weekly photo challenge; masterpiece

What is a masterpiece … ???  Everything is relative in the viewer’s eyes – I’m not much for taking photos of famous buildings, churches or statues.

I love to take photos of art … but I know there will be so many entry with all kind of masterpieces. So beside art what is a masterpiece in my eyes – it’s my old job and responsibility – Stena Voyager, the concord of the ocean. A technical masterpiece.

The video here is of Voyager’s sibling -Stena Explorer that traffic the route: Holyehead, UK – Dun Loaghaire, Dublin. Still in service during Summer season. Fantastic video – they were both identical in size (big as old Wembley Stadium, London), speed (40 knots – service speed, 51 knots – unladen record), service and comfort – interior was different.

In all shortage this is the story of “Voyager” – the best travelling and working experience ever. Not always days of roses  …. but there is nothing compare to it and never will be again when it’s about ferries.

“Stena Voyager was a high-speed ferry owned by Stena Line which used to operate on their Belfast–Stranraer service. It was a member of the HSS 1500 class of high-speed ferries developed and introduced by Stena Line from 1996 onwards.

In 2013, Stena Voyager was sold for scrap. She was towed to Landskrona, Sweden, now recycled by Stena Recycling.”  from wikipedia.org

The reason for the “Stena Voyager” is now going to scrap … is that the fuel prices is far too high to make it economically visible for anyone to drive the craft and a make a profit out the business.

Stena Line is a Swedish family owned company – that is the biggest ferry company in the world – the founder Sten Allan Olsson, died 2 weeks ago at an age of 96 years and he started the ferry company in 1962. The company has been in one of his sons hands, Dan Sten, since 1983.

Sweden has some remarkable family run companies that has made big names for themselves all over the world: IKEA and H&M. Plus the Stena Sphere that contains of 11 different Stena Companies with 19.000 employees around the world.

My photo was taken during the spring when Voyager arrived for it’s final destination in Landskrona, Sweden – to be 100% recycled, a 8 months progress. I was able to go aboard together with our local newspaper – for a final goodbye.

“When love and skill work together,
expect a masterpiece.”
John Ruskin

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38 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge; masterpiece

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  2. What a sad goodbye. I’m in no mood to judge, Vivi, as I’m just back from an over indulgent girls night. Just happy to see you here. Till tomorrow. 🙂

    • Jo, what an party animal you are *smile … don’t need to judge anything – just, get your head back on the shoulders for tomorrow. Sleep … well. *smile

  3. A bittersweet masterpiece. Thank you for sharing. I think working on a boat would be a very grand time!!

    • Heather, it was tough to work aboard … with so short crossings and quick turn around .. full loaded with guests. *smile – but it was something very unique and mad at times.

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    • Thank you … yes, it was nice to see how careful and gentle they were with the whole process and HE was so clean and tidy … a bit scruffy on the outside .. haven’t got much paint on for over 2 years.

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    • Thank you so much – I wanted Madonna to sing the song – Masterpiece, but not to be found on Soundcloud – but I really like this cover. Yes, color change of media player … trick of the trade. *smile

  6. As a kid I used a Eurail pass to get all around Europe. One time w 5 friends we were in Sweden and the train stopped in a tunnel and all the people got off. There were steps to go up which we found bizarre until we got to the top and realized it wasn’t a tunnel, it was a boat! The front of it opened up and the train drove right on to cross to the other side of what I guess was a fjord. It was the most incredible thing! Your post reminded me of it-thanks for the memory Viveka!

    • I wonder where that could have been, maybe Helsingborg … only place I know that they before took trains across .. been on a train myself over there, many years ago .. on my way to Hamburg. They still take freight trains across I think … or Trelleborg. Travelling is the best school we can be in. *smile

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    • Yes, it truly does … but nobody can afford to run it … but if I had the money I would turn into an art gallery or a casino. Hopefully there will many new things be made out all that aluminium and steal. Thanks for your kindness.

  8. The perfect choice Viveka. Especially considering what the Voyager means to you. The Ruskin quote is brilliant. And the music is perfect too 🙂

    • Madhu, you are such fantastic support … I would have loved to have Madonna singing the track, but there was nothing .. but I think this guy and his guitar is fantastic.
      Voyager took up such of my time .. from the day they were only on the drawing board, so the connection is very strong – plus it was truly a technical masterpiece. Not many vessels can do a speed like that.

    • Yes, to be honest I didn’t have a clue what … to post as Masterpiece – so I took an easy way out … I think all is said and done now about the Voyager, but every time I post something about HIM – I get about 400-800 viewers – so the intrest is so big.

  9. Wow, Viveka – you definitely brought this to life. You’re amazing how you not only bring alive on your pages such a variety of subjects, but you open my world with your every post. Wish I could have experienced it, definitely.

    • You would have loved everything about the Voyager – the space, the speed … and the people working on there.
      Very special to me … loads of sweat and tears but plently laughters and bad jokes too.

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