a scene from a marriage …. sven & lena, part 31

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Sven and Lars have been managers at an IT-company going on twenty-five years. One day, as they are enjoying an after-work drink at the next door bar, Lars says, “You know, Sven, last night the wife and I made it three times.”
“Are you kidding?”Sven says. “At our age, me and the wife are lucky to make it three times in a month. What’s the deal?”
Lars grins and replies, “I read something in this book a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d try it. You make love, then you take a little ten-minute nap. Then you try it again. I’m telling you, it works like a charm!

Sven nods thoughtfully and says, “I’m going to give that a try myself.” That night, he makes love to Lena and takes a nap. When he wakes up, he and the wife make love again; he takes another nap. He wakes up, and they make love again. Satiated, Sven goes to sleep for the night.

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Sven wakes up with the alarm clock blaring. The clock shows that he’s going to be twenty minutes late for work. In a rush, Sven throws on some clothes and gets into the car. When arriving to the office – his boss is there waiting for him at the carpark.

“Sven,” his boss growls, “you’re fired!”
“Fired?” Sven replies. “Look, boss, I’m sorry. I’ve been working here twenty-five years without being late once all this time. Now you’re going to fire me after all that for being twenty minutes late once?”
“Twenty minutes?” his boss exclaims. “Where were you Tuesday? Where were you Wednesday?”

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”Taking ‘naps’ sounds so childish…
I prefer to call them ‘horizontal life pauses.’”

22 thoughts on “a scene from a marriage …. sven & lena, part 31

    • Yes, time to get of the chair now .. spent an hour on my sorry ass now .. still only short posts … have so much photos and stories to tell from this summer – but it has to wait. On a lucky pill just now.
      I will go back to bed and enjoy breakfast …and then time for ironing again.
      See you under the blanket. *smile

  1. HA! I wish I could write how I laugh!!!! Poor old Sven.
    Are you excited for the trip? When do you leave? I hope you and your ass get along fantastically for this trip. You need one another! 😉

    • Noeleen, thank you so much … I like passing on my stories.
      Can’t do any bigger posts because of the problem with sitting down … but hopefully soon they will find out what its that causes it.

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