a word a week challenge – angle

This week I have more to chose from, because I  hold my camera on all angles most of the time – it give the photos new perspectives. I have decided to go for a photo that is only 3 days old – I took it on Saturday when my town, Landskrona, had a weekend visit of the the Swedish ship, “Ostindiefararen Götheborg”. A stunning ship that is a replica of the 1738 built ship with the same name, that sank outside Gothenburg, Sweden – 1745.

The plans of building an exact a replica of the ship started in 1996 and 2005 she did her maiden journey from Gothenburg to China. I have just published a post today about my hours with this grand lady: a grand visit – balm for an old sailor’s soul.

along side

But when the subject for the challenge this week is; angle … I have to go head on with my favorite photo from the post, because I have taken the photo from an angle that we normally don’t take photos from a ship on, along side. I know cake on cake, but sometimes I have to be both bold and boring on the same time. Still I think this shot is worth it. *laughter

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“Look at situations from all angles,
and you will become more open.”
Dalai Lama

Featured image provided by and thanks to: polyvore.com

32 thoughts on “a word a week challenge – angle

  1. I read this post and the Grand Visit post. You do such a remarkable job telling these stories. How fantastic would it be to go along for a voyage? Let someone else cook and sail. You can be one of those 2 who don’t have to do anything but enjoy! 😉

    • I just love this photo …. it says everything about the ship … even manage to get the name in the shot … and the Swedish colors, blue & yellow. I’m thinking of blow it up and glass/frame it, like I done with some of my other photos. 70 x50cm.

    • Thanks a million … it’s a great song – you should check out the post about the ship itself … the music I know you will like too.
      Christopher Cross is the singer that made this song famous.

    • Have you sneaked in during the night and made all those comments … and not telling me. Another one I missed. I know sometimes I go overboard, not very often .. glad its online and not out at sea.
      Great song – when its about sailing everybody straight think about Rod Stewart’s track – but I think of Christopher Cross and this song.

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