them just before I returned to Sweden in 2009 and I was told £35.00 per week max – I told the young man I talked to … that I give that in charity *smile – but better and nothing. It was less problems with UK pension than the Swedish. Yes, I’m a very happy bunny – it will change when I become 70, one of the pensions will go then, but with UK in my back pocket I will be okay. So I have 5 years of adventure for my £. Thank you so much for always visiting my world … and liking it. Lots .. Wivi

      • As you are living in Sweden, which is a member of the EU, but it’s currency is the krona (kr), do you have the same benefits/problems as where I live, Spain, which currency is the Euro? My pensions are all UK based, so paid in Pound Stg, but transfer to my Spanish bank is free of transfer charges because they are pensions and arrive in my account in Euros. I never know exactly how much I get each month or 4 weeks because the exchange rate is so volatile.

      • My UK pension stays on my account with LloydsTSB – they are not coming to Sweden – so I don’t have to worry about exchange rate as such and I visit UK at least once per year .. so then I will use those money.
        The £ has gone down quite a bit – I worked over there when it was 16.00SEK to a £ – now it’s only £10.50.
        Heard that some Brits has moved back to UK because of the value of the €. We have Swedes that has moved back too. Hopefully the £ with go up .. but that will only happens if they go to war again, same with the $. Money makes the world go around.

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy finding out your pension info day !!!!

    I will probably have to work until I am 80. But by then, hopefully I will get a few months vacation a year! 🙂 But you’re right. We need to be better prepared because no one’s pensions are doing well.

    • Colleen, yes … we have to look after ourselves.
      It it hadn’t been that Stena Line had paid in my pension for the years I worked abroad into very solid pension investment company … and thankfully I let the money stay with them, was too lazy to look around for another company. It’s all down to them, SPP.
      Got the last information today – so I could add them all up.
      Very happy! Now is it time for the duvet …. tomorrow weekend again. *smile

  3. Congratulations on your “royal” pension, my dear Viveka 🙂 You are a lucky lady and I’m happy for you that you can keep your internets, your cell phone and drink all the coffee in the world and play a lottery ticket every once in a while 😀
    Big hugs xo 🙂

    • Daisy … thank you very much *smile – maybe its deep, never thought about it like that .. a good advice to you young reader. Think about your age today – put away something extra every month. I was lucky, because somebody else looked after me, my employer.

  4. Hey this is good news… I still haven’t cashed in my private pension policies and hope to stretch them for another few years as they grow so quick towards the end… in 3 years they will have gained another one third in value… living with my head above water at the moment…. just have to see how far we can go before it happens…

    • Bob, you seams to have the same system as us .. the longer you keep you pensions resting the more you get – great thing if you’re able to do that.
      I wish I could do that, but … I’m okay and I live a pleasant life as it’s … plus I have the UK pension as a bonus that I don’t have to touch if I don’t want to. I don’t think it would increased much if I had waited another 5 years. Plus maybe I’m not around in 5 years time. How knows???

  5. My husband was able to retire at 50 with a very decent pension. However, it will be years before he can qualify for Social Security and Medicare. So he does work part-time right now to compensate for our medical expenses and to be able to save for traveling and the future.

    It is a great feeling, isn’t it?

    • It’s is fantastic feeling to be able to keep the standard of living and not have to give anyhting up – plus that I’m able to save the UK pension for my adventures … can’t believe how lucky I’m. So thankful. I know so many people that is only scrapping by on their pensions.

  6. Here I am! Late to the party but singing 🙂 And smiling hugely!
    It’s sunny and I’m going for a walk on the beach soon. Big hug for you, rich person! (in spirit as well as pennies)

  7. Fabulous song to wake up to on this Saturday morning. I remember seeing Shirley Bassey singing it, wearing a gorgeous gold lamé evening dress. It’s great that you find that you’re better off today than you were yesterday. Good for Stena Line! 🙂 My hubby opted for early retirement at 55, and took a lump some instead of a pension. He invested it very wisely in property, and 14 years later, we’re much better off than when he was working. Planning for retirement is so important, because that’s when you have the time to do all the things you were too busy to do when you were young, with kids to bring up and a living to earn.

    • In Sweden, we can take our pensions in a lump – not state or private. Also if you retired early you get such small % of your pensions, because they lose out on the interest on your pension money.
      I think I could have got the money Stena Line paid out in a lump between 61-65, but that had meant that I had to find another work and I was finish with working full time and responsibility.
      I think there is so much young people should think so soon they start to make their own money – in Sweden everything is based on your earning – so the more you pay tax for the more you get back in sick befits, maternity leave, unemployment befits and pension. You get 80% of your salary when you get unemployed in Sweden.
      Yes, this song has been my favorite for so many years .. I think since it was recorded in 1968.
      A marvelous song and fantastic singer. There must be something in the water in Wales that can give voices like Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, Kathrine Jenkins, Richard Burton, Antony Hopkins …

      • I guess hubby was lucky that he could do this, as he is wonderful with money and investments. A year after he left the company, they stopped the lump sum payouts.
        I’m sure you’re correct about the water in Wales. 😀

      • Some people they are great with money … and others money too – I have never been great with mine – I love to spend now when I have the money.
        Maybe I don’t spend it on the same things as I did 15-20 years ago. But today I spent money a Michael Buble concert in February, Stockholm .. and that felt so good *smile

  8. Congrats on your happy findings! Some good advice for younger persons as well – that’s needed I think. Lucky you to have had good employers – and a strong will as well as a strong body! You deserve every penny of that money, that’s certain.

    I would have liked to retire earlier than 65, but I don’t know if it will be possible…70 is no option for me…I have seen too many friends catching deadly diseases and dying within a couple of years after retirement.

    I don’t need much more than food and roof over my head – but would appreciate the possibility of a nice meal out some time and the possibility of travelling once a year. So, I save every month…We’ll see how far it will take me.

    Great song – love Shirley Bassey. That voice. Have a great week, Viveka, and thank you once again for an interesting and thought provoking post!

    • A-C, I think the pension is a very provoking issue and most of us worry about it.
      As you say we don’t need much more then food and head over our heads, but it’s a lot more to it when we add up all the bits and pieces and if the pension doesn’t cover our basic bills, it happens to so many of us. I’m so happy that my employer put the money where they grow good.
      They only paid in 4 years to my pension … and still I get 45% of what my state pension that I have been paying into since I was 16. How those now add up????

      Of course you shouldn’t have to work until 70 – terrible thought when if you love your work. They want us to work longer for our pension and then the youth can’t get any jobs – don’t understand how they think.

      Yes, Dame Shirley Bassey has some voice and she are still going strong – I have loved this song so long as I can remember.

  9. Cheers to the additional $28 … Meanwhile, I personally favor individually controlled accounts … but hey … Hi Viveka!

    • Frank, yes I have been luck … we can move between pension investments if I wanted that – but still the state pension is what it’s, same with UK pension. Don’t have any control over that, all down to how much I have worked and earned, but some % of our pensions today can invest where we want and have control over. I kept mine in the company my employer chosen and that really paid off.

      • Wonderful that your employer came through … plus it remained vested in the employees .. thus didn’t cut and bail.

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