“hey! doc, let me know if you find my dignity!”

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Today the real countdown starts and when I wake up in 8 hours time – this is what I have to go by … until the party is over. I can’t say I’m looking forward to this 24 hours of interesting diet and being on standby for the bathroom the whole evening.  All social life is cancelled.


Using an endoscope, a flexible instrument with which the colon mucousal be viewed from the rectum to the small intestine. To study should be possible to implement must colon was absolutely clean. It is important that patient instructions are followed carefully.

The examination takes 45-60 minutes.

We use nitrous oxide as an anesthetic

In connection with the examination, air is supplied to the intestine why intestine after the examination can be gas tight.

After the examination it is possible to eat and drink as normal.

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Eat low-fiber diet for a week for purgation; no fruit husks, flax seeds, tomato seeds, muesli, wholemeal bread. Drink 3 ltr of water per day.
The day before the examination submit only liquid diet: water, coffee, broth, soups and fruit juices.
NOTE! No red  juices/syrups or milk products days before the examination.
If drinks containing solid constituents must they be filtered off.

If you have time between 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. drink 2 ltr Laxabon between 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. the night before the examination. Continue with the liquid diet. Examination morning 07:00 to 09:00 drink 2 liters Laxabon within an hour. Until the investigation is fine to drink some water.

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Let the party starts – see you on the other side of this.

“Hey! Now I know how a Muppet feels!” 

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66 thoughts on ““hey! doc, let me know if you find my dignity!”

  1. You have some good way of dealing with it 🙂 – you laugh, even if you are carrying your head under you arm, so to speak.
    Good luck, my dear! I am thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed xo 🙂

  2. Oh, I know the procedure. .. almost everyone in my family has gone through it and I know it’s not a pleasant experience. I have heard that a good doctor will make it very easy and painless for the patient, also the anesthetic takes away some of the embarrassment! Finally, that’s the fun part, you loose weight and the joy of having a clean system is great! I hope all goes well with the results, my dear (I know they will!) and …patience. In the end it’s for your own good! 🙂 xxxx

    • Marina, last time I had a fantastic doctor – and the procedure isn’t bad at all, didn’t hurt at all … a bit discomfort, but nothing compare to what I have today. The anesthetic is brilliant .. it feels like the head is going to leave the body … like an airballon. It’s that fluid I have to drink so much of during such short time, that is the main problem for me.
      I’m very nervous for what they will find, becuase there is something. Thank you so much for your support.
      To loose some weight is always okay with me.

      • I tell you to drink this fluid as I done since yesterday, is not worth losing weight through. Just awfull, it’s hard enough to drink 2 ltr of water in a hour .. now it taste like saltwater, but nearly done.

      • Marina, over and done .. nothing found that can cause my problem and pain, so where does it come from. It has been one of my worst days for a very long time. At least there is nothing wrong with my colon. Thanks for your support in this process.

      • So here’s a big kiss form me and a hug… and I won’t tell you “I told you so” because I’m so happy of the outcome! Now get some human food and a nice rest!!!

      • Marina, thanks for you sweetness and kindness. I have already stuffed me with things I love, but that the salt is still there and spoils everything. *smile … I had a rough day and I’m a disappointed that I’m not wiser about what causes my discomfort and pains. Still worry where it comes from. Not having a great moment just now.

    • Colleen, yes … the prep is the worst bit – have done it once before and my mental status wasn’t the best at that time and that fluid taste like seawater – I will struggle with it, but at least I don’t have to drink 4 ltr of it in two hours this time. So now morning coffee without milk – that is a punishment. Colleen, thanks for thoughts and support.

      • Colleen, I wish I could drink tea, don’t like it … I’m allowed to drink anything up to midnight – so long it’s not read.
        I will do soup and elder flower cordial today. Probably good for my good to get a day of only fluid, will get a headache before the end of the day, I’m sure.
        That seawater stuff … Laxabon – is truly terrible .. and to drink that fair amount of 2 ltr in 60 min. Is going to be a road to hell for me. *smile

      • I can still taste the salt from the fluid in my mouth and it makes me feel seasick, it was a tough afternoon, so I will feel sorry for myself the rest of the day. *smile

  3. All that fluid.. Yipes! I would struggle with that too.. Well done for keeping your sense of humour Viveka.. smile often as it releases endorphines even if you are feeling miserable inside the mere act of smiling will make you feel better.

    • I don’t drink much … so 2 ltr during one hour is punishment for me.
      Humor and laughter is a great medicine .. one of the best .. and you’re so right in what you’re saying. We feel a lot better if we see things from the bright side and try to see the fun in our situation. I’m a very happy and positive person, but we have the same right to our tears as we have to our laughter.

    • Dallas, there is not much humor or braveness this morning … I’m a mental wreck. Worries, fears … and I feel like that “cleaning detergent” is coming out everywhere on me. *smile

    • Leo, I’m worried for the colonoscopy as such … and I’m sure they will find what it’s that causes my problems … but its that laxative I have to drink .. that is my fear just now. 2 liter in 60 min – maybe I should take some vodka in it. *smile

    • Jo, thank you so much .. done it once before – That cleaning detergent is awful to drink, on the last liter now – just terrible, just like drinking seawater and loads of it in a very short period of time. And with every glass the mental status goes lower. Not joking much this morning and my humor is under my footballs.

  4. The procedure is fine … but the preparation!!!

    This happened to a friend. Doctor told him to start drinking his ‘clean out fluid” at 4 pm …. so he did …. then at 4:30, the doctor called to cancel the procedure, thus reschedule for another day.

    Good luck … hoping for good results.

    • Frank, I’m my last liter of fluid just now – and wouldn’t force it on my worst enemy – and of course the mental status goes down the hill for every glass of fluid.
      I don’t know what I would do if the hospital cancelled the procedure now after drinking.
      Thanks for your support, Frank

    • Karen, thank you so much – I on the edge of worries now – and the closer I get the worst I become.
      But I know there is many reasons, but of course I think the worst. I don’t want to dance with the demon agian.

    • Suzanne, the closer I get to it all .. the more nervous I get and my mental status isn’t the best just now.
      I’m truly afriad is related to my cancer. I know it can be so many other reason to the pain, but with my history – that’s all I can think about just now.

  5. I’ve been thinking about you! Hope all is well and it is over in a timely fashion.

    It amazes me how open you are with the whole thing; I really think it is great. I’m glad you can express your feelings on here. More people need experiences like this to help them cope, the ones that can’t express it.

    Thank you, for that 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your support .. there is so many people that has gone and goes through this every day – and if me being open about my feelings and fears can help anyone – is that fantastic. I write about because then I get some how free from my worries and fears. Done it once before so I know what I’m getting into.

      • Yes, enough is enough .. and the doctor today said that cancer in colon takes years to develop – and I did my other colonoscopy only 2 years ago. Today was so much tougher and more painful than the first time I did it. Had to lay on my back most of the time today. Thanks for your caring, means so much to me.

      • Aww I’m so sorry it was difficult for you. At least it is over. Always thinking of you.

    • You’re so right … the prep isn’t funny at all .. on my last liter of Laxabon now and I really struggle.
      I’m truly nervous now – if it hadn’t been for my history of cancer .. I would had been okay with everything.
      I truly hope whatever they find is not going to be cancer. Thank you so much for your support and thoughts.

      • I’ll pray that it’s not cancer too…I’ll bet that you’re already done with the colonoscopy and are having a little sleep time……sweet dreams friend.

      • Thanks, I must admit that it was a terrible examination I ever done – but nothing found that can cause my problems and pain, so where does it come from, so here I’m with the same terrible pain and not any wiser – but no cancer in colon, so something to be happy over – but I’m not happy .. because of what I gone through yesterday and today, nothing will change for me.
        Now am I so full of self-pity. So tired of all discomfort. Thank you so much for caring and suppporting me.

      • I’m just SO happy to hear that it’s not cancer!!!!!!!!!!
        I know you’re tired of the pain…but it’s not cancer!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
        Will they check to see if it is a nerve that is being pinched? Maybe your sciatic nerve?
        Rest up and just remember we’re all here thinking of you!

    • Nia, thanks for your support … it’s all over now – and nothing found of any kind. I have scares from the radio therapy, but nothing found that cause the pain.

    • Now what …. ??!!! If I knew … doctor has to contact me – she don’t know that I’m still in pain … and she will not do that until she got the report from yesterday.
      Unpleasant was only the first name. *smile

    • Hjärte tack, det var ingen rolig dag, men de fann ingenting och det var underbart, var så nervös efter som jag har en historia med cancer – men de har ännu inte funnit vad som orsakar smärtan och obehaget när jag sitter. Tack för ditt stöd.

      • Bare hyggelig💓 Håper at du blir bedre. At smertene går over. Ikke greit og ha vondt og være urolig 😢

      • Problemet är att jag skall flyga till New York om 12 dagar och med sittande i så många timmar på en öm bakdel, men jag får ta till mina lyckopiller. Tack för din omtanke.

    • Madhu, on the day I wasn’t smiling much … done it before but this time is was 10 times worst, but done and nothing found – but still in discomfort and pain.
      So thankful for my lucky pills.

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