weekly photo challenge; nostalgic

What is nostalgic for me – when you reach my age, most things is nostalgic – there is more past than future.

Lindblad Explorer

But of all the things I done through my life – it’s the year I spent on board the “little red ship” in 1978-79, that is most nostalgic for me and that I often go back to.
A year that took me to the most exciting places all over the world – to places like Japan, China, Alaska, Great Barrier Reef, Norfolk Island, Easter Island … Chile, Pitcairn Island … and on and on and on … and on and on and on – 358 days in total and every day more or less a new destination.

So I got everything out this morning that I had kept as memories … all the money bills from every country – even China, even if it mean that I could have gone to jail when not handing all the bills back when leaving.

Also I stole ”Mao’s Little Red” from the Seaman Club in Shanghai – that was even more a crime – today I didn’t understand how I dared too. I was very lucky. One book in English and one on Norwegian – they didn’t have neither in Swedish.

The drawing of the little red ship is made of the British painter Keith Shackleton, that during our months in Antarctica was sign on as a staff member. Also one of favourite authors was signed for the first China cruise we did, “Ed McBain” or Evan Hunter, as his real name was. Ron and Valerie Taylor, the Australian shark experts, was the ones that taught me to dive, during South Pacific Ocean months.

After my year aboard – I didn’t travel for a couple of years, because I didn’t know where to go … my senses was so filled to the rim from everything that year had given me … of new adventure, experiences and fantastic interesting people I had met.

So here is today photos – of my most exciting time of my life – one year as chef aboard M/S Lindblad Explorer.

“The little Red Ship” sank in Antarctica, 23 November 2007, at that time she lost Lindblad and only named “Explorer”.

If interested to know a little more about this very special little cruiser – click on this link; Lindblad Explorer

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54°56′S 67°37′W and VIP

chilean navy, penicillin, black pimpernel and wine

Cape Horn, 23.12.1978; mussels with coconut, chilli and sesame broth

“Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.”
Peter De Vries

Pitcairn Island stamp

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70 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge; nostalgic

  1. Even this song is filled with nostalgia for me, Viveka. I remember when Mary Hopkin won the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest with it. Your little red ship is beautiful. It really does us good to remember great times we’ve had. 🙂

    • Yes, remember the song very well too … I had that in mind before I chosen what object I chose for the challenge. Great tune … the good thing is that we have much easier to remember the good times, than the bad.

    • I had a brand new camera with me, that I bought in Hong Kong … but in Antarctica – it stopped working .. and when I lost out those photos – I could be bother it the rest of the year neither.
      But I have my memories .. when I sit on the care home, nobody is going to believe my story … *smile

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    • That’s was the problem … I think it took 2 years before I started to travel again – and it took 20 years before I ate Chinese food again. *smile
      Same to you … warm and sunny weekend on you.

  3. Viveka I am amazed at your adventure, your zest for life and love. Absolutely amazed at your travels. I wish I had half of your curiosity and zest. Simply and totally amazing.

    • Great to travel free … see the most exciting places on earth – to be working and get paid in US dollar .. tax free on top of it. A year like no other year.

      • Colleen, I have been very lucky .. and I have always been up for trying something new, so long it was organized … I’m not one of those that trow myself at things headless.

    • Yes, can you image when I sit on the care home and tell my stories from Lindblad – nobody will believe me .. they will think I have lost the plot. *laughing.

  4. “In our hearts the dreams are still the same…”, she sings. I loved that tune and I still do. As usual very well chosen story, pictures and music. I enjoyed every second – thank you!

    • Yes, Tina … it was a fantastic year … except for when I was so ill – I loved every day of it .. even in rough weather and the vessels was like an empty nutshell at sea.

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  6. This is a magnificent memory Viveka.. wow I bet you could sit and write a book about this year… what fantastic memento’s to have as well… Moa’s books… wow…maybe you should write a book about your historic trips everywhere…

    • Bob, I’m haven’t done that much historic trips – but the year aboard “Lindblad Explorer” can be measured with anything else and we where very few that was privileged to work aboard – because nobody wanted to quit – because of the cruises and the destinations. Only took 100 passengers as max. Mao’s little red I just took because I was in China – only 2 years after his death. I have never read it.
      The thing is that I never made any notes on all the island and places we stopped every day – that I regret today. Over 300 destinations I experienced.

      • This is something I’ve said to so many people when listening to them remembering times of their life… why did we not write down the memory at the time?… we forget so much yet if we could remember it all what a book it would make…. also each trip you took to a new destination was an historic event for you.. a very important event that makes you what you are today.. a very special person…
        Is Moa’s book not written in Chinese, or can you read the language.?? I think it could make quite an interesting read, as to how he saw life…

      • Mao’s books where in many languages – at least 30 .. there was so many of them .. but none in Swedish, so I took one in English and one in Norwegian.
        They were amazing – we had guides that took us out on tours – the spook perfectly Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Germany, Spanish, English, French, Italian … and had never been outside China. So intelligent people.
        I already then thought that we have to look out for China – they will take over one day .. *laughter.
        I agree with you – my year aboard Lindblad … and the years I work abroad – have of course influenced me – I have become very broadminded and I have so much easier to accept people and things for what they are. Not the end of the world .. if they don’t fit in a normal mold.

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    • Yes, so true what you’re say …. but a year was enough at that time .. I had seen more than I ever could dream of.
      I would go back for another year now – but the ship doesn’t excite anymore – so sad.

  8. You certainly met this challenge. It seems that you have memories to last a lifetime and then some. You have led such an interesting life and I love it when you share it with us. 🙂

  9. Very interesting. I too find as we get older being nostalgic is easy…we have so many memories of the past. I’m curious, what prompted you to take the job as chief and be aboard for a whole year? Also…off topic, but can you tell me how to set up the reply feature on blogger? I like the conversational feel of it in the comments.

    • Sandy, I don’t really understand what you want help with … I’m Swedish and a bit thick at times. Can you come back to me.
      Maybe I understand – you want the comment function on your blog????
      The job was offered – and it was difficult to get job on the that little vessel, nobody wanted to quit, so when it came on .. and most cruise liners the crew stay on for a year.

    • Linda, yes – I had a fantastic life .. both when it is about work and my private life. I decied very early that I was going to live the life I wanted to and that is the reason why husband and kids hasn’t happen. We can’t have everything – and I don’t regret … the choice I mad. My childhood wasn’t the greatest – and it was up to do something great with my life. Nobody else would fix it for me.

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    • Wendy, don’t tell anyone …. but it’s all because I’m so old *laughing. Thanks million for visiting my world – you have been a busy lady. *smile

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