world, please … don’t forget utøya

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Today is it 2 year since this terrible event.

“Terror attacks in Norway in 2011 was a two terrorist attacks, partly directed against Regjeringskvartalet in central Oslo and partly against the Norwegian Labor Party Youth League Arbeidernes Ungdomsfylkings annual summer camp, with 560 participants, on the island of Utøya. On the afternoon of July 22, 2011 detonated a car bomb at Grubbe street in Oslo and about two hours later, the shootings began at teenagers and adults on Utøya. Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik, who was arrested in connection with the shooting on Utøya has admitted that he was responsible for both the explosion in Oslo and the massacre on the island.
The Norwegian police have confirmed eight deaths in the blast and 69 deaths related to the shootings on the island.

The trial against Breivik, held in Oslo courthouse, began on 16 April 2012. August 24, 2012, the District Court sentenced Breivik to the law’s harshest penalty, 21 years in prison. It is possible to keep Breivik confined after the sentence has expired if he would still be considered dangerous to society. Breivik chose not to appeal jail judgment – from

Still today the surviving youth are struggling with what happen that afternoon – and have problems with moving on with their lives. Brievik was dressed in a police uniform and he called them over – and they run to him for help and he just shot them down.

“When someone you love becomes a memory,
the memory becomes a treasure.”
Author Unknown

Norway attacks in Oslo and Utoya Island

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55 thoughts on “world, please … don’t forget utøya

    • Colleen, sometimes the rest of the world comes in the shadow for things that involves US! That is why I want us to stop for those young people that just started their lives.
      Thank you so much for your support – yes, the music is beautiful .. same artist that mom has chosen for her last tune.

      • Viveka, this was widely and strongly reported in the US. I can’t say how it was reported in other places. But here, there was shock, sadness, dismay and disbelief. I’m so sorry for all of those lost beautiful youths, and their friends and family still struggling.

      • Colleen, I’m sure it was reported …. over there too, but will it be remembered. Who would thought that it could happen in little peaceful Norway – just as when our Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs was killed. Really should be a day to remember everyone that has been killed in terror attacks … or for what they stand for.

      • You are right. And there were news stories today about the memory of Utoya. I have not been able to read them yet, I will when I get home. But I see they are out there. People are remembering. And as you say, all people killed in these attacks should be remembered.

      • I’m glad .. that people remember – and I was wrong, but sometimes everything seams all be about US. There has been attacks all over the world and it happens daily today. I apologize – there should be a special remembering days where all terror victims could be remembered .. as with pink ribbon, or Remembrance Day. Where everybody could be united all over the world.

      • THAT sounds like a wonderful idea Viveka. Why not blog about it? You come across so beautifully about the things you hold passion for. It doesn’t matter where we live. Sadly, I think everyone is affected by terrorism. And there is too much loss worldwide.

        No apologies. If I didn’t think people remembered or cared about something I was passionate about, I would feel the same way. It’s your heart speaking. And I heard it.

      • Colleen, I have notice that the response is very low when I write about things that is serious … have done very few post – but when people write about serious things happen in US – the response is massive. I don’t know why people don’t want to know about things that happens in the rest of the world or maybe they don’t how to handle it ..
        War is terrorism too … but people don’t see it like that.

      • I don’t know Viveka. I know that when I read serious posts I have a more difficult time responding. I think for fear of misunderstanding, or not knowing enough to make an intelligent response. But I don’t know why others don’t respond.

      • Colleen, you’re probably right … have been thinking that way. It’s a pity, because response is so important – specially when it’s about issues that we all should relate to.

      • I will admit there are times when I don’t respond because I worry about upsetting someone or having misunderstood something. But you’re right. We write for impact and response, so these things are important.

      • Colleen, I think it’s important that we say something … because that is only way we can give support. You that love the word and know how to use it …. but I agree it’s easy to misunderstand words when they are written and not spoken, but personal I think it’s better to say something ..

      • Colleen, I think it’s important that we say something … because that is only way we can give support. You that love the word and know how to use it …. but I agree it’s easy to misunderstand words when they are written and not spoken, but personal I think it’s better to say something ..

      • Colleen, I think it’s important that we say something … because that is only way we can give support. You that love the word and know how to use it …. but I agree it’s easy to misunderstand words when they are written and not spoken, but personal I think it’s better to say something ..

  1. Such a sad day, still unbeleivable, such atrocity. Unbeleivable. Tears kept falling as I followed the news, saw the funerals, heard the speeches of the young people who did survive. We normally don’t keep news away from our daughter (she was 7 at the time), she knows there are bad things happening around the world, but Utøya was different, it was so shocking and I just felt I didn’t want her to know too much about it. Perhaps because I’m Nordic, it felt even more close…. Thank you Viveka for posting this.
    The response from the Norwegian people was one of love, not fear. My thoughts are with them today.

    • Yes, it was such terrible event and it took days before I realized that he was behind the bombing in Oslo too.
      Heard on the news this morning that some of the youth are really still struggling with what happen and that is so terrible – that they survived, but can’t on with their lives. That hurts so much to know.
      Yes, the Norwegians was in amazing in all this and they really should the world that love is the what the world needs most of all.
      Thank you so much for the … lovely comment. I’m totally agree we don’t need to tell our kids how terrible the world can be – let them be kids so long as possible, they will find out soon enough.

    • Frank, I wish I know … Norway isn’t in any war somewhere – just a mad mans strong believes – and he are so proud of what he have done … never showed any remorse or regrets neither.
      I feel so deeply for those youth that are not able to move on with their life, when they survived – loads of guilt involved.

    • It’s a very sad … that anyone can be the evil … and what really make me sad today is those that survived .. are still struggling and not able to forget and move on.

  2. I know how they feel Viveka, having fought in a terrorist war in Rhodesia.. injured and killed never seem to leave you… they’re always at some time gonna pop back into ones mind… it is such a cowardly act such type things… terrible…

    • .. it must be terrible … and I can understand that it’s very hard to go one, they are so young – and it really sadden me.
      Didn’t know that you been a soldier – I can image what horrible things you have seen of evil and destruction. And that it can just be small things that trigger the memory.
      Yes, terrible. The worst thing was that it could have been so many more .. they all throw themselves in to the ocean and most them escaped, but some he shot.

      • At the height of our war we spent 6 weeks at home in your normal job… then 6 weeks on the boarder… not something I wish to repeat or ever hope it happens to my son…

      • There is no flag worth killing for – how true isn’t that.
        Hopefully your son and grandchildren … will be free from it.

  3. Important post, Viveka.
    The Norwegian government handled their people, the victims and their families in a very sensitive, sensible and caring way. I’m so sad about the young people who were killed and all the young people who survived but have to carry the burden of this in days to come. I have read many interviews and seen some of them speak on TV. They all seem to realize facts and what they have to do to deal with it. I admire them immensely.

    • A-C, I totally agree with you .. the Norwegian government was so fantastic .. and the turned hate and anger into trying to understand and forgive. Amazing, I’m following their Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, on FB. He became my hero.
      I think there is lot of guilt involved … among the youth – why their friends died and not them … they say that this happen quite often when people has survived disasters. And still the nation is so humble for this terrible event. I’m with you – they are so strong and they stand strong, Norway.

  4. We remember this…so awful, so horrible, so evil………I feel so sad for the people who have to live with the memories of this day….who have to live with having lost their friends and loved ones….I hope that time can heal their souls just a little…

    • All because of a sick man’s beliefs. He are still proud over what he has done, no regrets what so ever.
      I know that they are getting the best help they can get.
      The Norwegian government has been a massive support in all this – but when souls are damaged … it can take time and life goes around them. So sad.

  5. I do remember this horrible event, Viveka. Such wickedness deserves the harshest punishment. Thanks for reminding me. Your tribute with the lovely music is lovely.

    • Thank you so much – once in a while we need a reminder about has been lost through evil. And happens all over the world .. too often still. We never seem to learn. Thanks for your support.

  6. It is amazing how easy it seems to be to forget the tragedies. Thank you for the remembrance as it is something we should all think and pray about. God bless them all.

    • Yes, we easily forget things …. But that is also a good thing – because if we walk around and think about all the terrible things that happens through the years, we would be feeling good .. and life would move on without us. But I think we should never forget neither.

  7. An important reminder and a beautiful tribute Viveka. I remember watching the replays with horror. A fitting cloud too. Love that song.

    • Yes, I think of most of us was in shock .. I was for days. Nearly the same as with 11/9. I love that song too – great fan of Elton. There should be a universal day for all terror victims, because we have the all over the world and in my eyes is war terror too – doesn’t matter what purpose there is behind the war.

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