26th August – 16th September 1972

plaza beach - suitesdeluxe ru

“Plaza Beach Hotel”
22 Ave Princesse Grace,
Monte-Carlo 98000, Monaco
(+377) 93 30 98 80
5-Star, 403 rooms and 4 suites

This became my first meeting with a true luxury hotel, but not be the last – and I didn’t really had any experience of any kind of hotels, only a doughy hotel in London the year before. I was only 24 and with not much of life experience.  Monaco changed all that in more than one way.

Had planned to go to the Olympics in Munich and saved up a good amount. There was only one travel agent that had organized travel – but when I came in January …. Sorry, nothing left. They handed me a bunch of brochures .. half way through them … there it was; Monte Carlo with Plaza Beach Hotel – then a newly built Holiday Inn .. the only hotel in Monaco with their own direct beach, still so today.

Monte Carlo, a fairy tale …. Beautiful and spotless. The hotel was like an other world for me.

During my stay did I met the most fantastic man … and that resulted that I went back to Monaco during following years to come, so it was my playground quite a few times per year and I tell you there was no pain involved in that. The man in question needs his own space and he will get … later. *smile

In 1978 I returned to the hotel for 5 nights … then it was owned by TrustHouse Forte, but still the same name and same fantastic hotel, but they bought up the private beach club that was next door to the hotel and made it into their own beach club.

Today the hotel is totally refurbished and got two glass towers added, now owned by Le Meridien.

With being neighbor to the old “Casino d’Eté”  and the new “Monte-Carlo Sporting Club” was so fantastic to lay by on the beach during in the afternoons when their orchestra was rehearsal with the roof off.

During my stay in 1972 the “Bal-de-la-Rose” or “Rose Ball” was held at “ Monte-Carlo Sporting Club”…. Princess Grace’s charity ball and the hotel had some rich and famous guests. Real glamour, just what to expect of Monaco. This year the ball was held 25.03 and it was styled by Karl Lagerfeld in the atmosphere of the “Belle Epoque”.

Le Bal de la Rose - facebook com

Have to tell a little story about … one of the guests and artists for the “Rose Ball” – that stayed at the hotel – this is now during my first stay. Just a couple of days before I left for Monaco .. had I been to a concert in Gothenburg and enjoyed Andy Williams alive. Great concert. andy williams - diariocordoba com And one day while having lunch at the poolside – he took the table next me .. and after a while he asked where I was from – and when I told him – he laugh and said that he had a fantastic time in Sweden and of course I told him that I was there in Gothenburg. One of the stories he told me from his time in Sweden – was that when he was standing in the lift at his hotel in Gothenburg – two American ladies came into the lift and they had looked at him for a while and then one lady asked: Aren’t you, Andy Williams???!! Yes, I’m .. he answered her. The two ladies had looked at each other and the other lady asked: The same Andy Williams as we have on TV in Florida ???!!!

He was such a darling and gentleman – a bit too short but with the most gorgeous  smile and intense blue eyes. We chatted couple of times until he left the day after the ball.

Today Plaza Beach can be mine for €470/US$604/£405/4401SEK per night for one person – breakfast included. I paid that for whole week in 1972, with breakfast included too.

I would love to go back .. to Plaza Beach, the best hotel spot in Monaco, but I have to win a bit on the lottery first, because if I return I want to stay for more than one night, even if the breakfast is included. Monte-Carlo is one of my top gems in the world …. but I have to keep on dreaming or remembering, because once it was “mine” – at least 6 times per year.

Of course I have chosen Andy Williams … for my cloud to hang over this post. And what is more suitable then “Where Do I Begin” – because that is how I feel about telling my “love story” of Monaco.

“Let me be surrounded by luxury,
I can do without the necessities!”
Oscar Wilde

This is also a post that I published during my first week as a blogger – so I have given it my new style of posting … and here it’s today.

Photos provided by and thanks to: vimeo.com/booked.net/lemeridienmontecarlo.com/suitesdeluxe.ru/ mymotels.com/southtravels.com/starwoodhotels.com/yana.kiev.ua/ rp-online.de/concierge.com/6000footdrop.com/visitmonaco.com/facebook.com Andy William; diariocordoba.com

26 thoughts on “26th August – 16th September 1972

    • Suzanne, often I think like you … I don’t want to go back to some places because I don’t want to spoil the fantastic memories I have got.

  1. Viveka – you’ve been to Monaco. Oh wow, you’re well lived.

    You know, this music is I’M SURE the music that came out of my music box when I was about 7 years old. A little ballerina twirled around to this music. Oh Viveka, you so took me back…

    Love your story, Viveka. Your brush with fame, hey. A perfect story 🙂

    • Noeleen, yes – I’m well lived and I’m so thankful for everything … it was a choice I made when I was still in school … that I wanted to see the world and get a so exciting life that I was able to. So I was always up for new adventures.
      More will come of my “love story” – Noeleen .. you should watch the movie that this song comes from – Love Story. You need loads of tissues.

    • Yes, he was such pleasant short man .. with the most fantastic voice … intense blue eyes and the most gorgeous smile.
      Also met Don Johnson in Seville.

    • My life has been very interesting in many ways … been able to travel and work abroad … meeting people and I was given an very open mind by my mom … and that have made me more susceptible and I have taken some chance too – wasn’t afraid of much. Maybe today I would have been thinking a bit longer before jumping.
      Thanks for you kind words.

  2. Have been to Monaco twice, but both times on a daytrip from one of the hill towns we were staying in. Your romantic tale makes me want to go count the money in my piggy bank too 😀 Perfect cloud for the post too Viveka!

    • Madhu, I haven’t been thinking of Monaco for years, but now when I been writing about it – I would love to go back for a couple of days …. walk the streets again.
      Thanks for your support.

  3. Monaco, Love Story, Sporting Club, Andy Williams – can it get any better??? Fully agree with everything you are saying!
    I love the story of the two ladies in the elevator with Andy Williams, almost fell off my chair laughing 😉
    Have a wonderful day! 🙂 xo

    • He had such a great humor – a real sweetheart and gentlemen, but so short. Always been a big fan of his – loved his “Andy Williams Show”. Some voice that man had.
      I think the story is so funny … can you imaging being on holiday in Sweden and then end up in the hotel lift with Andy Williams??? Same as we have on TV in Florida??? Just brilliant.

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