will it happen again?????!!!!!


‘“Fish and visitors smell in three days.”
Benjamin Franklin’

I doubt it very much …. *smile – but I’m so happy for the day I got, 16.05.2013 – the day I got 743 views and 352 visitors. The highest amount of views I had before yesterday was 398.

visitors 2

Yesterday I posted – the finale destination – my world here nearly exploded. What a fantastic feeling to see that so many people had been reading my posts and looking at my photos. UK was the strongest nation and of course it had to do with all people that had some connection with Stena Voyager and read the post over Facebook. Still it became a magical day for me and my blog.

Thank you ever so much for your support and interest in my post about a part of my working life that was so amazing and exciting. This is so awarding!!!!! Especially when the post is so close to my heart.

Thank you so much, all of you – now we are back to normal and that is more than good to me. At least I had a chance to feel that thrill … once!

visitors 1

41 thoughts on “will it happen again?????!!!!!

    • Linda, that would be nice … but you know me – I’m all over the place … writing about what ever pops up in my life, so I doubt it … but least it happen once. We are suppose to stick what we are best on … if that is writing about my work, I don’t know. Thanks for cheering me on.

    • Leo. it truly is a great thing when it happens … the problem is that … I don’t stick to one theme for my posts – if I only did food, travel or photos … I’m sure it will happen more for me, but that isn’t me. I can only be me .. and so long 100-200 views me in average per day I post – I’m a happy puppy.

    • Thank you so much …. yes, it did for me too – but it has happen. Only if once – it’s a great feeling. I’m sure it will happen to you too!

    • Uru, thanks for your cheering me one. I don’t think I will reach those hights again, but that doesn’t matter. Thanks for your support.

    • Thanks, Leanne … you have so many likes every day .. I’m happy if I get 50 *smile in total .. for me the most important thing is when somebody takes the time and comment. I don’t think it will happen again, but once in a life time good enough for me.

  1. Very interesting, & magnificent, Viveka!! I don’t get views in the hundreds so I think you should know that what you’re reporting here is EXCEPTIONAL (well, in my wee world). Absolutely magnificent. Congrats 🙂

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