knock knock – who’s there …..

all in order

The P-day!!!

Nearly very week now have I got a letter or a form to fill in where and when I want my pension to start. The state pension is another ball game – they don’t do anything, except keeping a close up on all my other pensions, they haven’t missed anything. They just provided you with a form on their website that you fill in online … print out … sign and send of to them. Nothing automatically there.

retirement_schedule_funny_kootation com

My application for my UK pension was a bit of a work up .. and all for nothing really. Thank to Stena’s HR department in Scotland I could get all the details I need about tax codes and god knows what they wanted … they didn’t ask for what cup size I have, but everything else they wanted to know.

Where I lived, during witch period … how often the last 5 years I been visiting UK – everything filled in … and with all papers from the Swedish tax office, telling them who I really am, I sent it off in March.

After a couple of weeks I got a letter asking me about when I want my pension … so I filled it and sent it back. Then in the middle of April I got a letter saying, denied – nearly lost it. Reading the small letters … it was denied because I applied to early. I have to apply after 1th of May ???? It was only 14 days later.

pension page

Phoned Newcastle up and asked what kind of game that was .. because they could have told me that when I got a letter about starting date for pension, but it was what it was. I have to apply again. And talk about pages to fill in. So I posted it the other day, hopefully it will be okay now.

Hard work really to become a pensioner – all papers that has to be taken out from  files .. and everything added up … find out how much tax I should ask them to take, because if I get pension from more than one place, I can end up with back taxes.

retirement_cafepress com

So fare things are looking good … when I have added everything up, but because I have been working outside Sweden more than 15 years or my working years, I don’t have clue really what my true state pension  will be.

After 5 years one of my pensions will disappear and that will make a difference. The best thing is that I don’t have to pay tax on my UK pension, because it’s already taxed. Don’t have clue how much I will get from them – but it will not be enough to buy that penthouse at Aqua in Chicago, that is for sure.  Neither the sea view apartment in Biarritz. So I keep on believing in the Euro Lotto.

So 3,5 months left … only. Happy ????? I hope I will be when all is added up correctly.

“Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension”

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30 thoughts on “knock knock – who’s there …..

  1. Good luck on the lotto and the pension! My boss is looking in to retiring and I can’t believe the work she has to do to make that happen. Meetings. Papers and documents. It’s insane!

  2. Cheers to your retirement! Meanwhile, glad to see that government forms and runaround is just in my country. 😉

    • Thanks … been retired since I came home from UK – at 61, but now its’ official in September.
      Normally Sweden isn’t too bad on papers and forms – but pension … urrgh.

    • Bob, you could be right there … in Sweden they know talk about 70 for retirement ???? And young people can’t get any jobs ????? I would love to have a little uncomplicated job with no responsibility – stacking shelves in a supermarket a couple of hours per week, because I miss not having people around me, but I’m too overqualified for that, I been told. I probably will know more about food handling then the manager do. *laughing

    • Dallas, of course … you can come to visit me in Sweden too *smile .. don’t have a penthouse, but big enough for guests.
      The penthouse I’m been looking at … 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, big enough ???? *laughing

  3. When I see how many colleagues of mine are retiring early, because they have been working 35 or 40 years for the same company, then I wonder and think SH.., why do I still have so many years to go? I have received letter from the Pension People here in Austria, beacuse they’ve changed something and now they want copies of everything from me. And then the people in Germany want other papers. As you said: I’m surprised they haven’t asked for my cup size yet 😉
    Well, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you – about getting all those pensions.
    And I’m kepping my fingers crossed for us, that we win the lottery…remember the tip on the QE2 – first class, you and me 😀 xo

    • Dia, of course that … trip, had totally forgotten about it. It’s Friday tomorrow – time again. Think there €83 million to win, we can buy the vessel.
      Thanks for reminding me!!!!
      I retired for working life at 61 … but I will be an officially pensioner in September, now I’m on a private pension, that Stena Line pays. Great deal.
      In Sweden know they want us to work longer before pension, but then young people are unemployed on the same time, doesn’t make any sense.
      Pensions are killing every country those days, because we live so much longer.
      I don’t miss work at all .. but I miss the social everyday at work, the people.

  4. Good for you, you deserve every penny. Hopefully it is as simple as pressing a button when I apply for my SS as everything is online. The work pension is very simple for us.

  5. Good to fight for what is rightfully yours, Viveka. Good luck with the pension applications. That apartment block in Chicago looks really amazing from the outside. I can only imagine what the penthouse must be like. 🙂

    • I have only been at the hotel in the lower part of the buildning, but I seen drawings of one of the penthouses that is up for sale, online. Only thing I have to decide is if I’m buying or renting … maybe cheaper to rent for 30 years then buy *laughing – but the lottery win first of all. *laughing

  6. How nice, at least you can retired. But I can’t believe they make you “work” (to fill out the forms) while you’re supposed to enjoy life. 😉

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