saving the best thing to last – “kartoffelkage”

Velkommen tilbage den kongelige byen – Welcome back to the Royal City!

This is my second post about my fabulous day with Ann-Christine. So we are back in Copenhagen and let’s pick up where I left with a very strong view on a “kartoffelkage” in the end of the day. kattofflekage and friends Strøget was packed with people, plenty Chinese’s and Russian tourists plus Swedes of course. Copenhagen is a very cosmopolitan city. Every mayor square was under some reconstruction through the city center – digging everywhere, but the traffic seemed to manage it very well.

When leaving Strøget did we end up on Kongens Nytorv – Kings New Square – there also constructions work was ongoing. At Kongens Nytorv is where the Royal Theater and the Charlottenborg Art museum is to be find – magnificent buildings. I notice that the pavement into Charlottenborg’s courtyard was made of wooden tiles, never seen that before – looked old, but in very good condition.

Nyhavn and the waterfront – the place to be on during anytime of year – always packed to the rim in the summer; day, evening and night. Here is where all the action is, even the naughty ones.

Now the sun was out in full blast at times and the area was just packed with people, every chair at every little restaurant was taken, the harbor tour boats was full loaded – there was some fantastic private yachts in harbor, mostly owned by Norwegians – one of the most richest nations in the world, due to their oil.

Then we came to the new Royal Theater, “Skuespilhus” – stunning modern building … built on a new dock – first time I been there, was open in 2008. Very interesting inside with dark corridors, nearly black washrooms (hardly any light – bit scary) and the most extreme paintings of Danish actors on every wall. They have almost daily free performances during the summer in the big entrance hall.

Just opposite “Skuespilhus” is the new stunning opera house, that’s designed by the architect Henning Larsen and it was built in less than 3 years. It is also one of the most expensive opera houses ever built with construction costs well over 500 million U.S. dollar. Had grand opening in 2004. Built on the island Holmen .

You have take the Route 903 of the Copenhagen Harbour Buses shuttles from Nyhavn out to the opera house or as the Danish call it “Operaen” – we saved that for next them. The Danish loves culture – and Copenhagen have always so much on offer.

Loads of construction work going on there too – new bridge over to the other side of the harbor and the opera house plus some new interesting dock development next to the “Skuespilhus”. Just like everywhere else in the city cranes, excavators and big holes in the ground. Maybe they are digging for oil!!!! *smile

After that we went to meet some royal roses at Amalienborg castle, the Royal Castle. The park still had some beautiful roses blooming and both of us was more interested in them than the castle.

At that time we – was at a breaking point for a cup of coffee and we both had that Lagkagehuset in mind, but it was miles away from where we was. But we put the long leg first and charged on – and it seems like an endless walk back.

But we met new objects from our cameras during the quick walk. As some stunning REAL blue orchids (Vanda) at the glorious Hotel D’Angleterre, established in 1755, just sitting there outside beside the traffic – and just before them my eyes caught some fantastic posters of dancers on the paling around one of building site by Ingrid Bugge, a Danish art photographer – check out her website it’s pure magic!

During our walk back to the “Lagekagehuset ” Ann-Christine was joking about … if the cakes that we had put our minds to was going to be sold out and that wasn’t a joke … NOTHING left in the goodies displays what so ever. So we had to settle with a muffin each,  one carrot and one rhubarb. Nothing wrong with the muffins, but they were so hugely far away from a “kartoffelkage”.  The coffee was great.

After coffee was it time to buy candles and spices at the colorful “Tiger”, next to the bakery – and then walk back to the station. Time for sore feet to travel home. So the answer on my question – “kartoffelkage” wasn’t to be!!!!!

When we passed the Rådhuspladsen – The City Hall Square – there was 2 fantastic musicians from Peru, I guess … in the most fantastic costumes. We stopped to enjoy the beautiful panpipes music – until all silly tourists came along and wanted to have their photos taken with the guys. Just like they were cirques freaks or rare animals of some kind – so degradable and they didn’t give any money or bought their CD. The whole thing made us just sick.

Along the way I showed A-C the fantastic Library Bar at Copenhagen Plaza Hotel, that is just opposite the station … and I took a photo of the ugly hotel where I worked for nearly a year and were my career as a chef started in 1968 – at the SAS Royal Hotel, now SAS Radison Blu Hotel. Still the same ugly building.

Our departure back to Sweden was from track 4 and 7.32pm – what a day … and my poor feet wasn’t back to normal for 2 days, but all worth it. But I wish that my day in Copenhagen had also contained a kartoffelkage. So next time I will have the cake so soon as I arrive … because when we returned to the station we saw the bakery had an outlet at the station.

I have to mention that the best hamburger in the world has landed in Copenhagen and of course it’s Swedish – MAX. A reason good enough for you to visit Copenhagen. The first thing I notice as we arrived Copenhagen station – the massive poster with a MAX hamburger – Well done MAX!!! Look out Burger King and McDonald’s … we Swedes are on our way. Just have to make a post about MAX too.

MAX burger As Carlsberg say about their newly launched beer – do I want to say about the Royal City of Copenhagen – it’s differently refreshing. Even if I didn’t get my “kartofflekage”.

Very suitable have Carlsberg named the beer, Copen♥hagen. It will be launched worldwide next year.

carslberg_copenhagen - belowtheclouds com

“To wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen
Salty old queen of the sea
Once I sailed away
But I’m home today
Singing Copenhagen, wonderful, wonderful
Copenhagen for me”

“Wonderful Copenhagen” was written 1952 for the movie “Hans  Christian Andersen” by Frank Henry Loesser (1910-1969). The movie had more notable songs such as “”Anywhere I Wander”, “Thumbelina”, and “Inchworm”. He wrote both music and lyrics . Danny Kaye played the roll as H C Andersen and sang this song in the movie – and it’s now of course the official song of Copenhagen.

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Carlbergs beer photo provided by and thanks to:

39 thoughts on “saving the best thing to last – “kartoffelkage”

  1. You must have had a really fun filled day – it’s so nice to read about it and look at all the pictures you’ve taken.Girlie days out are the absolutely BEST!
    Viveka, looking at your pictures is like looking at a story book – taking a plunge into another life 🙂 ahhh, the cakes…yummie… and all the water and the boats 🙂
    Wish you a very HAPPY and sunny weekend 🙂 xo

    • Thanks, we have a fantastic Sunday – the summer has been great this year for us.
      Thanks a million for your kind words … every day is really a page is a story book.
      Copenhagen is a fantastic city and it always has a new face to show … every visit. Never boring.

      • A city for you, promise … shopping fantastic. Did you see that I had the LV window display in one of my photo galleries and Hermes … but in the first post about “kartoffelkager”. Had you in mind when I took the photos.
        LV big window displays was FAB!

  2. Enjoyed your pictures and details of your visit. Brought me back to the time I visited. Wonderful memories.

  3. I’m swaying away as I sing… “wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen”! I always meant to go there but never did. (yet!) I love your galleries, Viveka. Always such an interesting mix. Love the tilted boat shots- that works so well. And I’m going to borrow those feathers! 🙂

    • You started in the wrong end … you got the the last post first … but I suppose it doesn’t matter. Yes, I learned that trick with titled photos from my hotel room in Chicago last year and I liked the whole idea. I works great and you get more into the photo too.
      I love those feathers too … you have to come to visit – and we do Copenhagen by day and night if you want to. You will love it. Everyone loves CPH!

  4. A feast for the eyes, Viveka! Our outing…and kartoffelkage will be the first thing for me next time I visit that city! I didn’t know about Carlsberg’s new beer – that one has to be tried too of course. Thank you for this interesting take on our visit…just what I expected from you!

    • And it will be at the station, the first thing … I do!!!!
      Fantastic day with fantastic company … couldn’t have been better. Thanks for your support – do you think Barcelona is ready for us yet ???? Have you been to Florence ???? Never been, would love to go ..

    • The weather is here – warm windy and sunny – but nog humid. So for once am I glad that I’m not in Chicago. Can’t stand humid – I get so crankig from it.

    • That is the cakes I wanted so badly … but never got, they are in a shape of a potato – that is why they are called potato cakes, kartoffelkage. And the others are cream with fresh berries, not cupcakes.

  5. This must have been a day to remember… the only thing is I remember the kartoffelkage we didn’t have… the photos are such an evidence to a wonderful place to visit as well as a wonderful testament to a wonderful day… lovely share Viveka… lovely…

    • You’re such a sweetheart, Bob … all those nice things I get with my breakfast mug of coffee – love it. Yes, it was a great day and if I would go back this week, Copenhagen would look differently in my eyes. Truly an amazing city, so glad I can share.

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