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This is a letter to Susie@Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride that today has her mastectomy.

Dearest Susie, this journey that you are now starting on – I know very little about – because I don’t know what kind of after treatment you will get …. but one thing for sure it will change your life, body and your soul.

Susie, it’s not about being a hero, strong or brave – it’s only about surviving … and it’s okay to feel sorry for yourself. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to be angry. It’s okay to be worried. It’s okay feel down at times.
Always remember that you have the same right to your tears as you have to your laughter – and it’s okay to cry in public .. where ever you feel for it … just let it happen.

You, know I been down this road too … cancer is cancer where ever it hit us – but there isn’t one of us that react the same way. I never had a thought or was worried over that I was going to die. I wanted to die many time during the treatment, that was very tough on me, but that is a total different matter.

Please, don’t turn down the offer to get after counseling. Even the strongest need to talk … and I promise you “it’s good to talk”. And don’t forget to involve your husband in all this – because he are a bystander … and he are feeling so helpless most of the time. He are suffering too in all this.

Neither do we react the same on treatment and we don’t get the same treatment neither so I can’t give advice – one advice is do not go online to read about your situation, because there is 1000 and 1000 articles and none will be about you. It will only make you confused. Leave it up to your doctors – because when it comes to cancer – you will get the best care and treatments there is … you will be in the best hands there is and they will try to make everything so pleasant and smooth as possible for you. If you have questions ask your doctors – because they will  give you answers that relate only to you.

You will get a fantastic support and if you are worried … please, just contact them. Don’t let your mind create ghosts.

I dedicate this song to you – it was the song – that helped me when I was feeling down – Change Is Going To Come – I cried many times to this tune, but it felt good … and the laughter was always around the corner. Because the journey has to have loads of laughter and bad jokes too.

Will be thinking of you. Susie, life is a bitch …. and it’s okay to be bitchy back! *smile

Loads of

“Oh there been times that I thought I couldn’t last for long
But now I think I’m able to carry on
It’s been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will”

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44 thoughts on ““susie strong”

  1. Vivi, I always knew you were special to me, but what you have done for your friend is above all else. You are giving support. You are so beautiful my friend

    • Terry, it was one of Susie’s blogging sisters that came up with the idea to donate a post for her – and I thought that was a wonderful idea – her husband has promised that he will collect all the posts … so she can read them when she is strong enough. Dear Terry, thanks for your wonderful words.

    • Thank you, Cindy so much for your kind words … it was one of Susie followers that came up with the idea that we should donate a post for her – and I decided to write her a letter.
      I been there myself … have the T-shirt too. *smile

  2. Viveka….you are just…so beautiful. I don’t know how else to say it. I love your words and have said a prayer for Susie. What a wonderful gesture for a friend. I am touched.

    • Thanks Colleen, I know how it’s to be sitting on that seat … and I know the worries and fears, but still I can only – support this way.
      Not my idea that we should dedicate a post for Susie, it was Maria that come up with .. that, wonderful.

  3. Viveka living with a woman who has suffered through three different cancers and battles on I can relate to what you have written here…. Linda has also been down all the different treatments as well… with good times and bad times… and what you say about her husband is so true.. he tends to suffer as much and at times is almost helpless… there were so many times I prayed to suffer for her, rather than to see her suffer and not know what else I could do for her… it is tough times and crying helps relieve a lot.. and I agree cry when you want to, no matter where you are or when… it is your right… I pray all goes well for your friend and I relate with her and her husband…

    • Bob, your Linda is some warrior and she as survived time after time – I have asked myself what I would do if they told me that the “demon” is back .. would I go through it again. It’s the package it comes in that scare the “shit” out of me. To be honest I don’t have clue what I would do.
      I have seen with my friends how difficult it has been for their partners in this situation – just not able to share the pain and suffering … and not really can take any burden of neither. They have been left standing on the side and I have seen how that has effected them.
      I didn’t have a partner – so I could only think about myself … and in away I was luck … even if I would have love somebody to comforting me when I needed.
      I know Susie will get through it … because she is one tough cookie and they caught in time, but still it’s a terrible seat to be in.
      Thanks a million for thinking about Susie and her husband.

    • Madhu, I’m sure she will – she is one tough cookie and if anyone can … make her way through this .. is it Susie.
      Thanks for your kind words.

  4. Wishing your friend Susie all the very best. What a beautiful and supportive letter you have written from your heart, Viveka. You are one brave and wonderful lady. Hugs to you. xx

    • Thank you so much ….. it’s so difficult to share somebodies worries and fear.
      Because, I been there myself is’t a bit easier to understand.

  5. Viveka, that’s an amazing letter. Thank you for sharing it with us. I love that you said “you have the same right to your tears as you have to your laughter.” So true, so true. Thanks.


    • Debbie, thank you – it was one of Susie’s blogging friends that came up with the wonderful idea … at we should dedicate a post to Sue today. I hope that it will reach Susie and maybe there is something for everybody. My mum told me that when I was a teen, that we have the same right to tears and as laughter.

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  7. Such words of encouragement and strength–you are really one hell of a woman–strong, intelligent, yet sweet and kind; very, very kind! I wish Susie strength, happiness, and love! God bless you both!

  8. Wow! Thank you so much for this letter! Tears sprang to my eyes as I read this and the comments. I plan to print these Susie Strong posts out and make compile a book.
    I truly believe that my amazing prognosis is due to all the prayers, lighting of candles, and positive thoughts. I really felt them the morning of my surgery and for the week afterward. They lifted my spirit in ways I cannot describe. I do know that the preliminary results of my oncotype put me at 26%, but the final report of the tissues sampled at Mayo came in at 13%!! That is because of all of you! I had no idea how many wrote beautiful posts like yours. I am so overwhelmed and grateful.
    You are a warrior and survivor like me! Us tough chicks have to stick together!!!!
    Thank you again! ((((hugs))))

    • Susie, I so glad that you’e able to read and take in what all of us has been writing. Fantastic idea do a book with all people thoughts and feelings about you and your situation. Love the whole concept. Have been down with a very bad cold lately and also my mom passed away 16 days ago, so my world is a bit up and down just now.
      So true … we are both warriors and survivors – and of course we will stick together in this and after.
      You take it easy … you bit back!
      Lovely to hear from you .. and you know where I’m if you want to “talk” more private.
      Loads of Wivi

      • I am so sorry to hear of your mom’s passing! That is such a huge loss. I will send a prayer to you for strength. Just remember that there is some of your mom right inside you and you take her memory every where you go.

      • Susie, I’m okay – feeling a lot better than I thought I would do – have been so worried about the day mom wouldn’t be around anymore, but she gave me a great knee to sit on. She prepared me so well – it was a truly blessing for her – she had done her bits with life and I promised her that I will smile and not cry when i think about her – and it works so far. Thanks for your thoughts. it was time for her to leave.

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