living on a tank of fuel

What a wonderful world we live in … after all.

“If everyone started off the day singing,
just think how happy they’d be.”
Lauren Myracle

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32 thoughts on “living on a tank of fuel

  1. wow what a wonderful share… gives one goose bumps to see such happy people.. and they do love to sing.. great voices as well… love this Viveka… wonderful

    • Yes, that is how I reacted too … found it on a friends profile on FB .,.. it’s truly priceless .. we need more of this in our world, that is for sure.

    • Yes, I love that they are such happy people .. and he can really sing. Maybe something for X-factor. *smile
      The pleasure is truly mine.

  2. Yes, I saw this and loved how happy those two people seemed. They spread happiness. 🙂 Kind of like the one I put up with the Dancing Nana.

  3. Hello my dear! Just starting to poke my head back in the blog arena. I had heard about this pump news thing, but had not seen the video. What a big smile I have on my face! Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hi there, Wendy … glad you comes and visit! This couple is truly amazing – so happy and full of life. Have watched the videos so many times and I laugh still at them, especially at her laughing in the car. Brilliant.

    • Sorry, to hear … that you feel under the duvet. They really have a fantastic positive effect on us viewers. A brilliant couple. Take care of yourself

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