weekly photo challenge – one shot, two ways

…. looking at things in more the one way – is something we should maybe do more often, because there is always more than one side to everything .

My view … is from under and above of the Chicago Loop.

loop under the loop 1

Why not join the challenge or check out all the fantastic views and photos from all the other participants of this challenge: Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

I have been very naught this week and made a second entry – from Paris, welcome over; weekly photo challenge – one shot, two ways, II

“I’ve looked at life from both sides now
From up and down and still somehow
It’s life’s illusions I recall
I really don’t know life at all”
Joni Mitchell

72 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – one shot, two ways

    • Wendy, we are often black and white … or on a one way street … so looking at things more often in more than one ways – is only good for ourselves and world around you.
      So true what you are saying.

    • You’re so kind … Nia.
      Glad that I got a chance to use … the photos in a challenge – the from under the Loop, not the greatest … but came to good use here.

  1. This is so true, Viveka. If we could only learn to do that – always.

    Great shots for the challenge, and as you say: Maybe some things are “not the greatest…” but comes to good use somewhere and somehow in life. Iove that tune…never heard the piano choice before…wonderful.

    Have a beautiful weekend.

    • Thanks, A-C! I couldn’t find Joni Mitchell’s own version – so I found this .. and I think he plays is wonderful. Never heard in a piano version before neither, mostly guitar.
      I will do 2 entries this week. From the city I hate most – Paris … tomorrow. My back end is too much pain just now.

      Wonderful weekend … to you too. Ironing on the balcony today for me. *smile Simrishamn tomorrow.

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    • Madhu, the quotes is from the lyrics to the song *smile – very suitable for the challenge I thought. Thanks for your support.
      Glad that had a use for both photos – I like the train one very such, but the less “perfect” landed right too. *smile
      Thanks for your kind words and support.

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  4. Beautiful and enriching perspective. I too looked up and down life’s many twists and turn yet can’t predict what tomorrow brings. Oh, we’ll life is about surprises and constant challenges. It makes us feel “alive” from within. Thanks!

  5. Excellent, Viveka, you’re just excellent.

    I never really got into Joni Mitchell, but see her fresh today, through your post.

  6. There is something about a piano solo that touches the soul. At least for me. Nice photos, Miss Viveka. I’ll be back home in a few weeks. Your photos got me raring to go.

    • Lori, take your time .. haven’t been posting much, not feeling that great just now … problems to sit for a longer period.
      Thank you for your fantastic support .. and cheering on.
      I have never heard a piano version of this song – only guitar – and I really like it. I hope you return with your fantastic photos.

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  8. Vivi, I found this through FB. I so miss seeing every one of your post. I have searched and searched and find nothing missing. I am following you and yet I receive no emails from your post

    • Terry, I don’t understand .. I have another friend that has the same problem. Unfollow me … and follow me again – and see if that works.
      You can find them on FB … and click on them and you will come to the post and can do a comment that way – don’t know what is wrong – contact HELP!

      • I did unfollow you and have clicked on follow again. Let’s hope this works or I will have to find you on FB. You are one of my very best friends. I do not want to miss one, not one of your posts!! If it does not work I will contact Help! hugs and luv, me

      • Terry, didn’t you get an email now … when I posted?????
        I posted just to see if you got an mail.
        Terry, thanks for your kind words – you’re such sweet soul and heart. *smile

    • Jo, thanks … I know very little about Joni – except this song that I love – the lyrics are so beautiful. Jo, you know me .. I want to be a bit different in my thinkig at times.

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