big city lights and maybe political incorrectness

“The day has eyes; the night has ears.”
David Fergusson

… but when it’s about NYC I just have to turn this quote around!!!

“The Day has ears; the night has eyes.”

green EPSB - frrole com

I only know one city that can provide more lights than NYC can and that is Hong Kong – but this with walking on the streets in NYC when all the city’s all lights are turned on – an amazing feeling of greatness and smallness. An amazing show every evening.

So in this post have I collected my night shots of this big city with so bright lights. The only evening I didn’t have my camera with me was the evening when the Empire State Building was all dressed up in green and white. I was gutted but too tired to walk back to 5th Ave after midnight for some shots. So once again I had to turn to Google for help and this photo is provided by google – so many copies of it that I don’t know who I should give the credit to, but it’s a magnificent photo.

The rest of the photos are all mine – taken under different evenings during our walks to and from the restaurants we dined on.

Our last evening we had a very nice diner at The Blue Water Grill just of Union Sq and me that had become more friendly with the Subway, we decided to travel under the city back up to Grand Central. As we walked over the Sq I noticed something ticking on one of buildings. It is the Metronome, the 62-foot-wide, 15-digit clock – the world’s most confusing clock.

At precisely quarter to three in the afternoon, for example, it would display 144500000001509. And if you are walking past and see 200658907015303, you would of course know that it was just shy of 8:07pm. So what I understand were we walking across Union Sq 10.35pm.

Metronome, Union Sq

First I thought it was the National Debt Clock, which I totally forgotten about and we were in the neighborhood of it twice. It’s located on n Sixth Avenue – between 42nd Street and 43rd Street – close to Times Square. Because I forgotten that clock – here is what the clock stood on when I started working on this post. Ladies and gentlemen …. here is the truth.

The Outstanding Public Debt as of 22 Sep 2013 at 02:59:48 PM GMT is:
$ 1 6 , 7 4 3 , 6 4 6 , 7 9 9 , 0 9 0 . 0 5

The estimated population of the United States is 316,700,865
so each citizen’s share of this debt is $52,868.96.

The National Debt has continued to increase an average of
$1.90 billion per day since September 30, 2012!

We were told by our nice driver that took us from the airport to the hotel that they are building the most expensive apartment in world with view over Central Park (and I happen to have a photo of it) ,Billionaires Heaven – one57, a 1,004-foot tower with two duplexes under contract for more than $90 million each and the other seven apartments ranged in price from $45 million to $50 million. Then I wonder who is paying taxes in US or paying of the debt. One extreme to the other.

Would I live up there on the top of the world – I don’t know … if I had that much money as $90 million … I rather would given help to those that needs help – and live at “Aqua” in Chicago. *smile

This is New York and with the best view in town – but how much can a view be worth??!!!


So there is brighter lights in a bigger city, but only for a very few. Sorry, for the political ending of this post. Maybe a bit incorrect, but still all this glitter … is for me as a visitor free, but somebody has to pay for it.

Thank you so much, the American people – the people of NYC, I loved every minute of it of this show.

“Yeah I’m lookin for some action
And it’s out there somewhere
You can feel the electricity
All in the evening air”
Cee Lo Green

61 thoughts on “big city lights and maybe political incorrectness

  1. WOW! I can see how amazing this city, I loved your photographs dear Viveka and also the quote ““The day has eyes; the night has ears.” is beautiful too. I can understand why you made it opposite… Thanks and Love, nia

    • Nia, it’s a truly amzing city both day and night … but I don’t love the city – but I enjoy it time I visit. Thank you so much for your always great support.

  2. How money is distributed in our world is crazy I think, but without capitalism we’d be sunk. I just wish those with that much wealth would share with the poor.. I think some do. I love New York, it has to be one of my favorite destinations, the city is so alive and filled with business and things to do!! xx

    • Barbara, if everybody paid the tax they should pay .. every country had been so much better off. For Sweden it would had mean that we could pay of all our foreign debts. But the more money people have – the more they want to keep. I know that there is many rich that support charities and that is fantastic, but there is far too many tax escapers !!!! There is something wrong when somebody can buy an apartment for $90 million and others can’t get the health care they need.
      NYC is not one my favorite destinations, but one of my most exciting.

  3. Great post Viveka. Showing off some place everyone “knows” but won’t get to go to. And showing it off Viveka style….nothing wrong with a little commentary to go along with it, keeps the reader hopping.

    • Thanks, Colleen – I couldn’t help it when I – saw how much much money every American “owe” to cover the National Debt, scary numbers .. and then somebody can afford to live in apartment that cost $90 million. Somewhere things has gone wrong. We have very rich people in Sweden too – but at least everybody has the same standard of health care, roof over their heads and food on the table.

  4. Great share Viveka… the lights are amazing… I just could not understand the amount of people on the streets late at night… it sure is the city that never sleeps… I remember buying my leather jacket there way after midnight when life just seems to have been picking up…

    • Bob, there is people out and about the whole night – they play chess, read book, shopping … skateboarding .. just sitting talking and people watching. I think it sleeps a couple of hours, because early in the morning it was very dead.
      What amazed me that people was starting having dinner just before midnatt. One of the things I truly love about NYC is the pulse and action at night. Thank you for your great comments and support.

  5. Wow! Oh Viveka you will laugh at this – a computer guy fixed my computer this arvo and I forgot it was quick now when I opened your post (this usually takes a couple of minutes). This time it was instant and the music made me jump out of my seat!

  6. New York is for sure “The city that never sleeps.” Love your collage of pics, Viveka. Yes, if I had that sort of money, I could think of many places I’d rather live. That National Debt figure is astounding! I don’t understand how it all works but I’m going to ask hubby. He knows everything. 😀 Great post again. xx

    • I totally forgotten to say thank you for all the nice words about my post. I really liked doing it .. and is wasn’t meant to be political incorrect. *smile – could help myself – when I start thinking on One57.
      I know many places I would love to live .. if I had those money – how much money do we really need ???? I could never use up $90 million if I didn’t spent them on a penthouse in NYC.

  7. Got me singing, Viveka 🙂 “New York, New York it’s a wonderful town. The sky(?) is up and the pavements are down…” Oh dear, can’t remember the rest. I’ll just admire the photos 🙂

    • Jo, I used that track … for the posts when I toke off to NYC – great song .. but I think Bright Lights, Bigger City is perfect for NYC too.
      I checked the lyrics .. now and nothing about sky and pavement .. or we are not talking about the same song.
      New York – New York a wonderful town don’t have anything about sky and pavements neither .. have you made up your own lyric. ??? *laughing … thanks for your appreciation!

  8. This is amazing! It seems it is a bit too much of everything? Going for a visit is fun, but living there for good? I don’t know. All the dept. Yikes! But thank you for all the information and for the excellent pictures.
    Sorry, I am still working on all your posts… 😉 You’ve been quite busy writing 😀
    Big hug xo 🙂

    • Yes, I have been busy .. so much to write about and I’m able to sit again. I slow down a bit – because I’m going away for a couple of days.
      No, I don’t love NYC enough to even think about living there – so many other nice places to live around the world,; Biarrtiz, Chicago .. Vancouver .. Monte Carlo. Don’t worry if you miss some of my posts … not the end of the world. There is no must in my online world. *smile

    • Both Chicago and Seattle are fantastic city light cities too … New York is only the ultimate city .. and of course Hong Kong.
      I love city night lights too … is’t magnificent.

  9. Amazing! As usual you take us on an unforgettable trip in pictures, facts and thoughts. Somehow I cannot find you in my reader but have to go manually…I don’t know why ? I’ll get used to it of course but hope for it to work the usual way again. Have a great weak!

    • A-C, thanks for you always to faithful support …. you have to delete me and re-follow me again, normally that helps.
      I don’t know why it happens, but it does from times to times. Always somebody that I know have problem.
      I wish you a great week too – have had a rough couple of days, not feeling very well – I hope I passed that now.

      • Oh, I hope so too! I’m back in school after a couple of days with a cold…hate that cold…seems everybody has to go through it. I guess I’ll try that delete/re-follow! Thank you for telling me!

    • Claire, thank you so much .. most big cities have a fantastic make up for after the dark, but NYC is something truly spectacular. And Sweden has a debt clock too .. and it’s not so great to watch neither, scary stuff.

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