weekly photo challenge; fresh


Fresh …. food.

Very often are we becoming annoyed if we have to wait for food we have ordered – if it takes a bit longer time than it normally should.
As a chef are you working against the clock and the guest – but sometime food takes time, especially if we want to be cooked fresh – and well presented. So I don’t mind to wait for my food, not even if it’s a hamburger in a fast food outlet.

So when we was visiting Copenhagen this Tuesday … the food took a bit of time and maybe if I had been in a hurry I would had cancelled my order, but I had my hands full with my little camera and to find objects to put it up against. I was in no rush – but I was hungry.

When the food arrived it was so fresh and so beautiful presented – it was delicate for both eye and palate.

My blogging sister Ann-Christine and I was having lunch at my favorite so popular hidden gem, The Royal Café and of course we ordered “smushi’s”. They have even published a cookery book with their “smushi’s” – with the title “Royal Smushi”.

So what is a “smushi”??? It is a mini Danish open face sandwich or as they call it Denmark, smørrebrød and it’s counted for as Denmark’s number one national dish. A must if you ever visit Denmark. So “smushi” is maybe a fusion between smørrebrød and sushi. What ever it’s – well worth waiting for … we had ordered 3 each and what we got represent freshness for me.

So  it’s not only smushi’s that was fresh … my photos are very fresh too.

Velbekomme  – Bon appetite!

“Eating is a need,
enjoying is an art.”

Why not join the challenge yourself … or check out more freshness, there will be plenty of it in all forms and shapes – Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

46 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge; fresh

    • Dallas, I don’t think that is very difficult … I think you have the same great taste for food as I have – haven’t met a calorie that I haven’t loved. Thank you so much.

  1. It is many years since I was in Denmark, but I certainly always enjoyed their smørrebrød although I confess I did get a bit tired of herring at the end of two weeks.

    • There is more to smørrebrød than herring … *laughing – but the Danish love their herring and their fish .. seafood.
      Swedes does too, but I think the Danish is worst.
      I got trained in doing smørrebrød when I worked in Copenhagen, fantastic art and so beautiful made. I don’t know if could manage to do “smushi” – I guess I could. The strips goes never fade on a chef.

    • Jo, lovely to have you back … go easy now … with the catchup – I haven’t posted that much – been over in Denmark and that may interest you. Two post’s so far.

      I’m okay … my moms apartment will be emptied this week and cleaned next .. and that’s it. Got hold of my half-brother .. Really nice to have you back. Hope there is some photos in the luggage.

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  6. Oh, Viveka.. you were so fortunate to visit this beautiful, beautiful place!! I love the interior design.. the Smushi’s.. everything about it. In another life, wouldn’t it be fun to live in an apartment decorated like this? It’s stunning! xx

    • Maybe you should open a smushi cafe … in Calgery. I’m sure you will do fantastically well .. and I will come and do the wash up during the high seasons.
      Lushness … great concept.

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    • Lori, it only in Denmark you can get them – and there is training behind doing open face sandwich .. ask me – I was at for nearly a year. We had a great time – you should have visit my last posts, they are all about CPH.
      You would love that city.

    • Yes, so true … I sent my post to the Royal Cafe and I got a very sweet email back .. they want to meet me the next time I’m town .. one of the owners sent. That was so sweet.

  10. I can be an impatient person, but I know that sometimes you have to wait for food, what I don’t like is when you go somewhere and you notice that many other people get their food before you and you know you ordered before them. There is a place I go to that does these wonderful homemade crumpets, very different, and if you want them, you have to wait for them to be cooked, they are worth waiting for.

    • This with guests getting their food first .. can also depend on what you have ordered … some dishes takes longer time than orders, then the quick prepared ones goes out while the others are being produced. Also one dish out of two can take longer time … so then both has to wait.
      The kitchen can stand still .. and wait for just one order at the time, specially not when you have 120 gusts and only 110 min to serve them on. *smile
      I don’t mind waiting on food, because then I know it’s freshly cooked.

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