rainy saturday leftovers ….. parmesan chicken salad

swedish summer with frameSwedish summer at it’s best one minute and next is like being in the tropics and we have a monsoon rain with full drama, intense lightning and loud thunder. That was what my Saturday evening was all about.

After have been the whole week over at my mom’s place trying to get things organized when it’s about all the practical stuff – I didn’t feel for much cooking really – so I looked through my files and … got an old reliable recipe out that I haven’t done for a very long time. And of course it was chicken again, something I always have frozen at home.

parmesan chicken full dish frame

Midsummer that comes up next weekend – means that our new potatoes and strawberries pops up on the market and totally overprices. Not because I’m Swedish, but we have the best new potatoes and strawberries in the world. Just because of the cold weather, that make them mature slowly. Royal Jersey potatoes are excellent, but can’t beat ours.

They was quite reasonable in prices at my supermarket, CityGross: 12.79SEK/$2.00/£1.27/€1.49 – per kilo (2 lbs) – normally it’s the double price. I always scrape my new potatoes under running cold water, a 5 minute job.

pamesan chicken page 3

Only I had to buy was the potatoes and the baby spinach, everything else at home. A very easy, VERY quick and summery dish. I hate when lettuces gets soaking wet from the dressing, so what I did here was after I drained the potatoes and peas – I put them back in the pot and back on heat to let all excess water evaporate – then I add the vinaigrette dressing to the pot – so the warm ingredients soaks up the dressing.

parmesan chicken page 2

Parmesan Chicken Salad, serves 4 – 15 min cooking time
1 egg white
75ml (5 tabsp) Parmesan cheese, finely grated
4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
400gr (1lb) new potatoes, cut
140gr (5/8 cup) frozen peas
200gr (7oz) baby spinach
60ml (4 tbsp) good vinaigrette dressing

For garnish: coarse grated Parmesan cheese, chopped basil (of course I used Findus frozen) and freshly ground black pepper.

1. Heat grill to medium and line the grill pan with foil. Beat the egg white on a plate with a little salt and fresh ground black pepper and tip the finely grated Parmesan cheese into another plate.
2. Dip the chicken breasts first in the egg white, then the cheese. Grilled the breasts for about 10-12 mins, turning ONLY once until browned and crisp.
3. Meanwhile, boil the potatoes for 15 mins, adding the peas for the final 3 mins, then drain well. Then them back in the pot and back on heat to let all excess water evaporate. Add the vinaigrette dressing to the pot – so the warm ingredients soak up the dressing.
4. Divide the washed and picked (remove all stalks) on 4 plates, add the potatoes and peas – top with sliced chicken breast.
5. Grate some Parmesan on top and finish of with some chopped basil and freshly ground black pepper.

parmesan chicken page 1

Why the grill pan is lined with foil ??? Because  so the cheese are not going to stick to the pan.

So even if the sky was getting dark and darker – I had summer on my plate. And from my costing sheet I could read that this dish only have 339 kcalories per portion. This dish we never put on a menu, wonder why – it would have been a hit with our female guests.

“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

parmesan chicken close up

“I Can’t Stand The Rain” a massive hit with Tina Turner, 1984 and she are one of my favorite artists, was original recorded by Ann Peebles in 1973. Many artist has done their cover of the song  since then. One of my favorite covers are Seal’s – that was released 2007 on his album, Soul.  It was one of John Lennon’s favorite songs and about the song he said,  “It’s the best song ever”.

Couldn’t find any of the orginal covers on Soundcloud – but I found this … by “Deja Vu 70” – the singer is Rosemary Petrucci from Rome. She does a great job.

51 thoughts on “rainy saturday leftovers ….. parmesan chicken salad

    • I think so two … nothing is the way it use to be in the old days … at least not as I remember it.
      Had fantastic weather for 2 days now, but it will all change for the weekend of course when we have all the Midsummer Celebrations. Plus I got a good cold now, happy days.

    • Thanks, Bebs – I just love chicken, I’m sure I will wake up with feathers one morning. *smile As a kid I didn’t eat spinach – until I ended up on hospital and the day I had my operation the kids had spinach soup and I couldn’t have any food at all. After that day I love spinach. Kids are funny about vegetables, don’t like even if they never tried it. *smile

    • Madhu, it has been a couple fo rough days – but today I feel okay again. Been under the duvet for 2 days.
      So afraid of getting a cough – my weak bladder can’t handle that. *laughter – Have a great weekend.
      Happy Midsummer.
      Do you know that as a true Globetrotter – you should take part in the Swedish Midsummer festival. 3 mad days.

      • Sorry to hear that Viveka. And glad you are feeling better.
        Your posts have piqued my interest in Sweden anyway. Shall keep the festival in mind when I do plan a trip. Take care and don’t let that cough catch you 🙂

      • Madhu, just reblogged from last year my post about Midsummer … you just have to watch the video … it’s so true and so funny.
        Of course you have to visit around Midsummer. Best time of the year.

    • Thanks Nia, for rebloging – sorry for not replaying quicker – have been laying in bed with on of the worst colds I had for a long time, I wish you a wonderful weekend.

    • Kay, thanks … yes, I would love to have all my blogging ladies over for a nice chilled white and this salad, we start to celebrate Midsummer today – 3 days when the whole nation go drunk and silly.

    • Jo, thanks for asking – regarding mom am I truly okay … so far. I truly think about her with a smile and no tears since the hospital.
      Have been down with a truly bad cold the last 3 days, on my feet today.
      Good Morning to you too.

      • Oh those Summer colds! I’m still wheezing. 🙂 Summer in Sweden and those long nights…I’ve heard all about it. When you feel well enough go and enjoy. Hugs! 🙂

      • Yes, tonight the sun will not go down at all up in the North of the country … here in Landskrona will we have 17 hours of daylight today. I will take it easy and do some ironing.

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