The Viveka Cocktail And Homemade Limoncello

I will call this drink, MY DRINK, PussPudding … or in plain English – KissWell. Thank you so much, Carolyn & Stuart. What an honor.


Putney Farm

Many months ago we asked for our readers to guess the location of a photo we took in Kauai. The winner would get a cocktail named after them. The winner was our friend Viveka from My Guilty Pleasures, a blog about life with all it’s humor, delights, food and travel. It is also a blog about friendship. Viveka seems to collect friends, both in the physical and virtual world, at a very steady clip. She has a big, warm, generous heart.

viv4viv5viv6Viveka is also patient. Because once she won our little contest, we knew we had to use a special homemade ingredient in her cocktail; limoncello. The only problem was that limoncello, while easy to make, takes a while. Like a few months. But we warned Viveka of the impending wait. And then we waited. And waited. But finally the wait is over.

viv7Limoncello is basically a liqueur of…

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16 thoughts on “The Viveka Cocktail And Homemade Limoncello

    • Thank you, it’s looks like a great cocktail and next time I travel I will ask for a KissWell and they will scratch their head and I will give them the recipe. Quite looking forward to that moment. *smile

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