quantitative easing (QE)

… that means in plain English: that a  government monetary policy occasionally used to increase the money supply by buying government securities or other securities from the market. Quantitative easing increases the money supply by flooding financial institutions with capital, in an effort to promote increased lending and liquidity.

If that didn’t make you any wiser … I suggest you watch this video and if you’re lucky – you will get a grip of something that all our governments are doing.

“The lack of money is the root of all evil.”
Mark Twain

Featured image provided by and thanks to: invertirenbolsa.es

14 thoughts on “quantitative easing (QE)

    • Thank you so much …. never seen this one before – had quite a few years on its neck – they are so quite young looking in the video. I think they are absolutly brilliant – the one about Father Christmas is priceless … but that I post closer to Christmas. Once again, thanks for the brilliant video. They really make me day.

    • Yes, thanks I was better yesterday evening and this morning it feels okay, but too early yet maybe – haven’t even had breakfast. Money is an evil subject when it comes to our countries state of money handling. Clark & Dawe got to know while living in UK – even if they come from down under. Brilliant guys and so funny.

  1. Love these videos Viveka 😀
    They are all really spinning straw into gold aren’t they? And it turns back to straw by the time it reaches the man on the street.

    • Madhu, they are fantastic and they are so spot on – in a way that everybody understands, the best comedians I know of – and they are so collectable COOL both of them. Their best is about the European economics – so funny and so true. Posted it a while back. They really make my day.

  2. Thank you for posting this – kept me out of mischief for some time as I had not been aware of them before now. (Must keep away from YouTube) it’s addictive 🙂
    Very funny but sad for those on the receiving end of the thieving banks et al.


    • David, I got to know them when I lived in UK – absolutely adore their humor – the EU economic one is one of their best.

      It’s so true what in what they are saying and it’s truly serious problem they raise. Just love them.

      Thanks for visiting … welcome back! Viveka

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