a word a week challenge – faces

With this one I had a real problem  because I have never taken a photo directly on a face, because I hate when somebody do that to me – so I would never do that to somebody else. Still I want to be in the challenge and so I have to think outside the box again. It seems like I more or less have landed outside the box for good.

This is photos I used in a post – about my longest love affiar ever, a love affiar …. through time

I had to check with Google, because I didn’t know for sure if the face on a watch (we call it face in Sweden) was acceptable for an English expression – and it’s! Lucky me.

Check out more entries or join the challenge at: A WORD A WEEK CHALLENGE – FACE

skin page

sinobi page LV 504

“Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations.”
Faith Baldwin

41 thoughts on “a word a week challenge – faces

    • I hate to be up in somebody face … even if people probably don’t mind if we ask first, but I hate it when people do it to me … so I need to about faces in another way.

    • You should check out … the post about … weekly photo challenge – escape. I was very clever there too, very pleased with my thinking. *smile

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