“general pain in the ass”

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I have been looked at many times during my working years as a general pain in the ass – but I haven’t really understood what it really meant, but I know for sure now. Folks, sorry for all that pain I caused here and there all over the world.

Truly so sorry for that I can’t visit you as I normally do … and I miss it so terrible, but my butt is not up for it. Have tried a bit today, but I have to give it up and now after this post is it high time to get off my ass.

On Friday I felt okay and I forced myself to hours in front of the PC and try to catch up with comments and visiting your worlds, but the price I had to pay for that in the evening is not worth it – I can promise you.

Tuesday, 27.08.2013 – 13.30 CET is it BUTT time – I can’t say that I’m not nervous over what they will find and not find, but so far it hasn’t kept me sleepless.

My butt and my brain don’t really have a great team work for the moment, the butt only wants to one thing and the brain wants to do many things.

So be patient with me and hopefully there will be some medical help coming soon my way and until then back on the “lucky pills”. Hopefully I will get the answer that I want – that it’s not related to my history of cancer.

“You gotta love livin’, baby
‘cause dyin’ is a pain in the ass”
Frank Sinatra

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63 thoughts on ““general pain in the ass”

    • Miss and love you too!!!! I’m terrible nervous today … and the fear is sitting on my shoulder. But I have to know what the problem is, can live with this pain much longer.

  1. I’m sorry you still have a pain in the ass, and I bet there are many people world wide laughing still at the antics you may have caused them as a pain in their ass. 🙂 Pain in the ass or not, I bet you got the job done. Be well Viveka, I hope all goes well and you get some answers soon.

    • Colleen, I did get the job done. I’m so nervous now and I’m not looking forward to my day of only fluid and especially not that seawater I have to drink this evening. It is mostly the huge amount during one hour only. Morning coffee without milk .. terrible thought, so I go straight on to soup. Morning soup, a new experience. *smile

      • The prep is horrible. Interesting, it appears that world round no one has found an ‘easier’ way to get ready for this. We all can share in the misery of the prep of this.

        Be well Viveka! I will be thinking of you!!

      • Colleen, I suppose it has to be totally clean inside the colon – but why does it have to taste so terrible.
        Nearly there now – only 3 glass left.

      • Colleen, it took 90 min and it was far from painless – just, terrible … but they didn’t find any that can cause the pain I have- so where does it come from??? Not having a great moment just now.
        Are you not well ????? What is wrong.

      • I’m sorry Wivi! Could it be muscle pain? I hope you can relax now. I am just suffering from horrible allergies/sinus crap. Nothing much I can do but wade through it. So do they have a plan for “what’s next?”

      • Colleen, I don’t have a clue what it can be … but it’s driving me mad – and I don’t like to walking round totally messed up in my head by the “lucky pills” – I’m desperate tonight . There is no “what next” today … have to talk to the doctor what to do. Sure I feel better tomorrow. Just now I’m just in a cloud of self-pity. *smile

      • Another blogger said the same thing today. I think it’s okay to allow yourself a moment, a day, of self pity. I know you will shake that off and get to the busy work of finding out what is wrong.

      • Yes, I will ask if my doctor is working tomorrow when I visit the day clinic and ask for help.
        You know me … I move on quite quick from bad experiences. Not in my nature to let life move on without me. *smile

      • Colleen, I have to wait until my doctor contact me … and then we see what the next step will be.
        Have to be careful with not sitting too long at the time.
        Yesterday was a sore day. *smile – have laundry that keeps me on my feet this afternoon.

      • Is walking ‘okay’? Standing and walking? As long as you aren’t sitting? Did I tell you I “built” a stand up desk at work so I wouldn’t be sitting so much? Maybe you need something like that at home.

      • Colleen, the discomfort is less when I don’t sit .. as walking and standing – the problem is that my feet has gone numb after my chemo treatments – they are more or less always sleeping on me – and also with my problems with the lymph fluid in my right leg, I can’t stand up for long. Writting about my problems … now .. I want my old life back !!!! *smile

  2. Dear Viveka,
    take all the BUTT time 😉 it needs to get well. A sore BUTT is a sore thing. And we can all live without that, right?!
    I trust all will go well – some creams, lotions and potions and in a few you’ll be back to the smiling and happy woman we all love.
    Get well and take care – big hugs and xoxoxo 🙂

    • Dia, my day of soup have started now … and I need help with whatever it’s – because the last weeks has been so terrible .. and if it hadn’t been for my “lucky pills” I wouldn’t be able to keep my chin up. The problem is inside me, that causes this pressure and pain, but it doesn’t have to be the worst .. but I’m so nervous. In all honesty I don’t know what I will do if they say the cancer is back .. but I know that I will do NYC before anything else.

    • Helen, when I went through my cancer treatment .. I didn’t blog, but my friends on FB supported me and I doubt I would have manage that journey so good as I did, if it hadn’t been for them. So your “likes” and support mean so much to me now, because there is something that causes this terrible pain.

    • Suzanne, my sense of humour have helped me in so many ways through my life journey and I’m sure it will help me many times more. Today is going to be a day of worries and soup. *smile Thanks for being here for me.

  3. If only you could be cured by a sense of humour, Viveka, you’d have no problems. Missing you and looking forward to post-Tuesday. I’ll be thinking of you 🙂

    • Linda, you are so right – but I felt so good … and of course I was thinking with the wrong part again.
      Things are not okay, I know that .. something is causing this pain and pressure – only thing is will it be on the good side or the less good side of the spectrum. *smile

  4. I like how you said “visiting your worlds” – that’s just exactly what it all is. 🙂

    But I hope you are okay, nothing is found. Good luck, good luck.

    • Noeleen, they will find something – whatever it can be – because I have a terrible pressure and that is what causes the pain. And whatever its they have to help me before I lose my mind. Thanks for being here and there for me.

  5. Hang in there, ma chere. Hopefully you will get the help/answers you need soon. If it is any consolation, you’re not the only pain in the ass. ; ) When I had my wisdom teeth out, my own father sent me flowers in a mug that had a picture of a donkey/ass on it–the mug said something about “smart ass”. And then, in his card, he lovingly wrote, “Now that your wisdom teeth are out maybe you won’t always be such a smart ass with your dad.” It was pretty funny. And of course I still am.

    • Heather, I love your father’s sense of humor. Thanks for cheering me on – and the big smile … going to have a mug of black coffee now for breakfast – and only the thought of it makes me sick *smile – maybe I should drink soup instead.
      Heather, we have to be healthy to be sick that is for sure.

    • Bebs, there is something there that cause this pain and pressure. It has happen so quickly. During 2 months I have felt it, but last months it has been so painful. Had a check up in May.

  6. Oh, dear! I think I know what you are going through. I’m there, too, some days, and I’m just a beginner. Thinking about you, fingers crossed! I’m selfish – I need you out there sassy and poking around in places I never went before. Hugs, Mary

  7. Out of town, having log-in trouble, so forgive if I’m repeating: Take care! Been there, and I’m just a beginner. Fingers crossed hoping for good news. I need you poking around where I never went before. Hugs, Mary PS Always loved that music – great choice.

    • Maralee, so do I … I’m sure they figure out what is wrong – it’s only want kind of wrong it’s they will find, I’m so nervous this morning and so scared. If it had been for my history of cancer – all common sense has left me just now.

    • I’m sure it will be … but it’s terrible for the moment. That’s why I’m not active in my world here. 15 min sitting down and the pain is returning.
      I love that quote too.
      Have a great weekend now.

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