leftovers, chocolate cake and tango

chicken & cauliflower pure

…. on Saturday after I posted my entry to Weekly Photo Challenge – and I chose Moulin Rouge as my entry. For me culture  is also something I can enjoy now – that belongs to me when I feel for it … but still with history around the neck.

After the post was done – I decided to give the whole day to myself … try some new out for dinner, indulge myself with watching “Moulin Rouge” again. I must have seen it about 20 times now.

chicken & cauliflower page 1

I didn’t want to fart around in kitchen too much with my dinner – so I tried Danny’s chicken out. Had everything at home, except the cauliflower and fresh mushrooms. Such an easy dish and it was delicious. Danny, you find on “1227 Foster” – he call his dish; Chicken and Mushrooms in a Red Wine Reduction with Mashed Cauliflower.

I didn’t do anything to the recipe more than I replaced the red wine with Port wine, I have a small open bottle standing for ages and so desperate to use up. My chicken breast was very big, so I manage to get 5 good strips out it.  Utterly delicious. Thanks Danny!

chicken & cauliflower page 2

When it was time, to put the media box on …. and have  couple of golden hours with Ewan McGregor; that man is so sexy and his Scottish accent gives me goosebumps. That gorgeous smile of his …  Anyhow, back to reality – did I decide to go for the full monty. Full monty of calories – chocolate cake in a mug – a 1,5 minute job in the micro wave and top it with big scoop of vanilla ice cream, the ultimate treat.

cake page

There is really two bloggers involved in this recipe – it was through my blogging friend Lori@Lori’s Lane – that had tried the recipe and did a review about it. Lori had found the recipe at Roberta@Homemade Delish  and she have given the cake the title: “Chocolate Nutella Cake in a Mug”

With this I did only did one change – I only used 3tbsp of sugar instead of 4 and it’s a generous portion, so if you do the recipe 1,5 time – you will get two good sized cakes. I mixed everything in a bowl before I poured into the coffee mug, that has to be big.  1,5 min in the microwave and it’s perfect, so moist and with a scoop on ice cream on top … heavenly. I eat mine out from the mug, but I’s sure you can turn it over. Done it twice now, the first time I forgotten the beaten egg and still came out great. Roberta, you’re going to save many drop in cups of coffee and last minute desserts from now on. Thank you!


“El Tango de Roxanne” – is on the “Moulin Rouge” soundtrack – but here I have decided to use an instrumental version as my cloud of sound. So no singing – I have always wanted to learn how to dance Argentinian tango, was very close to start while I lived in Belfast .. they had a special school, during my 10 years I never came around to it. Witch I regret today. Now is too late, not able to wrap my legs around man … anymore, at least not on a dance floor. Have to stick to the Ballroom version. This track is my favorite dancing tune.

Tango is so HOOOOOOt & SEXY! Have a look.

The song “Roxanne” is written by Sting and was a massive hit for his band The Police in 1978. In 2001, the song was one of the many remixed covers in  Moulin Rouge, named “El Tango de Roxanne”, which was combined with the tango composition “Tanguera” by Mariano Mores.

“We dance tango because we have secrets”
Marilyn Cole Lownes

32 thoughts on “leftovers, chocolate cake and tango

    • Anyes, tango is about passion … and that’s what I love about it. I regret so that I never started at the school in Belfast, I lived there for 10 years and never got around to it.

  1. What a packed day and that dessert 🙂 Argentine Tango is a beautiful dance – my Dad’s favorite. He and my Mom are Ballroom and Latin dance instructors so they perform it as often as they can. Thank you as always for trying my recipe – so glad you enjoyed!

    • Wow, you parents are dance instructors … amazing – can you dance ?????
      I really like your recipe and so easy … you’re very talent in your kitchen. You have a passion in everything you do …
      can’t really understand that you’re a shy person, as you say.

      • Brilliant – looking forward to the dance topic.
        For being very shy …. you are doing VERY good. You have so much confident in your blogging and cooking, maybe the blog is a great tool for you to work with you shyness. Have a great weekend.

  2. I’ve made that cake in a mug several times now. It’s so great not to have to heat up the oven, plus it’s quick and easy. Since there is only one of me who likes chocolate cake, I always get one leftover portion for dessert the next night. Glad you liked it. Yum.

    • Lori, it’s fantastic …. but talk about calories …!!!! I have taken down on the sugar, a bit too sweet.
      LOVE IT! Thank you so much for passing it on .. great when somebody just turn up for cup of coffee …

    • White cocao powder… ????? Can you get that – because don’t think about melting chocolate down – sure that will not work in the micro …. you need the oil for making the cake fluffy …. give it ago – and let me know.

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