time to share our senses

Metro Photo Challenge 2013

Now one of the biggest photo challenges in the world is open for us all that love to borrow moments around us with our cameras; small .. big, cheap .. expensive. This year is it all about our senses plus our 7th sense. The Metro Phogochallenge 2013 – just click on this link

“The winners of Metro Photo Challenge 2013 will take an eight-day trip to Ghana to experience the hidden side of Africa, far from the normally shown images in the news or travel brochures. The winner’s expedition photos will be published globally in Metro, helping to raise awareness and create positive change for children all around the world. This amazing, life-changing prize is the result of an exclusive collaboration between Metro Photo Challenge and Reach for Change, the non-profit organization founded by the Kinnevik Group to improve the lives of children and young people.” (text: Yahoo Finance)

I’m in ….. what about you – daily prizes … global site – just look up your country – and off you go.

I really hope you will join me.

34 thoughts on “time to share our senses

  1. So many great opportunities and so many talented participants! I’m still immersed the basics so I’ll pass this year. First things first – gotta get comfy with my “tools”. My day will come. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  2. I have just visited dear Viveka, there are so beautiful photographs, I was looking for yours too, but tell me in which category? Thank you for sharing with us, have a nice day and Good Luck, love, nia

    • Nia, thank you so much … taste & smell … I have entered to so far.
      Yes, there is truly some fantastic photos and you should enter some of yours. Doesn’t cost anything and we never know. Looked at last years Swedish winners and I don’t think they were that great.

    • It’s a lovely painting by the Swedish painter, Carl Larsson – he more less only painted his family and his homes surroundings.
      Thanks, I will just disappear in the masses with my photos.

  3. This sounds totally magnificent. I LOVE this, when the world launches such expeditions into everyone’s backyard, into vision, insight viewed through the lens or some other contest which embraces this world. Just magnificent.

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