officially old

Today I’m I getting my first Swedish state pension payout. Doesn’t feel that strange because I been on a pension from my employer since 2010 – but its far less in kronor (the pennies ) – so that will hurt. Thank God, I have my private pension and my pension from UK. So I’m not really complaining, so long I can afford my favorite coffee and a couple of shoes and handbags per year.

“The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off.”
Abe Lemons


35 thoughts on “officially old

  1. They say getting old is not for Sissies… and I don’t think by any manner or means that you’re a sissy… but those pennies don’t go as far as they used to, do they… but knowing you, we will continue to see you travel and forget the handbags and shoes… treat yourself in other ways…

    • Bob, I was only joking regarding the shoes and handbags – I don’t have to neither of it even if I would become 100. Travelling is where my leftover pennies will go to, so long as I can manage to walk without help, I will travel.
      I’m lucky … have been good looked after by my employer – but the state pension is a joke in itself.
      In the UK pension is even worst, I don’t know how the pensioners in UK survive, even if its tax free – have to pay tax on m Swedish ones.
      Looking at celebrate my day with a new camera, maybe …. *smile

    • I haven’t got any extra cash … have less now, but I’m okay … haven’t been working for 4 years, so I have practice – don’t miss work at all, even if I loved it when I was in the middle of it. A woman can’t get too many shoes .. or handbags!!! Or???

  2. I am not sure if I want to ‘like’ this or not, it depends how you feel about it! I can’t imagine being at pension age yet… I still have about 40 years left until I can retire (argh!!) but you definitely deserve every penny! xx

    • Laura, thank you so much … you are only a Spring Chicken, don’t wish for the pension yet – make sure that you put away money on a private one. The only you have to worry about just now. I haven’t been working for the last 4 years, so I have the practice, don’t miss the work one bit, but I miss the social every day. *smile

    • Maralee, have been practice on the retirement for 4 years now – I like it .. only that pensions gives less money from today. *smile … Don’t miss work at all, but I miss the every day social life. Thanks for your kindness.

  3. Enjoy your “official” Retirement, dear Viveka!
    You’re so lucky, you can do as you please. You always seem happy and joyful (even if you’re in pain). Only the best to you xo 🙂 big hug! 🙂

    • Hugs back, Dia …. yes, I been a happy trail pensioner for 4 years, but one year I was so sick because of my cancer, but still I travelled to Vienna. It’s not many of us that get a second chance on life. So I loads to be happy over. Thanks a million!

    • Suzanne, I have not been working for 4 years … so I had good practice – love it, don’t miss work – but I miss the every day social life that work comes with. I loved my work and the people I worked with.

  4. Good for you, Viveka. You’ve certainly got it sorted with the number of pensions you get though. Well done! 🙂

    Wish they had a ‘writer’s pension’ where you could just focus on writing your “great novel” & receive enough money for food & rent. Then pay them back IF the great novel sells. Sounds fair to me! It’s exhausting, looking for work…

    • Noeleen, me writing a novel …. I don’t think that will sell very well, okay to write post a couple of days per week. Are you looking for work – you should be doing audio books .. with your wonderful voice. *smile I can image it’s exhausting to look for jobs today – none around anywhere. When I was young I got all jobs I applied for, but that was in the stone age. Feel sorry for people today that needs to find a job. I wish you good luck from the deep of my heart.

  5. Tell me about it! 🙂 I took early retirement from the Civil Service at 55.(30 years of hating a job- was I mad?- but the friendships are lasting) Then worked 5 more years giving care to people at home- hard work but rewarding. And now I’m just me!
    Close behind you in that race to 65. You will age beautifully and timelessly, Viveka. You have a beautiful soul. Have a lovely weekend (and look after that ass!) 🙂

    • Thanks Jo, 30 years of hating your job … you should have a medal *laughing – I couldn’t manage that. The thing is that my last 20 years I worked abroad so I have my friends in UK and on Ireland. Have only contact with 5 people from my working years in Sweden, witch 3 are very good friends … so I’m lucky. Jo, you will never be old in my book …. I wish you the same – have a pleasant weekend. Sorry ass ??? Me???? *laughing

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