weekly photo challenge – inside

With me just back from 5 marvelous 24 hours in NYC – my choice of entry has to come from the 1200 photo bank I came home with. There is quite a few photos that will suit well for this challenge, but I have chosen 2 shots from a well hidden gem – City Cafe on 35 W 43rd St  New York, NY 10036. One of those old fashion diners with excellent food, but the worst coffee in the world.

And no NYC visit without a great Reuben sandwich … and this was excellent !!

The establishments description of their Reuben: Corn beef, Swiss cheese, pastrami, coleslaw, melted cheese, and Russian dressing on rye toast. Served with curly spicy fries.

The coffee, don’t worth mention. *smile

“The diner is everybody’s kitchen”
Richard Gutman

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terrible coffeeexcellent rubens.

44 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – inside

      • My sorry ass … decided to stay home – but my sore feet went instead, but it went very well …. first day they told me that I must had walked over 60 blocks, from 42nd street down to 9/11 Memorial in +83F/28C bruning sunshine.
        The flight to NYC was never ending … home much quicker. Strange because it use to be the other way around. Excellent service on Copenhagen – Heathrow, but only okay to and from JFK. And I had misread my prize, no first class .. but World Traveller Plus we had.

    • A Reuben sandwich is just the best – when it’s good. Had some iffy ones too.
      This was fantastic .. and piping hot. I’m sure you can get a Reuben sandwich anywhere in US, but I only had mine in NYC and I do one sometimes at home.

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    • Only had two bad coffees and they was ordinary coffee .. weak as dishwater … but all the cafes had great latte and cappuccino, Aroma became our favorite coffee stand. *smile

  2. How exciting! How was your trip Viveka, and your birthday of course? I hope you had a wonderful time and can’t wait to hear about it 🙂 Shame about the coffee though!

    • My trip was great, but hot … *smile – I did a quick post yesterday … about NYC in random order – http://wp.me/p293Pw-7ef – have so many photos to work through and edit … and I have to get my head around how to start … That was one out of two bad … there was many excellent ones. *smile

    • Bebs, compare to sandwiches in Sweden … there is loads of meat in the sandwiches in US – Reuben is a great sandwich and I try to get so many as possible .. when I visit NYC, but only one this time.

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    • It’s a place where the locals goes … just of 5th Ave – behind the State University Of New York College of Optometry on 43rd street – will do a post about our breakfasts .. coffee was just like washing up water. But the Reuben made up for it … still US can make regular coffee – very good on the fancy Italian and French. *smile

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