a word a week challenge – sleep

When I got the news that – the weekly challenge was sleep – I looked through all my photos I thought. I wrote to Sue that I have rest this week, because of my 6000 photos (roughly) I don’t have one where something or somebody is sleeping.

Because I said my present keeps everybody alter *smile

She sent me a comment back and when I answered her .. I remember I have this. Taken during my visit in Berlin, one of the best cities in Europe. Berlin that totally took me by surprise – and we clicked from the first evening.

It was in 2011 – the trip was really booked for my birthday in 2010 – but my cancer came in the way, so we went in June the following year instead. All thanks to the hotel’s customer service and a nice girl by name Juliane. Have done a post about the hotel and the service they provided – world class; to walk some extra miles ….

This photo was taken while me and my friend walk over from our hotel to Alexander Platz to buy fresh fruit – we passed a little beautiful square and there he was … a very tired young man.

The track I have added here is one of the singles that is on the German music chart just now; “Bilder im Kopf”  and in English that means “Pictures in the head” – sings by Sido. How suitable wasn’t that. Please, klick on the media player below to listen to the track.


“Sleep is the best meditation.”
Dalai Lama

sleeping youth

Featured image provided by and thanks to: lockerz.com

55 thoughts on “a word a week challenge – sleep

  1. I was going to say get yourself a pet because they like sleep ALL the time and provide many photo opportunities…BUT this one you tracked down through memory lane is absolutely priceless!!!!! A Winner! I love Berlin too. O’s schwester lives in Potsdam. Cheers my dear 🙂

    • Thanks … yes, Berlin is the city … and not expensive as I thought it should be.
      I know pets sleep all the time. Got your mail about the shop – looks fantastic .. and you’re nearly there. Amazing job. Hopefully one day I will open the door to it .. we never know.
      Good luck to you, Wendy!

  2. Aww, cute! I can’t believe out of 6000 you haven’t got one, but pretty sure I don’t have either. Tell you what- you lay down and pretend to be asleep and I’ll take your photo, then you can do the same for me? 🙂

  3. What a shot! Love the photo and so apt for the blog post. Sleep is so amazing when I can get it at night..

    • Thanks for …. comments so I remember my Berlin folder.
      Thanks a million for the reblogging, very kind of you … I have never been backpacking – but I have been falling to sleep on many strange places … It often happens during our management meetings – not so fun for my boss. *smile always boarded to death most of the time.

    • Thank you so much …. and thanks for stopping by and … commenting. Yes, I had totally forgotten to check my Berlin folder. I had two sleeping photos from Berlin, but one was of my friend … and I don’t post that personal photos. Thanks again for your kind comment.

    • Yes, I know …have to create a portfolio. I enjoy the challenges – great way to be aware of what photo I have on hand too. Tomorrow is going to be a big one .. have collected the whole of April.

    • Everybody with a pet .. has sleeping photos *smile …
      I had totally forgotten about this young man – and I found a photo in the folder … with me friend sleeping *smile

  4. You managed to find a great one!
    I am sure i don’t have any except perhaps for a few cats napping that i shall have to hunt down. Hoping you feel better soon Viveka 🙂

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