weekly photo challenge – one shot, two ways, II

this  week will I have two entries to this challenge …. the first one (yesterday) is from my favorite city; Chicago … while this one is from the city that I never agreed with, even if our relationship has improved; Paris.

Why I have done this second entry – is because the the photo from underneath the Eiffel Tower is one of my favorite shots. Good enough reason, in my book *smile

from behind La Tour Effiel 1

“I like The Eiffel Tower because it looks like steel and lace.”
Natalie Lloyd

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57 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – one shot, two ways, II

    • Thank you so much – when I had posted my first entry yesterday did I recall those two photos, so I just did another post.
      I love this kind of Paris Cafe music too.
      Have problems just now that I can’t sit for a longer period of time – so I can only post short post for the moment. *smile So photo challenges are perfect.
      Thank you for always being such a fantastic support to me.

    • Dia, the same to you …. yes, it’s one of my favorite shots – and I have posted it before, but I want to show off again.
      The more I look at it the more details I see. Yes, I think it looks lace.

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  3. Of course the first photo is postcard perfect but am glad you showed the second one. I’ve never been up close during the day only at night when I brought my Mom at the Tower for a sunset dinner and I never paid much attention to the details. Now I could appreciate it. Thank you!

    • Bebs, thanks … yes, the first photo came out great too – not that common that the tower catched from the backside – but I love all the fountains in the front. Also the street is named after our kings grand-grandpa. Av. Gustave V de Suède

    • Have been in Paris so many time through my work and – it’s a city that don’t like their visitors – expensive and you never know what you get for your money. Beautiful city, but what about a smile when it takes our money ????

  4. I just saw your Tour Eiffel shots. Gorgeous! I love the iron work you captured. So crisp, and so very Paris. 🙂 I also wanted to mention that I’ve been enjoying the music accompaniment to your posts! Great idea! 🙂

    • Josette, sorry I have missed your comment … I started added music to my post about a year ago .. and it has become my trademark. It takes a bit longer to do the posts because I have to look for music that relate to the post.
      And it’s music I love myself.
      That iron-shot is one of my favorite photos – it came out so good, but I was a bit dizzy looking up from quite a time before I got a good photo and the sun was in the way too.
      Yes, it’s very Paris – a truly beautiful city.

    • Yes, the second shot is a winner … and there was a bit of work behind it to get it right.
      Yes, I love accordion a la France – I call it French Cafe music.

  5. Both are awesome shots, but yes, I agree that the second is the best. I love photos that should architectural details like that. They have their own beauty as a segment of the whole.

    • Jeff, thank you so much – the first one is okay – very much postcard view, but it’s not very often that photos of the tower is taken from that side, backside -but the most beautiful. From l’Esplanade du Trocadéro. The second one if one of my favorite.

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  7. Brilliant shots, both Viveka! And yes,the perfect reason to post another set. I like the second one too, the fretwork does resemble lace 🙂

    • You gave me a very nice comment last time I used it for a challenge .. think it was in my first entry.
      I really like it … myself and thinking about blowing it up and exchange it for one of the framed photos I had for years now.

    • Paris is a beautiful city – very expensive and you never know what you will get for your money – Paris don’t like their visitors that they more or less live on – they don’t smile and the service is bad … even if it has improved.
      Restaurants are like playing Russian Roulett. Otherwise nothing wrong with Paris. *laughing

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