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Last Saturday I was on a mission …. to find my beautiful big boy – before he will all be in small pieces. Of course the harbor office was closed – and all gates where closed, it was Saturday. But I walked along the road and there he was … in the dry dock, Stena Voyager had come to his finale destination.

I know that vessels and boats are refereed to as female – but not this one for me …. this is for me very much a HE! Also because I always joked about  it – if he had been a woman, he would had sailed even less. (Sorry, Girls only a joke). In over 4 meters high wave were he not aloud to sail, because of the rescue system, nobody really knew how safe it was in too high waves – so we had to tie up and lay still if the waves was too high. But 4 meter high waves are pretty high. A bit temperamental at times for being a male.

all alone

Normally when he gone into dry dock for 2-3 weeks he has come out like a shinning white swan, so majestic – this time he will not be waiting on the dry dock to be filled with water so he will be able to float. He will be leaving in piece by piece.

When I stood there by the gate and looked him – tears came in my eyes, not because of that he has come to his finale rest – no because the surroundings he is laid to rest in. Just metal scrape everywhere, it was so rough – he didn’t look very healthy, but I could hear his breathing. The A/C was on and still very loud, so still life in him and still looking big and strong.

The most exciting working place I ever had – and all the problems … and all the joy when everything worked as it should onboard. One of the 3 Condors of the ocean; powerful, fast, big, spacious and so smooth.

I wasn’t able to take a photo of Stena Line’s red and white logo on the two “funnels” – a building in the way.

But here are the last photos of the most fantastic exciting time of my working life … and the memories will always be with me. I’m happy over that I had the opportunity to be a part of his fantastic years out on the Irish Sea, nearly 11 years in totally with the start up. What fantastic journey we had together.

It seems like we both has come home for the finale rest to this little beautiful town in South of Sweden, Landskrona. Meant to be ????!!!!  Because we had this hate and love relationship, you and I. You are the most powerful man in my life ever *laughing. And also the most extravagance one and with the highest maintenance.

Like most vessels I worked on – they have come back and hunted me under a new name, somewhere else in the world. At least you was aloud to keep your name into the end. Who knows what would be built out of your pieces, – you’re slightly too big to become razor blades. Once  you cost Stena AB £65 /$99.16/€76.46/SEK561.00 millions to build.

You will always be here with me, in that special corner of my heart and now I’m leaving you behind. Rest in peace.

P.S. I just got a phone call from the local newspaper and on Thursday coming (23/5) will I visit Voyager together with a journalist by name, Pär … he’re going to do an article about HIM and his story. I suppose I will be telling the story. So the story goes on a bit longer – glad that even in his last moments he will be notice. Nice one – it feels good!

“I can’t change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”
Jimmy Dean

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Powerful male, powerful life …. powerful music cloud; Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli singing “Time To Say Goodbye”.

Photos of Stena Voyager at sea provided by and thanks to: – Featured photo:

56 thoughts on “the finale destination

  1. Oh I do hope you share the interview and article with us… what a beautiful ship and how heart breaking it must be to see him come to his final resting place… why can’t a ship be male.. big and strong..

    • Bob, totally agree with you – I think tankers are “male” – read that somewhere … this is a true male in my eyes and book.
      Of course I will share … so happy that somebody will pay him attention – even in the last minute – there hasn’t been one guest aboard during the years that hasn’t said – Wow … when coming aboard .. and seen those Rolls-Royce water jets starting up.

  2. Viveka! He’s calling you!! How exciting! 🙂 you will be the last female to love him. I can’t wait to see your pictures and read about your last visit with him.

    • Colleen, I never thought about like that … she I will probably the last female that … pay him any attention. Like the way you said that.
      I could fill post after post about stories about his journeys – always sometime going on … with him or us aboard.
      It’s with mix feeling that I will go aboard – but some has to tell his story. *smile

      • I am sure we would enjoy many of those stories of your days with him. I’m glad you like the way I said that. He will appreciate your fondness and your appreciation. I can’t wait to see what you say about him and your last visit.

      • I could write a book about all the stories he has given me … one more mad than the orders. Now we laugh at them, but they were not that fun to deal with at the time, with upset and worried guests. Maybe one day I will tell …

      • Colleen, if they have stripped him inside already will I be very upset and it will be a very sad visit – hopefully I can show Pär the high tech bridge, maybe they have stripped it because everything up there was the state of the art and the latest. And going into the galley will be very emotional, rough and tough working area … no space for anything … and 5 area to feed – only 3-5 chefs … they were superstars.

      • I hope when you go, you step in to the world as it was and your memories flood his mighty walls with the images that are in your head. And I hope you feel good being there. Even if a bit sad. I hope it is a wonderful experience.

      • As one of the crew members said … Gone, but never forgotten. Have found a couple of websites where has given Voyager loads of space and everyone is amazed that he will be cut up … I wish I had the money – what a fantastic art gallery he would be.

  3. Oh, I adore this song, Viveka. It gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. I’m so glad that you will be part of the final goodbye for this majestic ship. It will perhaps help to soften the blow a little for you.

    • I’m sure I will be a bit upset while aboard next week .. all depending how far they have come … in the dismantle – hope where we will be able to get a picture of the interior.
      Nice that they want to make a piece about him.

    • Thank you so much, Vishal … you got it right .. a powerful engine … did 48 knot is full speed, but everything ashore down then. *smile

      • You didn’t feel anything … until you looked outside the “portholes” and the world was flying by.
        But if they had to hit the breaks … you didn’t have a chance to stay on the seat .. never been on when that happens, but they said he took a front dip of 8 meters. Everything lose inside came flying like rockets.

  4. At the beginning I didn’t understand that he was a ship 🙂 You are amazing lady. He seems great and I can imagine how great too during sailing…. I am excited now for your article about him. Good Luck dear Viveka, ask him what was the best voyage for him 🙂 Thanks and Love, nia

    • Thanks, Nia …. worked on vessels that has been sold – and been replaced with new versions and that is okay, but when they going to become scrap metal .. and especially this one, because I was there in the planning, from the beginning.
      The most exciting time for him I suppose it was when he had a lorry hanging out his backside for … 48 hours.

  5. Wow viveka….very moving. Have very fond memories of him/her….many happy days at work lol and some not so!! Lovely to see him/her at her final resting place. Very emotional seeing it leave undignified from belfast last week but glad it made the long journey. Will look forward to ur follow up article & or photos. Never had the pleasure of meeting u either x

    • Thank you so much *smile – looking forward to go onboard for the last time ever, but I know I will be upset … when leaving.
      It was crazy years .. loads of headaches … and laughter.
      Never too late for meeting me .. I will be around for many years to come. Visiting Belfast and Stranraer every year. I just loved to work with this big boy and the people he provided me with. Thanks for your nice comment, landed straight in my software *smile

      • Hi Viveka. Just wondering if you had an update on the Voyager? Been a while now since it left, strange seeing big empty berth in Belfast!! :_( but all good on Superfasts!! Maybe get to meet you if you’re over someday soon 🙂

      • Claire, I have done my last post about .. Voyager .. use this link – – it will take 5 months more before HE is totally gone, a very slow process. Will be over in November if everything goes as planned, would be lovely to met up with you.

  6. This is some true love story! 🙂 I remember when the last company I worked for sold their office and I helped moving stuff out and the last minutes I sat on the floor of “my room” and I was really sad…so many emotions.- Well, I hope you will share the newspaper story, too! xo 🙂

    • I know … it’s so emotional because … soon there will be nothing left of him. And of course with being there from the start and the start up, we didn’t have clue what we was up against .. in reality.
      I will make sure that I get a copy of the story and translate into English.
      Nice of them to acknowledge him.

  7. i’m so soft with such things…I cried a bit when reading. Majestic he is. I’m sure you will be able to tell the story in the very best way…I’m so looking forward to the post with the article. A little bit of crying is always good for us. I pity those who can’t.

    • I’m so soft too … when I was standing there at the gate and heard the A/C and looked the faded painting … tears just rolled down my cheeks – it’s okay when vessels sells and move on … but when they sinks or like here … going to be cut into pieces – and of course because I was there when it was “born” and put in traffic. Normally a vessel can be up to 30 years .. before the cutting time, this is built in aluminum He was specified as plane, because of that and the speed he could reach. More tears next week. Of course I will do post about it.

    • Yes, it a fanastic song …. I can listen to it for hours. Just on the train … to Simrishamn. Weekend with mum again. And I listen to the track again. Music at it’s BEST!

  8. Great article mate. Worked on all 3 hss 1500 was on discovery and voyagers maiden sailing .. Remember going to Glasgow on voyager for a travel agent open evening.. 51 knts up Scottish coast with only few crew on him. Amazing sight .. Sorry so see him end up like this. Awsome vessel and truly Concorde of the seas .. Look forward to seeing more pictures from you

    • Thank you so much …. I have only travelled with Discovery – but I was there in the start up for Explorer, what a nightmare that was .. and later the Voyager – that became my main job under my last 10 years over with Stena UK Ltd. I was onboard for the travel agent cruise – what a party … one of the best parties Stena every hosted.
      There is 2 related post on this post about Voyager .. and of course I will take my camera with me – on Thursday. Thanks for commenting.

      • Thanks viveka, just been reading some more of your posts. I hope you keeping well these days. I’m just trying to work out of I know you. We’re you based at dunraggit prep area at one point ? That party was good lol what a trip going up though when he was allowed to open up with no passengers and almost fly to Glasgow. I really look forward to seeing and reading about your final visit and wish I had the fortune of that experience too. . I’m surprised you didn’t work on discovery as I did on her maiden voyage on Stranraer Belfast whilst she covered in voyagers absence. Can’t remember if voyager was in dry dock or covering for explorer though. Take care

      • Des, I was the one that started up the Dunragit prep.-
        together with Rudi. Discovery belonged to the Dutch and even if he was on run for a short period – I was busy in Dover and the rest of the fleet. I think it was most Voyager that covered for Discorvery in Harwich. Voyager has never covered for Explorer – but Explorer covered for Voyager, during dry dock times more or less every year.

  9. I remember voyagers dry docks well. First one I had the fortunate experience of been allowed to walk under him when was on the stilts in dry dock. What a sight. Truly appreciate his size when standing there looking up. Just regret not having a camera that day to take some pictures. I just hope you get chance to document all of his final few months in Sweden

  10. Such a bittersweet farewell Viveka. Glad you were able to say goodbye in person though. A beautiful and moving post that well deserved the increased traffic 🙂

    • Thank you, Leanne … going on board on Thursday.

      I had a break in the blogging – had to decide that the days I don’t post I have a break from other bloggers too. I got so stressed the other day. I understand so well how you feel.

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