“show me the money”

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A while ago I notice that something was wrong with my post, roughness with beauty – that was posted after midnight, not one reaction – nobody had read it … nobody had liked it. So I logged out and looked up my website with help of Google to check if it was posted for the rest of the world and it was. So I logged in again and posted it again and after 10 min the reaction happen,a couple of LIKE. Don’t have a clue what had been wrong with the publishing.

But when I goggled my website – this information came up as second on Goggle and I just had to do a post about it. WEBSITEtheWEB – tells us how much our website is worth. 

About my website this information was given.
Website: Mygulitypleasures.wordpress.com
Web Title: myguiltypleasures | welcome to my past, present and future mixed with whatever pops up
Description: welcome to my past, present and future mixed with whatever pops up (by viveka)
Alexa Rank: ranks #548,176 in the World
Google Pagerank: 2/10
Estimated Worth: $6,761 USD
Daily Earning: $6 USD ($186 USD/month)
Daily Pageviews: 307 (9,205/month)
Network Bandwidth: 98,187 KB/day (2,945,617 KB/month)

Mygulitypleasures.wordpress.com is ranked #548,176 in the World Wide Web by Alexa Traffic Rank. It has a Google Pagerank of 2 (out of 10) and the estimated value of $6,761 USD. Mygulitypleasures.wordpress.com is estimated to be at least having daily pageviews of 307 and can generate a potential ads revenue of $6 USD per day.

You just go to the website … write in your websites name … and you will find out how much yours are worth – good to know if you are thinking of selling advertising space on your website.

I know you are eager to buy my website now, but sorry, but I’m not selling … *laughing Possible earings per day $6.00 – I’m sitting on a golden egg or maybe scramble egg.

“Never spend your money
before you have earned it.”
Thomas Jefferson


“What’s Going On” with Marvin Gaye – from “Jerry Maguire” Soundtrack – the movie that … had the strapline: show me the money. One of my favorite top films by the way.

Photos provided by and thanks to:  wallsave.com &  pastposters.com

13 thoughts on ““show me the money”

  1. One of my favourite songs! My mantra is that something is only ever worth what someone is willing to pay for it and I seriously doubt that anyone would want to buy my blog ha ha!

    • You never know … maybe not sell it – but you can sell advertising space – that is how the pro does it and can live out of their blogging.

  2. Interesting statistics. I wonder how all the information is gathered?? I think you should be getting your $6.00 a day!! : )

    • Heather, not enough …for any company to be intrested in buying space on my blog – don’t have enough visitors – there is blogs that are worth millions and people have live well from being a fulltime blogger. they get their stats from google and how many times my blog and post has been visit. But it’s nice to know that it’s worth something *smile

    • Bebs, it’s only an indication if I want to sell my blog for commercials – advertising. Also very popular blogs are being sold for big money, just because of the value you they have in advertising. There is blogs worth millions. Huge money to be made if you’re a sucessful blogger.

    • …. I wish *laughter – but .. I will check again in a years time what it can be worth. Surprised it worth that much.
      Champagne .. no problem. Oysters I have to leave for the professionals. *smile

    • No, money yet …. for $6 per day in revenue I think I will struggle to find a buyer. Check out how much yours a worth .. good to know if you want to sell space for advertising.

      • Have been getting offers, but I don’t want to lose control of my space so have been politely declining. Might do my ego good to know how much they would be willing to pay 😀 This website says $6 as well, so we are in the same boat 🙂

      • You should take it on .. because that is how full time bloggers – make their money … look at all those fashion bloggers .. travelling around the world to all fashion weeks, they don’t pay a cent. Great to be sitting in the same boat as you … let us keep our feet dry *smile

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