photos, sunshine, photos, rain ….

more photos, a dog name Totti, more photos, coffee & sandwiches, more photos … shared melted chocolate bar …. more photos = a day with Ann-Christine.

Warning !!!!! – this is post will be loaded with photographs.

tiny blue

Yesterday did I have a date with my blogging sister, Ann-Christine, here in Landskrona. Ann-Christine came in company of her lovely 5 years old Totti – a very handsome 4-legged young man and very well behaved too.

Ann-Christine lives in Hässleholm, 1,5hrs drive from Landskrona – you can find Ann-Christine on See the a World in a Grain of Sand. The weather was suppose to be a bit temperamental and Ann-Christine had checked the weather prognoses by the hour and it promised sunshine between noon and 4pm. So we said to meet up a noon.

10.30am it started to rain and it rained for one hour, so when Ann-Christine arrived was is warm and sunny. We (me) decided that was going to visit our beautiful castle and its surroundings.

Ann-Christine just like me – crazy with her little small camera and – when I put down the camera in my bag I thought that I will not be using it much, because I have been down at the castle so many time – but how wrong was I. So of course all photos here is taking from our hours of walking, sitting at the ocean front looking over to Denmark.

There was loads of fishing action around the castle  and some dog dipping in the ocean.

The park was so full of subjects and … our cameras was all over the place. So stunningly beautiful dressed in the most delightful and fresh Spring. So lush and bold.

I had planned that we was going to have coffee at the castle’s cafe, but it was closed – so when we had walked around the castle to the other side of the park – we where on our knees begging for coffee and something to eat.

“Slottscafeet” – had lovely home made cakes and sandwich, great coffee and a fantastic service. Such a fantastic place and the park is so stunningly beautiful. We went for a grilled sourdough sandwich with goat’s cheese and Serrano ham – and we split a little “Princess Bakelse” – fans of Ikea know what I mean with a delicious like cake with green marzipan and loads of cream. 2 mugs of coffee and a mineral water came to 240SEK/$37/24.00/€28.00 with tip. While sitting there the young waiter came out with cold water to Totti, without we had asked for it and he also asked if we wanted an other mug of coffee, refill was included in the price. Fantastic place in both sunshine and rain.

Exactly 4pm a heavy rain came – so we moved under the massive yellow umbrellas – and sat for an other hours until the rain stopped – then we walked trough the park and smelled so wonderful … and fresh from the rain. And even more photos, so many that my SD card came up full … every second shot, so I had to delete as we went along.

calm water lost property on a distance

Ann-Christine and Totti followed me to my door .. and had a look at my little apartment – and Ann-Christine fell in love with my kitchen curtains. Did a post about them last year when I put them up; when I have been cleaning windows … so a photo of my curtains was the grand finale – for Ann-Christine’s little Canon and our very pleasant date.

6pm we said goodbye to each other and we decided that we will do a trip to Copenhagen soon … with our cameras of course. We had the most fantastic day together – just perfect … only Totti that was a bit feed up with all our camera action in the end and I’m sure he fell to sleep during their drive home.

Ann-Christine is a such a lovely person … and so easy going – so I’m sure we will have a great camera day in Copenhagen – all ready looking forward to our next date, but I have to make sure I have an extra SD card and loaded camera batteries with me – because if we can take so many photos in Landskrona – how many will we be taking in Copenhagen, a very colorful city.

I truly live at a very beautiful spot … and every time I walk through my little town am I so taken by it’s beauty.

Ann-Christine, thanks for the most wonderful day .. that had everything. A true pleasure.

Was really looking to post Rod Stewart’s “Every Picture Tells a Story”, but I couldn’t find it with Rod or a good cover. Then I came across this track – Like a Picture Tells a Story – who sings here Soundcloud don’t tell me, but it’s a great song and a fare better tune than Rod’s .

“Photography is truth.”
Jean-Luc Godard

rain heavy

42 thoughts on “photos, sunshine, photos, rain ….

    • Yes, it was a very pleasant day … that had a bit of everything and the camera enjoyed it too. Thank you so much, Nia … have a great weekend.

    • Thanks, Terry …. when the heavy rain came we had to move under the umbrellas .. and I forgotten my glasses on the table – they became a bit wet – but also clean. *smile

    • Thank you, Colleen – maybe I will be able to … do a post about our time together. Yes, the camera liked everything I put it against yesterday.

  1. Don’t apologize. I enjoyed the photos, every single one. The rain just made them so fresh. I love the cow pictures under the trees.

    • My pleasure … it was a great day! Even sitting in the rain was okay – the umbrella was massive. Have a pleasant weekend now. *smile

  2. Beautiful photos, Viveka. Ann-Christine seems like a really lovely person. Lucky you to have met up with her and Totti. Your sandwich looks so delicious, and I enjoyed the music too. 🙂

    • Thank you so much … I truly hope that Ann-Christine have the same view on our great day .. as I have.
      Yes, we must have taken 300 photos together and me that shouldn’t take any at all.
      Have a great weekend now and thanks for your support and kind words.

  3. Oh, Viveka, this sounds like such a wonderful time, and the photos are beautiful. So happy you enjoyed the day. How great that two blogging sisters were able to meet.

    • Yes, it was fantastic to be able to meet up.
      Most of my blogging friends lives so fare away, but we never know what the future brings. *smile

  4. Wonderful post about our day! Thank you again, dear Viveka – you are so sweet and easy to love. I enjoyed every minute of the day and cannot wait until it’s time for Copenhagen. Have to bring extras me too…but no Totti then. He didn’t complain yesterday, but…had a go at some tulips in the end when you and I were just TOO much …or the photographing was.

    Love the pictures, love the music. See you on the train to CH next time?

    • The pleasure was all mine … and I had such a great time – and Totti was such well behaved young man. *smile
      Yes, see you on the the train to CPH .. next time.
      Look out Nyhavn – because we are on the go. *smile

  5. You always take us on the most delightful walks. So happy that you got a few hours without rain…it sounds like a lovely day with your friend.

    • Thanks a million, Karen … the rain came in the afternoon – was heavy, but short and we didn’t really mind … we had a great time under the umbrella.
      It was great to meet up with a blogging friend … first one so far.

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