weekly photo challenge – sea

The sea …. I have it in my heart and in my veins.

Been at sea more or less all my adult life – was 23 when I got my first seaman book, in May 1971.
I have passed the date line twice, I have sailed all the 7 seas, I have been seasick twice, I have sailed under the Southern Cross and Pole Star – and as an adult, have I always lived where the ocean has docked.

It’s really only one sea/ocean on our planet … it’s the same waters only that we have given it different names depending on where it docks.

Of all the oceans I been sailing on – still the Atlantic Ocean is my favorite …. Because it has so many faces and I love every one of them.

My favorite spot by the ocean is the beautiful little French town, Biarritz nearly on Spanish border … built on black rocks, a surfing paradise. My hideaway and my gem. Related post: 12 meters high waves … black rocks … rugby and campari & grapefruit juice

This photo is from Grand Plage in Biarittz. Once a month the high waves drowns the town’s seafront, been told that it has something to do with the full moon.
Waves up to 8-12 meters will hit the town and all beaches will disappear and the red flag tells us to stay away from the beach, because the sea is coming.

“The sea, once it casts its spell,
hold one in its net for wonder forever”
Jacques-Yves Cousteau

grand plage

Why not join the challenge or just visit and enjoy all the different views of the sea; Weekly Photo Challenge – Sea

65 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – sea

    • Thank you so much …. I started abut a year ago and it has become my trademark .. music is a very big part of my everyday.

      Thank you for visiting and for the nice comment.

    • Thank you so much … I was just going to turn my PC off when the challenge came and I just knew what to do and what to chose.
      I love that song too …. I wish you a pleasant weekend

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  2. Oh, I could have read a lot more about your bond with the sea, you sound so passionate, but am happy with this little piece for now. I understand that this one was not much of a challenge for you, as sea is your second nature. Simma lugnt!

    • Hjärte tack …. yes, I’m passionate about the sea, it has been my home and working place for so many years.
      When I got the email about the challenge I knew straight away what photo I would enter and music cloud was always easy choice. Thank you so much … for your support. Och jag simmar mycket lugnt.

    • Thanks, Dia …. I think we all love the sea in some way because it gives us that total feeling of freedom – endless freedom and of course all the sunrises and sunsets it gives us. *smile I love when the ocean is angry too …
      Time for bed .. for me and my sorry butt.

  3. Yes, it had to be “La Mer”, didn’t it, Viveka? No question. I’m crooning it now. 🙂
    Shame you didn’t bring home a Jolly Jack Tar.
    Have a hug! (smile)

    • Jolly Jack Tar …. that is a term from the passed – never been in the navy … *smile
      Yes, “La Mer” was given to this challenge.
      Hug … and another hug.

  4. This is exactly the song that came to mind when I was thinking about what photos I should post for this week’s challenge. Thank you so much for putting the biggest smile on my face, I love the way the universe works… 😉

    • Ishaiya, thank you so much for your kind words .. for visiting and for commenting. It’s one of my favorite photos and the song is a give away really … especially when the photo is taken in France.
      Thanks for the smile your comment gave me. *smile
      Welcome back.

      • No thank you! 🙂 But of course you are most welcome too. I love little moments like that..
        I love photo too, makes me want to go away on my adventures again!

      • Thank, yes .. what would our lives be without our adventures .. big and small.
        I’m going on an adventure next week .. to celebrate my 65th birthday in New York, my birthday is the 11 of September .. so its a milestone in more than one way for me. Never celebrated my birthday on day since 2001, the day before or after .. so maybe this trip will put me free.

      • Oh wow, yes I can see how that might be a little sensitive. However, I’m sure you are not the only one to have a birthday that day. Yes it was a tragic event, but the world doesn’t stop spinning because of such things. So enjoy your birthday in New York, and maybe it will be a release of some kind?
        New York is one of those places that I would love to visit. Venice for me is very special, which reminds me that I should write my post about what I discovered there before the freshness of the memory dissolves!
        I shall come a peruse your blog too…
        Have a great day Viveka!

      • Yes, Ishaiya – I think I have to face the music … and anyhow – after this birthday I’m not going to celebrate anymore .. don’t really like birthdays or New Years Eves .. because it only make remember that I will have less years more to live. *smile – I know .. a bit funny thinking.
        Better to celebrate every day I can get out of bed. Elderly people thinking.

      • You are far from elderly! But I get the birthdays and other celebrations thing. I like to give myself and my family presents and celebrate when I feel like it. I too live day by day and enjoy that I still can [smile].
        Well I hope it is a wonderful birthday nevertheless and that it becomes a positive date for you again.

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  8. This post makes me think of Longfellow’s words….
    “My soul is full of longing
    for the secret of the sea,
    and the heart of the great ocean
    sends a thrilling pulse through me.”
    had to go and search for it to get it right… love this post…

    • Bob, this is just wonderful … thank you so much.
      I think its the sense of freedom the ocean gives us .. the endlessness … that makes us so captured by it .. and it gives us inner piece, even when it’s angry. It has a power too .. nothing like it.

    • Tina, it has never been a secret … always screaming load about Biarritz. Such a lovely place the whole year around. Sea view apartment in Biarritz and penthouse apartment in Chicago and the picture is perfect. *smile

  9. This IS the perfect challenge for you. I can’t believe how much you have been at sea…how much of this planet you have been blessed to see. When I posted my photo for this challenge and thought about this song, I DID think of you. I knew you would choose it as your cloud. Love the photo!

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    • You must have done most of them already … easy to do them when you work aboard a cruiser. *smile
      And it all the same sea really, only that we have given it different names depending on where it docks.

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