big boys …. look out because little MAX is coming.

no calories or

Not much into fast food as such – but sometimes I can crave for a hamburger and with all the unhealthy items that comes with it. Same with KFC, but we don’t have them here in Sweden. Don’t even think they are to be found in Denmark or Norway neither. So the closest for me must be UK, so it doesn’t happen more than once a year.

But hamburger happens maybe 4 times a year, but not just any hamburger – it has to be the best burger in the world, MAX!

MAX started up 1968 up in the true north of Sweden by the polar circle in Gällivare and 5 years later did McDonald’s land in Sweden. It’s a family owned company, Bergfors and today they have 96 restaurants in Sweden and this year they also open their first restaurants in Oslo and Copenhagen.

When it comes to fast food we don’t really think about the quality or do we ??? Isn’t all about the connivance?? But with MAX the quality is truly there. I think it’s about 10 years that I had my first MAX and it was in Jönköping – it made me start to believe in that fast food can have quality and taste great too.

The last time I had a MAX was the day before my mom died in June, because I had one in Ystad, after I left the hospital. Neither Landskrona or Simrishamn has MAX. So it’s a big MUST when every time I’m in Ystad, I just have a hamburger with the full monty. By the way MAX is the only fast food restaurant that is allowed in the center of Ystad. Good on Ystad.

When I was admitted to hospital in the end of my cancer treatment and I was truly poorly – my friend, Margurithe came up and visited me – and with her she had a MAX hamburger to me. When I looked at the paper bag I thought – I will never be able to eat any of this. But I manage the burger and life felt so much after that- even if the fries didn’t make it.
I think that burger and Margurithe somehow saved my life that Sunday afternoon on ward 87.

So the pictures here is from my last MAX in Ystad. The table next to me was Noah with his mom sitting, the most little adorable boy – true charmer, but he wasn’t much into his special food that mom had taken with her from home. He wanted to have a piece of her burger and I don’t blame him.

What I also love about MAX is that their resturants are always so clean and spotless – even if when I visit the Ystad’s outlet – it wasn’t started to be busy, too early in the day. It was truly shinny.

MAX works for healthier options even if they are a fast food brand – and they work for the environment.

Max was the first hamburger restaurant that offered keyhole meals with little fat but much flavor. In Delifresh included chicken and burgers, GI-burgers, salads, bean salad, baby carrots and apple wedges.

We at Max has for several years worked hard to reduce our carbon footprint. We simply realized that we are part of the problem, but we also want to be part of the solution! We notice our food climate and carbon offsets by planting trees in Africa.” – from MAX website.

MAX award -max se

Max Hamburg Restaurants have, for the eleventh consecutive year, the most satisfied customers among the nationwide hamburger restaurants under “Trademarks in Sweden.”

MAX also have “check-in” machines so you can place your order as you enter the restaurant – only thing is that you have to take from the standard menus and you can’t add or take away any items to the set menus.

MAX are slightly more pricey than the big boys, Burger King and McDonald’s, but so well worth it. Neither have they anything pre-cooked, everything is cooked to order and of course that has a huge impact on the quality too.

max carbon footprints - uk

Their menus shows two prices … the price you pay and what the product cost in carbon footprint. Very clever – Here is BBC News story about MAX! – and even Canada have got their eyes our favorite burger; Max restaurants in Sweden displaying carbon emissions for burgers!

Fresh and spotless, MAX

So if ever visiting Sweden, a MAX hamburger is a BIG must. Or if you land in Copenhagen or Oslo, make the afford to find MAX.

Maybe the next MAX with be next to H&M, another Swedish success, on 5th Ave, Manhattan. Come on MAX let’s take on Manhattan.

“Looking hard for a drive-in, searching for a corner café
Where hamburgers sizzle on an open grill night and day
Yeah, and a juke-box jumping with records like in the U.S.A.”

back in the usa - tradebit com

We don’t have any suitable Swedish song for this post, so I’m using one of my old time favorite rock n’ roll tracks. Because rock n’ roll is what a good hambuger needs.

“Back in the USA” was written by Chuck Berry and was first issued in 1959. A song that many artists and groups have done cover of – “Back in the USA” was also famously parodied by The Beatles with their song “Back in the U.S.S.R.”

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31 thoughts on “big boys …. look out because little MAX is coming.

    • Totally agree … but there isn’t many options over here – so MAX is a truly breath of fresh air. Nothing is a problem neither when the guest want to add or take away.
      Plus they take a big environmental responsibility. I’m a big fan.

  1. Funny post! Yesterday I gained three pounds. Why? I had a half a hamburger with bacon and avocado along with more than my share of 1/3 basket of fries, and …oh yes, I had a whole chocolate malt all by myself! 🙂 oops.

      • Oh, trust me, I’m naughty more than now and then. If I wasn’t I would be MUCH thinner. I probably walk on average at least 2.5 miles a day, and swim – in the summer. And with that I’m still BMI 35 as of this morning! So… serious diet starts today, so I can be naughty next time. 🙂

      • Is’t your birthday today .. or I’m reading things wrongly ???
        Nothing wrong of being naughty – how boring life would be without naughtiness.

      • I’m not always the clearest writer in the world. From now on, you can wear the hat of EDITOR of Marsha Lee’s Streaming Thoughts. 🙂 If my writing passes your inspection, then I know I have clearly communicated!!! 🙂 Vince will read first, and I’ll wake you up so you can read second – no matter when I post! 🙂 🙂 Sometimes it just kills me, but I will work for HOURS on a post, then almost as soon as it goes up, I get a notification that someone has liked it. hmmmmm Really? Did they read it? I’m not a speed reader, but I read fast. It takes me time to read posts, unless they are photos only! 🙂 Even then I read some or all of the comments, and realize I missed something, so I have to go back and look to see what I missed. 🙂

  2. You’re so right about MAX hamburgers – there is a big difference between them and other burgers, and it’s to their advantage. The company works well and I’m a fan too ever since my son introduced me.

    • I just looked up MAX over the net and there is a lot .. eyes out there in the world looking at MAX … BBC have made a story about them. So I had to add my post and I posted it again.
      I’m just like you, if you have tried once are you sold on it. .. let’s take on Manhattan, MAX.

    • That would be a fantastic idea … but IKEA want to do all things themselves. Maybe you should write to MAX and suggest your idea. Great idea.

    • They have a fanastic thing going on – and I really hope they make it big time, but big can also make things go wrong, harder to control.

  3. When I was in Stockholm two weeks ago I went to MAX every day because it’s been too long for me and I was thinking about their burgers for almost 3 years. They are really, really good and I wish MAX would open restaurants in Germany too. You’re right, when in Sweden, go to MAX!

    (And I just read that your Mom passed away, I’m sorry for that. I’ve been a bit out of the loop lately. My condolences)

    • Thank you so much … yes, she left very peacefully and she wanted to leave.
      I hope that Stockholm was good to you – the weather in Sweden have just been FAB for long time now. Farmers are not too happy anywhere in the country. Yes, MAX is worth a visit – it was the same with H&M – the open in Oslo and Copenhagen first and then they took on the world. Hope MAX do the same.
      I don’t know if I could eat one every day .. but every second, without any doubt. Welcome back to us.

      • It was just for 5 days otherwise I wouldn’t eat one every day.

        Yes, the weather was fantastic while I was there. Stockholm is my kind of city, I love it, and I got to go back to Växjö for 3 days as well, stay with friends in their stuga which was great. I wish I could have stayed there, so peaceful by the lake.

        I really do hope MAX will take over the world!

      • You’re funny …. glad you had a great time over here … I totally forgotten that you were visiting Sweden – thought about you the other day .. wondering where you gone.
        We have a fantastic summer everywhere this year, but very windy.

    • I think you should .. because it the best Sweden has to offer – when it’s about fast food … and once in a while is okay to be naughty.
      Never too late to try something new.

  4. Aw, yum! I wish I tried MAX last time I was in Sweden. I think the only fast food I tried was Polsemannen, nice but nowhere near as delicious as these burgers look! I’m glad that MAX has been with you through some of the hard times in life also. I do think that true ‘comfort food’ does seem to satisfy in low times like nothing else can. Hope you’re doing ok Viveka. Thanks for sharing with us xx

    • Laura, there will be times for MAX next year, I make sure of that.
      Yes, that burger I had on the hospital – great timing of my friend. I was very poorly, but MAX changed that.
      I’m doing fine, Laura – thank you so much … I call it stabile and stabile is good for me. *smile

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