who prayed for them ????

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1 July 2002 – Another terror attack on innocent people.

“At least 30 members of an Afghan wedding party were killed and many more wounded when a U.S. plane bombed a village in the central province of Uruzgan today, Afghan officials and residents said.

The bombing happened today in a village in the rugged, mountainous region 175 km (105 miles) northeast of the southern city of Kandahar, residents said.

They told the local Pashtu service of the BBC at least 120 people had been either killed or wounded.

A Defence Ministry official said celebrants were firing into the air, as is traditional in Pashtun weddings.

“There was no-one to help last night,” resident Abdul Saboor told the BBC. “We managed to transfer some of the wounded to Kandahar in the morning. Some of the foreigners’ choppers also came to help.

“There are no Taliban or al Qaeda or Arabs here. These people were all civilians, women and children.”

Defence Ministry offical Dr Gulbuddin told Reuters: “More than 30 people were killed. It was a wedding ceremony and some of the participants were firing in the sky as part of the celebration. Americans have confessed that they made a mistake.”


In Washington, the Pentagon said at least one bomb dropped by Western warplanes had missed its target in southern Afghanistan today, but that it could not confirm claims that members of a wedding party had been killed.”

(text from dailypaul.com)

My blogging sister, Leanne mention to me today that a US bomb had been dropped over an innocent wedding party in Afghanistan. So I just had to look for information. It happen 11 years ago – but I just wonder who was crying over those victims and who was praying for their families ??? Who lite candles for those victims ???  Who was asking for blood over this?????

How many of us know about this, I didn’t ????!!! Then we wonder why we have terrorism on our home grounds. But I sure feel guilty for this … even if the bomb wasn’t  ours.

Just a late night thought.

“There was never a good war, or a bad peace.”
Benjamin Franklin

Images provided by and thanks to; unglekey.fr & palestine-amorous.com

28 thoughts on “who prayed for them ????

    • Terrible!!! I wonder why …. we didn’t get big headlines … on news and newspapers???? I could see that quite a few bloggers brought it up again .. after the Boston bombing.

  1. What a terrible tragedy, So much gets blocked by ‘media blackout’ that it turns into plain injustice for those innocent lives lost. Recently, I read about the thousands also massacred in Bangladesh as muslims were chased out of their homes and murdered during yet another media blackout. What the he**’s wrong with this world huh? 😦

    • I don’t think it was so much a blackout from the media … I think it’s more a “blackout” from the governments.
      What wrong is that we fight wars in countries that isn’t ours.
      How can we have peace at home – so long was we send out our women and men to flight a war in a countries we shouldn’t even been in from the beginning.
      It’s a very hot topic …. but if things like this doesn’t happen on our home solid, who really cares and who decide what is new and not news ???

      • Too true on countries waging wars on other’s territories, Gulf war and Vietnam are examples in my opinion of that. I often ask myself the same question about news, it’s not fair that there’s someone out there deciding who needs to know what and who doesn’t. 😦

  2. Terrible Tragedy, hadn’t heard of this one before but similar ones. You quote is very apt…never a good war or a bad peace…how true, I wish people would understand that soon.

    • I don’t accept any act of terrorism – but why is accepted with a governments is behind it??? Terrorism as terrorism. As you said – it has happen so many times, where innocent people has been killed.

  3. I knew about it Viveka. In fact the Boston bombing brought it to the fore. Heartwrenching. This is how we breed terrorism. I hate talking politics, but intelligence agencies – even ours, despite all the finger pointing across our borders – are as culpable as the terrorists.

    • I’m the same … not political interested – but sometimes I have to take a stand – because I think it’s unfair that so soon something happens over in US it get all the attentions and people get rightly so very upset – but when the it’s caused by a government somewhere in the wold, nothing – also a terrorist act – nothing.

  4. The song is beautiful.

    I don’t know if I “remember” this or not, as so many horrible things like this happen that it would be easy for me to confuse events. How sad is that?

    And I would pray for these people, and I will.

    • Colleen, it happen 11 years ago … but what I really wanted to show is that some terrible events are more important than others. That’s not fair.

      • I don’t think that any are “more” terrible than others. I think most people are sensitive to tragedies that happen no matter where they happen. I know of many churches and prayer groups that include prayers for those suffering and being hurt, whether they know of specifics or not. No matter what is or is not reported is not the fault of the people who don’t know of the incidents.

        Regardless of what governments or media do and don’t report, I don’t believe for a minute that people don’t care. And I don’t believe that people rate tragedies against one another. One is no “worse” than the other. When people get hurt, other people hurt for them. And pray.

      • I’m not totally with you there … I think a lot of people are only concerned about what happens at home, but it’s not easy to care if we are not told about what has happen neither.
        In a way I can understand the American people – because you’re such a big country and there is so much going on all the time on your own playground.
        We, Swedes, has never been great on charity until the Tsunami happened – and we lost over 500 Swedes. That is what it’s.
        But I don’t blame the people, I blame media and governments. Because we are suppose to live in a free world – with free speech.
        I agree with you that it’s the same terrorism who ever is behind it. Governments gets away with murder because they call it casualties of war. Who’s war is it really ????
        It’s a really hot topic’s.
        Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me.

  5. Pardon me but I can understand why these communities in these other areas of the world develop hatred for America, I really can. On my wedding day, not a bomb in sight.

    • Your wedding was a bomb in itself * laughing.
      I understand to … that the hate grows against US – they are in a tricky seat, because everybody what their help with their problems – but today there is no need for bombs to stray. US should start thinking as Spain and Italy did after their bomb attack’s – they took home all their soldiers.

  6. We are only exposed to what the media believes is important enough. Why is it that a superpower nation can get so much coverage when a war torn country cannot? No life is less important than another.


  7. Apparently this is a regular accurance, or so my husband has said, they do it all the time. I don’t know, I only know what he told me. but you are right, how come we aren’t told about it?

    • Leanne, I think was brought to the surface through the Boston bombings – because there is nothing on the net about a more recent event, but this is bad enough.
      That the world should only cry for what happens over there.

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