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This all about ME today and I’m Swedish and of course Daily prompt name

This post I used under the A-Z challenge 2012 – but it’s so suitable for this challenge, so I take the decision to use it again. Hope I don’t break too many rules.

W stood for V

We are 2 800 that is called Viveca, Viveka or Wiveca – and 5.100 that carry the name. Viveka has a German origin from Viveke – and comes from the word “wib” = woman. It came to Sweden in the 1700th century.
There is 33172 in Sweden with the surname Gustavsson – 19th most common surname in Sweden and there is 91122 with the spelling Gustafsson, rang 11th

My mum gave me the most beautiful names; Thea Maria Viveka.
Thea after her sister/my aunt that she didn’t even like and couldn’t stand.
Maria after her mother/my grandma
Viveka after the famous Swedish actress/movie star: Viveka Lindfors

For so long as I have been able to write my name – I have written it: Wiveca
In same length of eternity has I spelled my surnamen: Gustafsson = Wiveca Gustafsson.

On my 5th passport just now – and when we apply for a new passport we need a paper from the population register = tax man. In good old days did we go to our congregation and ask the priest for the paper. Had this paper in my hand about 7 times – needed for my seaman book too. Never ever looked it. In Sweden passports are issued by the Police authorities – today they take you photo and fingerprint in a very fancy machine – and 4 days later you have the new passport, a brilliant service. The whole application only take 10 min and cost us 400SEK/$60/£37/€45 and our passports last for 5 year now.

In Sweden the immigration officers/border control/customs is the police force too.

Now back to the name business.

Every time I filled in my application for new passport or seaman book – I have always written my name as Wiveca Gustafsson – they have always been approved – I have booked flights and hotel rooms for years in the same name. My credit cards – my bank accounts are in the same name. Not a problem.

Then 11/9/01 happen – and in 2002 I was going to New Orleans, made it to Gatwick from Belfast …. as Wiveca Gustafsson.
Checking in with Continental Airlines – Madame you’re not booked under the right name. What ??????!!! Your name on your ticket isn’t spelled as in your passport: Viveka Gustavson.
Suddenly I wasn’t me anymore. Shocked, never looked in my passport or any paper how my name was spelled. They where absolutely correct and there I was standing – they where not going to let my on the flight. They sent me over to their Customer Service desk and the gentlemen over there, didn’t really know what to do – so bigger power was called in, now I had stop sweating by then and accepted that I wouldn’t get on the flight.
The Gatwick manager, also a very nice man came – he looked at my ticket .. he looked at my passport. After a bit talking and thinking, he said – I can see that your name is spelled wrong and I understand that it’s pronounced the same way. He asked if I had anything else with the “wrong spelling” – so I showed my AMEX and bankcards. Even my ID card for work had the wrong spelling. In other spelling I had been with the company for 35 years total under the wrong name.  Brilliant.
40 min before departure they checked me in and I was escorted to the gate by the “power man” himself.
– Miss Gustavson with a “v”, make sure that you book your flights in the same spelling as in your passport. I wish you a pleasant flight and holiday.

So from that day, 13.09.2002 – sudden my beautiful “W” and “c” – my prestigious “f” and one  off the “s” where gone. Strangely enough returning to UK – with check in both in New Orleans and New York – nobody raised the issue – no immigration/border control picked it up either.

So that was the day when – W don’t stands for V anymore.

Man: “I’d like to call you. What’s your number?”
Woman: “It’s in the phone book.”
Man: “But I don’t know your name.”
Woman: “That’s in the phone book too.”

Photos provided by; wallpapers.cefapa.com/polisen.se/kalligraphic.com/

55 thoughts on “daily prompt name, thea maria viveka

  1. i enjoyed reading about you. i am swedish and german in my blood line. my brother is the last of the long generation of the family. since he had no children, it is now at the final end

  2. Hi Viveka, I worry that you have put your passport and credit card on this post. There are a lot of people who are not honest…I think you should delete those two items from this interesting post for your security. You hear so much about identity theft now.

    • Don’t worry … all important numbers are gone .. and also the card has experiences years ago. Very aware of identity theft. Thank you for warning me.

      • We always get a 4 digit number in after our date of birth and that follow us through our whole life .. all bank accounts, taxman .. hospitals, schools, army … is based on this, so I can’t show that *smile

  3. Great story. We had our name Groenewald mispelled once by the airline booking guy in India… we were told there was an allowance for two ‘typos’… funny.
    Oh my gosh… you’ve just about made it to Z – congratulations!

    • Not really – y and z left *smile – yes it has been fun and a great learning for myself, when looking for all facts. Then we have 3 letters more .. will do them too during May.

  4. This was very interesting. The whole security thing has created huge problems for people like you, and a friend of mine who has never, ever used her first name. She has always gone by her middle name. But now she has to be Rita on everything official. It’s really annoying.

    • Yes, didn’t have clue that I spelled my name wrong – but it was easy to fix… but my biggest worries was that I thought I will miss my flight. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. PS. I’m trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs in April. My alphabet is at myqualityday.blogspot.com

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    • Dallas, do you need to borrow money ?????? *laughing
      Thank you so much – I wish I had Viveka Lindfors .. looks, she was stunning … all her life.

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  13. Loved the story, love that your mom used her sisters name even tho she didn’t like her (hope she doesn’t read your blog LOL). NOW, the simplest answer to your quandary? Use Thea and no one will misspell!!!

    • My aunt has been dead in over 10 years now, so the risk is very small, but that wasn’t any secret that they didn’t get along.
      I hated Thea when I was young – but I love it now .. great name. Many think I’m named after Tia Maria, the liqueur.
      Was even employed under the wrong spelling and the tax man didn’t even pick it up .. *smile – we got it right now.

  14. You always have a great yarn to tell! I find it strange how different our systems are, yet it makes perfect sense for the police to issue passports.
    I nearly got Dad in problems with the passport office when I renewed his recently. I filled the form in using Polish letters in his middle name and place of birth, and of course they don’t exist in English. So his passport shows a “w” where it should be ł.

    • Sorry, missed this little comment … yes, it was a very strange experiance, because it was only one person that picked it up – checkin girl at Continental and that nobody said anything during my return flights home. But everything is back to basic now.

  15. Interesting story. So 9/11/2001 turned your world upside down. My boss is Greek and they have Greek and American names. I always worry when I have to book his wife because sometimes I doubt which one she uses to travel. I like Viveka rather than Wiveka.

    • Thank you …. yes and 11.09 is also my birthday .. so it changed my life in more than one way.
      I got use to write Viveka now but my signature is still with W … but nobody can read it anyhow. *smile

  16. I love all of your names, but Viveka is really lovely. It sounds so full of life and vivacious: “Adjective (esp. of a woman) Attractively lively and animated.”

  17. Somehow the Dutch and Swedish share this pronunciation thing of the “F”, “W” and “V”. There are pronounced in almost the same way but when written, are very distinct.

    Very interesting to know the history of your name. I’m sure that you must have been asked about why you have 3 names when many have 2 at the most. Well, those with royal connections have more than 2 names “wink”. 😉

    • That was what Continental … said, that pronunciation is the same – strange that nobody else picked up .. during my journey. That was why he let me on the flight.
      In Sweden is’t quite common with 3 names …

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