the family of the year

midday swim

So my swan couple have got … new chicks. Happened weeks ago, but I haven’t been able to check up on them … or blogging. The photos was taken 10 days ago.

Last year they had 6 chicks, this year 5 … and I’m so thrilled every time I see the chicks for the first time, every year. The swan couple is my private joy.

Something has happen to the male swan, his leg/foot – it have been laying strangely on his back for months now, so it seams like he are swimming with only on foot.  Don’t know how he manage on land. Wonder why they haven’t tried to catch him and taken him to the vet. Maybe I should give the Park division a phone call.

A little swan note: in UK the Queen is the protector of all UK’s wild swans – I just love that – so I will be the protector of my swan couple here in Wrangelska Park in Landskrona. Because every swan should have a protector.

P.S. Have now talked to the park division and they are going to send somebody from the animal park over to have a look at the swan and his leg. Should have done that the first time I noticed it. So my work as their protector has started,

“But when the swan departs,
you shall remain behind,
like an abandoned woman.”
Sri Guru Granth Sahib

“Le Cygne” or “The Swan”, is the 13th and penultimate movement of “The Carnival of the Animals” by Camille Saint-Saëns, 1886 – and it was one of his most popular pieces of music during the span of his life.

A short ballet was made out of this beautiful piece of music, The Dying Swan, was choreographed in 1905 by Mikhail Fokine and performed by Anna Pavlova. Pavlova gave some 4,000 performances of the dance and “swept the world”.

anna pavlova - aufeminin com -

Anna Pavlova image provided by and thanks to:

62 thoughts on “the family of the year

    • How wonderful …. we have a fantastic day .. so I feel good for the moment – more than a week to the funeral – so I get a distance to it all.
      Just felt for posting something beautiful and light today.
      Thanks for asking.

    • Thank you, Bob … such a beautiful day outside .. so I felt for posting something delightful and what is more delightful than a swan family. I don’t know what piece of music I will use next year .. because now all the swan pieces been used, that I know of.

    • Nia, thank you so much … it was a great start for me this morning too – to do this post .. I love my swan couple – closest to pet I have. Going to visit them now.
      The music is just so wonderful too – easy choice.

  1. So you have been coronated the Swan Queen! Perfect. It’s good to see the beautiful things you always see with your camera. It looks like the Swans were doing their best to show you their family. 🙂

    • Uru, thanks a million … yes, beauty and cuteness. Just been up visiting and only the cool daddy around … mom and the chicks has to be in the nest – but they are so well hidden by the greenery. Daddy is able to get up on land, great news.

    • Okay, why ??? It’s only for them to turn it off. My readers seams to like my music choices. My blog is my world … and I would be very upset if somebody interfere with it.

  2. Sorry to hear the male swan is in trouble, I think you should call about him, swans mate for life so if anything happens the female won’t be too happy. Young are called cygnets. They are also my favourite bird to see on the water.

    • Jo, I know … they are called cygnets from French, but I like chicks better. I have contacted them – and I also put that in a PS in my post afterwards. I saw him today, even if he swims with one leg only, he was up on land and walked slowly.
      Stunning bird – I can sit and watch them for hours/

    • Dallas, he was up on land when I visited them today … laying in the grass and he could stand on both legs, but the rest of the family not in sight.
      The promised to have a look at him, he swims with only one leg.
      They are such a beautiful and elegant bird. I love my couple … so happy over the “chicks”.

    • Patricia, thank you – have a soft spot when it’s about the nature … have that after my mom.
      I love them too – visit them a couple of times per months.

    • Madhu, I think his foot is damage – but he manage both on land and in the pond. He was standing on both feet today when I visit and after that he laid down in grass … very relaxed. They promised to take a look at him.

  3. Anna Pavlova must have been a swan reincarnated. Stunningly beautiful.

    Oh Viveka, you bring me to smile to see these beautiful creatures alive and so well.

    And the music: beautiful.

    • Yes, it’s truly a beautiful piece of music … I love ballet too. There is so much fantastic music made for ballets. Swans are such an elegant birds … always come out good on photo.

    • Nature is so fantastic – I love those fluffy chicks … but in a couple of weeks they are not that cute anymore – doesn’t matter because they truly highlight our shores and our parks. We have loads of swans by the shoreside. But this couple is mine *smile

  4. What a sweet post Viveka! The swans are beautiful. We have baby cardinal chicks and baby robins, but nothing so elegant as a swan! They are lucky to have you as their very own protector. Let us know what happens with the daddy goose. 🙂


    • Thanks for your kind words … only have two, but I think I wouldn’t be able to manage more. You are the protector of your peanut loving furry and cute friends.

    • Yes, totally agree with … you, we need more nice and feeling good news.
      I have been in bed 2 days with a very nasty cold – on my feet today.
      Wish you and everybody around you a pleasant Midsummer.

  5. You captured the beauty of this swan family in a wonderful and magical way, Viveka. I can see the love and devotion of the mother to her chicks which being a mom myself, I can fully relate to. 😉

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