“kartoffelkage”, to be or not to be???!!!!!!!

kattofflekage “Kartoffelkage” – is probably the best cake in the world – and it means “potato cake” – and you can get it in Denmark. Not a potato close to this delicious cake, but made out potato flour and flour plus loads of cream. I haven’t one for years and years, so when I saw a full tray of them – my craving became nearly mental. It will be in next post you will get the answer on the question.

Ann-Christine@Leya and I we have met in this fantastic online world – we live in the same county, Skåne and it was our second date. She came with train to Malmö and there she jumped on mine – it was a quite cold start of the day … and we arrived Copenhagen’s Central Station at 11.30am. Both of us fresh for assume serious walking and photo sessions. We both love a walking and we love to use our small cameras.

Landskrona station have got a new “toy” – a bicycle counter – and that morning it had been 118 bicycles already in the morning at the station – when I came home in the evening it had been 437.  What I understand that all main stations has got a bike counter now. They like their bikes in Landskrona, but in Copenhagen they LOooOooOoove theirs

At the Landskrona station not much action, they were into weekly cleaning .. and I saw an beer can abandoned  from the night before – that made me smile, because it was Danish, from Carlsberg. It put me into the Danish mood straight away and I put the can in the waste bin. I also found a need for a good sugar kick to be in top form for Copenhagen, not a city to take lightly – so I bought some wine gums, not easy to find – had to visit 3 shops before I got any.

Bikes everywhere in Copenhagen and every hotel have their own that you can borrow or rent. Copenhagen is a very flat city, perfect for biking – the highest point in whole of Denmark is only 170,86 meters high. Also we found that the Danish bikers are far more polite and friendly than the Swedish are.

By the metro station at Kongen’s Nytorv do the have a bike garage under ground in connection with the metro, they call it “cykelklaeder” (bike basement).

We passed this fantastic bakery, Lagkagehuset on the main shopping street in Copenhagen, Strøget, 1.1km/0.68 long, that goes back to 1890  – and I saw the cake all the old memories from my time living in Denmark came back to and also my Danish – suddenly I could talk Danish again … maybe not perfect, but it got better by the hour. I got all that excited over to see all the  “kartofflekager” – must be nearly 30 years since I enjoyed one the last time.

Ann-Christine and I decided that we were having lunch first and cake later in the afternoon – so we started our brilliant day in Copenhagen and left the “kartoffelkage” behind for later reunion.

Both Ann-Christine and I we love our food – so first it was meant to be coffee and calories, I wanted to take her to my special place … a little hidden gem – but so popular. It has to have some connection with the Royal Copenhagen porcelain company, that does the most stunning stuff. It’s next door to their magnificent shop and they use their porcelain.

The place is called the Royal Smushi Café. So what is a Smushi?? Its small beautiful and very delicious open Danish sandwiches,  smørrebrød – small piece of art – so we changed our mind from coffee and cake to coffee and smushi’s. We got the loveliest waiter – but it took quite a while before our smushis arrived – but they was worth every minute of waiting.

What a treat. In the meantime we both feel in love with my pretty coffee cup – so I think we both spent most of the time trying to get a good photo of the beautiful Danish piece of delicate porcelain, Ann-Christine got a plain white cup … same model, but not all so intriguing as mine.

We sat outdoor in their pretty yard with the most dreadful umbrellas, but they were so dreadful they became “looking great” in its environment. When the smushis arrived we spent a lot of time on get great shots of them, so we were starving when we put our cutlery into them.

Danmark stands for fantastic world renowned brands like George Jensen, BR, Lego, Royal Copenhagen, Ecco, Pandora, Tiger, B&O,  – so I decide to take photos of them, but of course as we walked along Strøget – we came to Cartier, LV, Lanvin, Hugo Boss and Gucci – so my camera went a bit aberrant.

I leave you here on Strøget – take your time … have an “is” (ice cream), visit some of the shops or just people watch. When back I will take you to the picturesque old harbor – Nyhavn. A place to be on a sunny summer day or a windy winter-cold day. Leave you with some great music to listen to while I’m gone – will be back soon.

på gensyn – see you again – København.

“Denmark is like a secret little place
with its own special language.”
Helena Christensen

“Det burde ikk være sådan her” is a Danish language debut single written and performed by Xander; his real name is Alexander Linnet from his album “Over skyer, under vand”. Alexander is born in 1988. “Det burde ikk være sådan her” (“It shouldn’t be like this”) was released in October 2010. Great song in my ears.

46 thoughts on ““kartoffelkage”, to be or not to be???!!!!!!!

    • Karen, Denmark is a fantastic food country – full of calories *smile – and Danish design is outstanding … and shopping is endless in Copenhagen for all sorts of bank accounts. You have to put Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm on your bucket list.

  1. Wow the photos are all so colourful and vibrant… I enjoyed the walk about.. glad it didn’t cost me anything… but it was enjoyable, the only problem I enjoyed the food but I’m still hungry need some Kartoffelkage to finish off the day…lovely post Viveka… sorry I don’t live closer it looks like fun walking around with you…

    • Bob, I totally agree … a Kartoffelkage is a perfect finish a couple of times per day *smile
      It’s a very vibrant city and full of objects … far too many so I had to split up my day half way through, so more to follow.
      Denmark has been very expensive, but I think it has come down a bit and also the SEK has gone stronger against the Danish krona. It’s a magical city and there is always something going on. Welcome back to finish the walk with us.

    • One of the Danish beer breweries … Tuborg – have in their strip line – when does a Tuborg taste best ???? – Everytime. Same with Copenhagen – it taste so good every time you visit – it’s truly the “wonderful Copenhagen”. More to follow, I don’t do anything short. *laughter

    • Colleen, in a city like CPH is there colors everywhere – very vibrant city …. I’m surprised you didn’t make any remarks about the bikes … and that bike basement by the metro. All the bikes photos I have taken with you in thoughts.

      • I did see the bikes and loved them. And more so, I love that you were thinking of me. I was getting ready to run out the door to have dinner with a friend so I wanted to comment. And YOU are what always stick out the most to me in your blogs. 🙂

      • I thought it was strange that you didn’t … comment the bikes, you always do … in Copenhagen is it nearly impossible to take a photo without not getting a bike or more in it too. Thanks for your kind words .. they went straight into my software.

      • The words went straight in to your software. Viveka, you are fantastic with words.

        I have to say, I truly love the idea of bike garages and have heard of them before. Though not often enough. I believe biking will be returned to in great numbers for local transport for people. It just makes sense on so many levels.

        And they, the bikes, are beautiful. 😉

      • LOOK AT ALL OF THOSE BIKES! Viveka, I would truly love to live in a world where this is how we traveled. People would be healthier, happier, friendlier. That might all be in my head, but I believe it. 🙂

      • You would love Copenhagen … it’s very likeness Dublin, but much cleaner and friendlier … plus the food is a lot better. Very vibrant city – that opens it’s arms for everybody. You can rent bikes everywhere, the 10th best city to live in – in the world.

      • I would love it then, knowing so, just on your recommendation. It’s already compared to Ireland, and it has many bikes. And I could meet up with you. How could I not love it?

      • Colleen, it happens all the time .. that people win big amounts of money – even a small amount is so welcoming .. just the feeling of winning.

  2. Oh, Viveka, you are simply the best! I was so impressed by your Danish as well – anyone who has ever tried knows how difficult this language is…

    Love these photos, and I was sooo envious of your Special, Royal cup…You even got a heart in it thanks to you’re choosing cappucino instead of plain, black coffee.

    Looking forward to your post about marvellous Nyhavn next!

    • I think I have to buy that cup next time I’m in CPH or nick it – it was so lovely. My Danish is what it’s but the those cakes helped it on the way.
      Its was a truly great day – and I have so many photos I want to use … yes. Nyhavn next on Saturday … I wouldn’t mind some of those smushis for lunch tomorrow – they are so good .. and just enough.
      See you soon. Thanks for all the nice words and the fantastic company as you’re.

  3. oh, I love posts like that, to know a little bit more…my friend was there now and totaly loved it. Now I can understnad her more. BTW the pics are just so good a little bit from everything and they are not static, you can fel the movement/life in it.

    • Thank you so much, Suzi …. to be honest I don’t think I have met anyone that don’t loves Copenhagen – it’s such a light hearten city – and there is always so much going on for all ages, colorful … and fun.
      Thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to comment. Welcome back for part 2 – tomorrow. Everybody should have Copenhagen on their bucket list.

  4. Love the trip … plus I appreciate what you do with your camera. For instance, the Danish coins and the Legos … the angles make both of them wonderful shots!

    • Thank you so much, Frank … I learned to use the camera with different angles from pictures my hotel in Chicago had when visit last year. There wasn’t any really straight on photos and I really like the way they where done, so I started practice and now it seem like I got a grip over it.
      I like the logo bits – photo too, great shot. So thanks for cheering me on and I’m glad you like it too.

  5. Lovely post, Viveka. I love the way you have to take pics of your food before you can eat, even if you’re starving. 🙂 The potato cake sounds horrendously calorific and so delicious. What a great visit you had with Ann Christine. I envy you. 🙂

    • Thank you so much … we had a great day and we both are full of the same madness of taking photos – we just walk away with a camera and even if we like the same object, does the photos come out so differently.
      Yes, we was so hungry when the food finely came .. but that didn’t stop us. The potato cakes are truly sinful, but who cares when visit the fantastic city Copenhagen.
      We are talking about … to take Barcelona on next *laughing … wonder if Barcelona is ready for us on the same time.

  6. Love how you manage to convey the essence of your day through your images and words! Your cup is gorgeous and the food looks to die for. That Cartier ring too 😀

    • Yes, but I didn’t get my “kartofflekage” – if you comes and visit – I’m going to have two !!! So soon as I arrive Copenhagen station. Thanks for your kind words.
      It’s a fantastic city that is friendly and full of things to see and do.

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