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#12 – on my gems list

Les Quinze Nits - benedictelarre.wordpress comLes Quinze Nits
Placa Reial 5
08002 Barcelona, Spain
(93) 17 30 75 – no pre-booking
€€ – Spanish

Les Quinze Nits (The 15 nights) …. There is no other way to get in then join the queue.
Was in Barcelona the first time 1997 – and the queue was there … both for lunch and dinner. And it’s still there!!! Every time I been to Barcelona I have been in the dinner queue. They have outside tables, of course they goes first.

Today they have a website, but that took time – but still no pre-booking – the queues are their trademark. Since they expanded and made the second floor into dinning room too – the place is just swallowing up the queue.

Buzzing, electric and not really a typical tourist trap – mostly Spanish guests. Food is fresh and local with a twist. Have never tried their Paella, that seems to be their signature dish. Their salads are delicious fresh, lamb, meats, chicken and fish – well cooked and tasty. Cheap and chic, will never win a Michelin star. Don’t think they really cares with queues like theirs. les quinze nits

Very enjoyable – both surroundings and the food. Service very quick, friendly and they really look after you even if they have quite a few tables, each waiter. An evening here with 3 courses and wine doesn’t empty the bank account neither plus the Sangria is very good.
Placa Reial – is just off the La Ramblas – opsite the market more or less. A beautiful enclosed square.
This is a MUST when visiting Barcelona, so I tell you to join the queue too. *smile

Another of my Barcelona favorite  waterholes are “Agua” – but it will get its own space.

les-quinze-nits - tripadviso se

 “Barcelona is good when the purse sounds”

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8 thoughts on “join the the queue

  1. Sounds like an amazing resto to be at especially with the view of daily life, I’ve yet to try true Paella, maybe someone here in Vancouver will make it some day 🙂

    • Andy, I’m not a fan of Pealla, because it has a mixed of seafood and chicken. For me it doesn’t go together, but there is so much more to chose from. It’s a fantastic restaurant and so busy.

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