my passion and my headache

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Just found out that a big part of my working life has now left Belfast for it’s last journey   – to became scrap over  here in Sweden. I was there when the first drawing came to our table – I was there when we started up this amazing adventure – I was there during all the refits …. but I wasn’t there when it was tide up for good, because of the the cost of fuel to run it. Beautiful and amazing “Stena Voyager” – one of  3 the biggest and the fastest catamaran in the world: Stena Voyager, Stena Discovery and Stena Explorer.

It’s like losing a bit of myself watching this video. One outstanding way of travelling – and now it will will become razor blades here in my town, Landskrona. So I will be able to say goodbye to him, because for me those fantastic crafts always been male for me.

Stena Voyager is a high-speed ferry owned by Stena Line which used to operate on their Belfast–Stranraer service. It is a member of the HSS 1500 class of high-speed ferries developed and introduced by Stena Line from 1996.
Now Stena Voyager was sold for scrap. She will be towed to Landskrona, Sweden, where she will be broken up by Stena Recycling.

I did post about Stena Voyager last year – about the adventure; about speed, comfort and service

Thanks Stena Line for 35 fantastic years of adventure and hard work – Thanks Stena Voyager for being the highlight of those years. You have given me headaches, love, laughter, scream and shots plus loads of fun and very pleased guests. And thanks for all the fantastic people you gave me to work together with. Tough to read about your last journey but I will be down to say goodbye and after all we ended up on the same place, Landskrona – a beautiful spot to end a great life.

“A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.”
Grace Hopper

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30 thoughts on “my passion and my headache

  1. Very sad, and actually, I was quite upset to see it being towed out of Belfast Lough like that. I only spent 10 months working on board the Voyager before illness cut my time on board short. Easily my favourite ship to work on. First time I travelled on the Voyager was from Dun Laoghaire to Holyhead on 16th March 1998, travelling on to Liverpool overnight by train. After that, I travelled quite a lot as a passenger between Belfast and Stranraer, until I joined Stena Line in February 2008. Last time I travelled on it was on 28th September 2011. Mostly happy memories on board. Really, really sad, though I feel it should have made it’s own way to Sweden, rather than being towed stern first.

    • Barry, I’m became so upset when I read about that “he” is towed to Sweden … this proud and majestic craft.
      It looks like the best things in life … ends up in Landskrona – I have to found out when “he” is arriving.
      Not a the most workable working place, but the most adventures and I had the pleasure to work with the best – people like you, Barry – something that Stena Recycling can never take away from me. Thank you so much for your comment.

    • Yes, it’s so sad … but that is life even for beautiful crafts like this – just trying to find out when she will be arriving Landskrona, want to be on dock if possible. Have so many fantastic memories .. and have so strong connection with it. Thanks for your kind words *smile

    • Yes, this male … was the best – very demanding *smile – nobody can afford to run him … *smile – this the only way out I suppose.

    • Yes, funny that “he” ends up where I’m have ended up.
      Meant to be – yes, loads of razor blades .. but they stay in the Stena family. *smile
      Contacted the local newspaper today … so they make a little story about “him”.

    • Yes, it’s about saying good bye to someone very special.
      Stunning craft – hopefully the local newspaper will find out when she arrives. They didn’t know anything.

  2. Viveka, it is sad to say goodbye to an old friend really. At least you will be able to do so in person. I used to take the ferry in Nova Scotia often, not so much here. Nothing as fine as the one pictured above, but I always loved it.

    • Yes, it’s more than an old friend, because I was there when it was created … could call it one of my babies.
      Very sad day today for me .. but part of life of a vessels too. Everything comes to an end .. even the most exciting play times.

  3. I felt a big sadness come over me as I read this. A big part of your life now laid to rest. Saying goodbye and yet knowing life goes on……

    • Yes, I have felt down the whole day … since I got the news – but as you say … life goes on, even with out a very special vessel. A life that I really left 4 years ago, but will always stay with me. *smile

  4. I’m really sad for you – and for him, that beautiful boy. Reading and listening to the music too, brought tears to my eyes. Like a baby, you wrote. Well, I think I know a little something about how it would feel…When I leave my students after three years together I feel something like leaving a piece of me with them. I gave them all I had, laughed and cried with them, saw them “grow” as human beings.

    Of course this is not the same, but… And it hurts to think about him being towed and not going on his own. Why? Do you know?

    Strange you should end up in beautiful Landscrona both of you. Maybe it was meant to be.

    • Yes, very strange that we both ended up here … I think “he” has missed me so much. *smile – and it’s a truly nice spot to end up.
      Have put so much work into it … and been there from the beginning to nearly the end of it.
      My heart is aching today … tried to find out when to expect him … but the Stena Metal that now owns it are closed today.
      I would love to go aboard for the last time … to look at fantastic refit I had such big part in. I’m sure it’s meant to be. *smile – thanks for your comforting words.

  5. The way you expressed your sadness at this closing chapter truly touched me my friend. I felt the intense emotion for you. You say goodbye beautifully as deserved.


    • Thanks Uru … it was such tough job to make those crafts to work for us the way our guests wanted and we where able to provide, but it was worth all the worries and headaches. Best time of my life … I had when I worked with them.
      Yes, I have to go down to the yard tomorrow and see if it’s there.

    • Colleen, thank you … yes, it’s sad .. but on the other hand it hasn’t been sailing for 3 years, so .. but I was a bit upset yesterday.

      • I’ve seen pictures of ‘things’ people turn in to permanent homes, like boats, ships, tree houses, old semi trailers, shipping crates…etc…. Wouldn’t it have been neat if someone had brought it on land, and turned it in to something to live in?

      • I know … but it’s big as a stadium – so where to put it … and to keep in the water would cost so much money – but it would have been perfect for exhibition and casino. Have been down and said finale farewell now – the big boy looked very tired and lonely there in the dry dock.

    • Jo, you are so right … I went down to the harbor yesterday and there HE was … looking very tired and lonely – got some photo, will post later. It was so sad to see him at his last destination .. knowing that in a couple of weeks he will be all in small pieces. Heartbreaking it was.

    • Yes, it was truly sad yesterday when I went down to the harbor and looked him up, but I said goodbye and – I have the memories … and I still in contact with most people he introduced me too. It was a very sad to say farewell.

  6. It is very sad to see a part of your life end in this manner. I’m glad you got to see him and say your goodbyes…remembering all your adventures together.

    • Yes, two ship that I have been working with … is now gone. One sank in Antarctic and the other is now going to be cut up in pieces. Even vessels comes to an end … some sooner than others. It was so sad to see him laying there … but

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