a contemporary day in denmark

david hockney

When this post are being posted – am I over in Denmark again, in wonderful Copenhagen. This time together with my blogging friend and sister, Ann-Cristine@Leya. Of course there will be a post coming out from this day too. Copenhagen here we come – in full force.

But  last Tuesday was it time for a “girly day out n’ about” again. Iris, my old and newly found friend … that I met up with in February after 20 years – and I have decided that we will meet up once per months for lunch or do something that we both enjoy.

When she suggested “Louisiana” over in Denmark, I didn’t have a clue … never heard about before.
Even if the was built in 1958 – Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. I’m all for seeing something new and to get new impressions, 110DKR/US$19.30/14.75€/£12.75/128.60SEK does the entry cost you – but well spent money. They have music events and literature readings too.

Louisiana – Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Gl Strandvej 13
3050 Humlebæk, Denmark

While waiting for the train in Landskrona – there was some beautiful weeds that caught my camera’s attention.

It was a grey start of our Tuesday – they had promised a full summer’s day, but it was a bit slow in the start. Frist it meant I have to take a train to Helsingborg where I met up with Iris – then the ferry shuttle over to Helsingør in Denmark and then jump on train again for a 15 mins ride.

By the way in Helsingør do you find the beautiful Kronborg Castle, Hamlet’s famous castle – stunning just on the edge to the “Öresund”, the narrow bit ocean that seperate Sweden and Danmark here in the South of Sweden.

The ferries departs every 15 min and the passage only takes 15 min – so it was very quick to get to Humlebæk, were “Louisiana” is. A 15 min walk from the station – in the most beautiful park just by the ocean.

As we arrived in Humlebæk the sun came out and it stayed with us for rest of the day – we got a fantastic warm and sunny day with a light breeze.

I wasn’t able to get a good picture of the old (“main”) building of the museum – so I have borrowed this one from wikimedia.org, absolutly stunning!

Louisiana_Museum_-_old_building - commons.wikimedia org -

Frist thing we did when we arrived was finding the restaurant for a light lunch and that wasn’t the easiest thing to do – no signs what so ever. We had to walk down and up, 60% of the museum is under the ground – nobody showed us that we could had walked over the lawn to the end of the park.

We both went for a open Danish sandwich with grilled chicken breast, garlic cream and grilled dried ham. Just wonderful and we were lucky to get a table outside with a view over the ocean against Sweden.

There were 2 exhibitions going on: Tara Donovan and Yoko Ono plus their own; that contains painting, sculptures and videos. All very interesting. I found Tara Donavan so amazing, her art just blow the socks of me – she uses a variety of everyday materials such as drinking straws, nails and buttons for her art – she had a full wall called “Haze” made out drinking straws or her big cubs – one of toothpicks and one of basting pins, glued together one by one.  I tried to get a photo from one of the cubs, but photographing wasn’t allowed and I was told of by the guard. I manage to get some of her art caught with my camera. I wish my photo would do her art more justice. JUST AMAZING!!!!!!

Yoko Ono – strange as always … one of her show pieces were a canvas with two condoms filled with water *smile – called “you and me”. The most hilarious piece of her show was the fresh green apple with a sign say “apple”. Whole thing a bit wired.
I loved her “Cricket Memories” with the small boxes hang from the ceiling and with the spotlights – the shadows that the boxes created on the wall I found so fascinating. There was name under each box and they were in different shapes and size – under each box was there a metal sign that said a name. And on the wall there was and explanation to it all – but the when I was going to talk a photo of it, the guard came and told me to put the camera away.

There was also a nearly endless shelve with small water filled bottles, every bottle had a name on it from some famous or important person, that is now dead. Tried to take a photo, but the guard had his eyes on me. That I like very much too – maybe that is how we end up – on a bottle with our name on. I was intrigued by them.

As we went outside her area of the museum – we came to the “wish tree” – and I just fell in love with it.

One of the trees in the park had been turned into this “wish tree” – and anyone that wanted could write down their wish on tag and hang it in the tree. They empty the tree every day and the tags will be all saved –  a wall will be made of them on Iceland. I think the whole thing is so fantastic. There should be a wish  tree in every city .. every town … all over the world.  The “wish tree” gave me a great feeling and of course I hanged my wish too – you will find it on one of the photos. Well done, Yoko!

After Yoko’s exhibition was it time for afternoon coffee and something with calories in – we went for something called “Raspberry tart” – it was lovely and no pain connected with eating it neither. There was people everywhere in the park, some was taking a swim in Öresund, sailing boats was cruising – and people was just relaxing on the lawns – or walking barefoot along the water edge. Just a perfect day … for everybody that was visiting. What a fantastic place.

As we walked back to the station was did I meet some beautiful roses and other objects.

We were so luck that we only had to wait a couple of minutes for the train in Humlebæk and as we arrived in back in Helsingør was it only 6 min to 5pm ferry back to Sweden.
Was back home around 6pm – and my feet was sore, but all worth it.

Had a fantastic day and it’s a day that will be repeated.

“Contemporary art is an epoch of false money
allied with false culture”.
Alexander Stoddart

As we walked through the museum one of the rooms had Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” as background music … the only area with music, so what would be more suitable to be cloud over this post this than this track. Isaak had a massive hit in 1989 with this song. The song has been featured in many films and popular TV-series.

The music video of the song was directed by Herb Ritts, shot in Hawaii and featured top model Helena Christensen rolling and frolicking on the beach with Isaak. It was filmed in black and white. Christensen was topless and Isaak was shirtless through most of the video, voted to be one of the 40th sexiest music videos.

wicked-game - popscreen com

Louisiana old building photo provided by and thanks to: wikimedia.org

69 thoughts on “a contemporary day in denmark

    • Jean, thanks for your support – my writing is what it’s – I think in Swedish and write in English and sometimes, it’s comes out very wired.

  1. I can’t read the wishes! but I know they are there. And I think you are right. There should be “wishing trees’ every where.

    Your sense of adventure and art amazes me. I’m so glad you share it with us.

    • Colleen, if you click on the photos they will become bigger – and you can read, but my wish is – that we should be more nice to each other. Yes, we should have wish trees everywhere, because they make us think about what we really wish for and it didn’t come that easy by itself. Yesterday was another Danish adventure – another fantastic day to put into the memory gallery.
      Not that big arty person, but when I like art – I adore it. Thank you so much ..

      • I clicked and read your wish. Of course I couldn’t read them all. But that’s okay, I love that so many have wishes and shared them with the tree.

        I don’t know anything at all about art. Just when I see something, if it makes me think or feel, that’s all I need to know. 🙂

      • Colleen, art is something very personal and you don’t have to know anything – so long as you like and are intruged by what you are seeing. Art can be anything really – think and feel, is just what art is about – you don’t have to now anything.
        The wish tree was a true highlight – spent nearly a hour to read all the tags. What a brilliant idea.

      • I think you are right, we all need a wish tree. Maybe I can start a “wishing fence”. I don’t have a tree in my front yard. But I have a picket fence. And a bike trail goes right in front of my house. Wouldn’t that be fabulous?

      • A wishing picket fence – it sounds great too me .. even more romantic than a tree. Fantastic idea – it has loads of feel good.

      • Yes, why not – but you have to decide what you have to do with all the tags … I just love the thought of it all. You have to provide with the pens and the tags … but it could also be a lot of fun.

      • Colleen, it seems like the strings comes with the tags … I’m so looking forward to the your wish fence. – You will make into the local paper now. *smile

      • Ha! I don’t want to be in the paper. But I do want to make a nice blog out of it so I can show you how it worked. Or not.

        I thought the strings might come with the tags as well. I’m thinking of going to an office supply store for the tags.

      • You are just so great – I’m sure that you will get loads of wishes on your fence – you have to ask you neighbors to do theirs first … people see that it’s something they can … do too.
        I wish you good luck … and I’m there with you to 110%.

  2. Enjoyed your post so much Viveka. Pics are beutiful! Interesting that with the wish tree … to be more nice to one another….Indeed!…. That would solve a loooot of the other problems, and bring some good stuff we woudn’t need to wish for… 🙂

    • So true … there was a couple of things I wished for – but I think the main reason for so much “shit” in our world, is that we are not nice to each other enough. If you never been to Louisiana, you should visit – you like your art … I’m not a big fan of modern art, but I loved this place. So bright and the location is so stunning. Very busy, but plenty space inside – most of the museum is under ground. Thanks for your nice comment.

    • Yoko are the way she are, wired and wonderful, but some piece I couldn’t get my head around, but there was piece that I really fell in love with. Magical day at the most stunning place. Thanks for join me.

    • Claire, thank you so much – the was a fantastic day from finish to end … magical place – and I’m not a museum person – and not a big fan of modern art, becuase most time it modern art takes the mickey of us – but this was truly amazing. And the setting and localtion of the museum. A must if you ever visit Denmark. Easy to take photos when we enjoy ourselves … just like I did.

    • Frank, this Louisiana is a must if you every visit Denmark, one of the most beautiful museums I ever been too.
      The settings .. priceless.

    • Yes, wouldn’t be lovely if we all had excess to a wish tree … fantastic. I just fell in love with it and it was fun to read what people had wish for … one little boy wish that he didn’t become “car sick”. Just LOVE it! And one guy, I think he was a guy – wished for a nice girlfriend.

    • Lori, thanks a million – easy to take good photos is you enjoy the objects – fantastic day and I will go back. Really great day, just like the one I had in Copenhagen yesterday – just brilliant.

    • Thanks, Terry – yes, I had a fantastic day .. and my company was great too. Iris is such great person to be with .. relaxed and we both did what we felt for – walked our different ways at time, place is massive and the art is outstanding. Great day.

    • I’m not really a modern art person, but I love the museum and found their art so interesting and exciting. My camera and I had a brilliant day, but I think the guards were annoyed with me in the end.

  3. Amazing pictures you took Viveka. Too bad that you couldn’t take pictures inside but it’s okay, you had enough to share with us. Thanks for taking us along!

    • Thanks, Bebs …. we where able to take photos on the museums own exhibitions, but not on Tara’s and Yoko, but I manage to get many of them, couldn’t post all – and I couldn’t get some of the ones I really liked, but I manage pretty well. The guards was so busy telling people of and they had big areas to cover – so we got are chances.
      It was truly fantastic day … and thanks for wanting to come along.

  4. I love a leisurely day strolling through museums, you’ve got some incredible ones there, Viveka. I’m glad you snuck a few photos for us, it just wouldn’t be the same without seeing some of the art.. this way it felt like we were there with you. I have to say, my favorite is your photo of the sweet old bench with flowers on it, that’s just my sort of artistic photo:) xx

    • Barbara, that bench we passed when we walked back to the station … very posh house and beautiful gardens we walked by. So pretty … love the idea what they done with the old bench. It was only the two mayor exhibitions that we wasn’t allowed to take photos, but I manage – because there was only one guard in each area – and he was busy with telling people of. Some fantastic art and it’s easy to take photos of things we really enjoy. Thanks for coming along with us.

  5. Wonderful galleries, Viveka! It’s always a joy travelling with you! Louisiana is a must – I totally agree. Any exhibition at Loisiana is enhanced and made even more beautiful, but I love Yoko Ono and her wish trees. Such a good idea for every place to have…that’s just the kind of thoughts I would expect from you!

    Tara Donovan – fabulous. I hope the exhibition last for some time, because I think I’ll have to pop over myself. I haven’t been there for two years now.

    • Thank you so much …. I think both are on to the end of September.
      The wish tree … I just fell in love with the whole idea – such lovely touch and people really interact with it.
      Maybe I should start a wish tree in Landskrona – maybe I should put the idea forward to the council.

  6. Hi Viveka – what a beautiful well written blog you have (found you through Laura’s Mess). Thanks for this post, I now live in New Zealand but I’m Danish – this took me back to beautiful summers in Denmark and the many many years ago I visited this gallery. Thank you!

    • Wow, in New Zealand – one of my favorite places … Denmark is a fantastic place – worked there when I was young and I talk a bit Danish.
      There will be two posts about my other day in Copenhagen – coming up soon.
      Thanks for visiting and for commenting – welcome back anytime. *smile

  7. It looks and sounds like you have had an excellent day! It is something I like doing, too. Mhm, the raspberry tarte looks super-dooper delicious, yummie! ox 🙂

    • Yes, the tarte was delicious and full of calories, I’m sure.
      It was a brilliant day and I really enjoyed everything in it and about it. So when you come to visit – we will pay Louisiana a visit.

    • Thank you, it was a truly great day and loads of feeling good. Thanks for joining me – today I have posted the first post about a FAB day in the Royal City Copenhagen.
      Welcome to join me. *smile

    • Kay, I would have love this place … Denmark is a fantastic country for great culture life – they have plenty everywhere of it.
      The dessert is so tasty as it looks. *smile

      • oh dear you are a fantastic photographer really really I lovely you photography and especially flowers

        thank you so much dear 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Flowers and my camera agree … very well – but sometimes I’m tired of taking photos of flowers, they are such easy object .. because they have the beauty already! Thank you so much.

      • yes you are right but to capture it the exact way is to bring out the beauty in its original form is extremely difficult dear

        you do it very easily

      • Thank you so much …. I find it easy with flowers, even if there is so many that does it a lot better than me … more difficult with people and buildings … but I enjoy to find beauty in ugly and rough things around me more.

  8. Viveka, LOVED this post, wonderful intro to “your world” 🙂 you are quite a photographer, I find it so commendable when bloggers use their own images to enliven their posts (I don’t 😦 though I always give full credit for the image) Oh, wicked game, I remember that song and THE VIDEO, jajajaaa… Yoko Ono, like other artists, can get away with almost ANYTHING and call it art 🙂 Read you soon, Alexandra

    • Thanks, Alexandra – for taking the time to read and comment – it’s was such a beautiful day and I really liked Tara’s art … magical and the materials she are using. Yoko is what she is .. silly at time, but as I said there was things I loved and that intrigued me.
      Before I had one of those fancy cameras, but it’s eating film – but I was so sick and tired of carry the big thing and lenses with me, so I bought a fantastic little mean thing – and it goes with me everywhere .. even to the supermarket.
      It’s only to click and click and click .. and the more you use the camera the better you become as a team. And I promise you that you see I total different world with a camera in your hand. You are creative and artistic – you can take photos too, only practice you’re lacking. See you … soon.

      • For now, I take pictures with my iPhone, they’ve come out good…plus it’s always with me and handy for my growing cloud collection…I love taking pictures of clouds maybe because I can’t seem to paint them :/ I’ve hinted to my husband and children that I’d love to have a camera, so maybeI’ll be surprised in the near future 🙂

      • I really hope so .. that you will get a camera, because I know you have it in you – because of your creativity.
        Lets hope .. that will be a nice little camera .. a new friend.

  9. OMG, I have been there, I haven’t been to many places in the world, but I have been to Louisiana. I saw a Toulouse Lautrek exhibition there in 1995, so many years ago. It was a beautiful gallery. It was raining and not a great day when we went.

    • In 1995 – I think more people have been there when it’s raining … than days was like mine. I seem to been lucky. But I agree that the museum is beautiful in itself.

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