weekly photo challenge – up

La Tour Effiel 1

Have truly been spoiled with a boss that loves Paris, so we had a lot of manager’s meetings  in Paris. Not that Paris and I have clicked, we still don’t agree – but when my friend wanted to go .. because she never been in 2009, I gave in and I must say Paris and I came a lot closer, even if not friends yet. Before I decided to go up into The Eiffel Tower, I took some photos from the ground. This is one of them – I have done a post my relationship with Paris; pourquoi je n’aime pas …

“The Eiffel Tower is the Empire State Building after taxes”


Feature image provided by and thanks to: .bentonvillesoftball.org

26 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – up

  1. For me, it has to do with the first impression and language, mostly. Also with the old notion of Frenchmen being just enough on their own. My first impression lasted for many years…they didn’t tolerate English (they were bad at the language…) and they believed that they, the French, were the centre of the world. The whole world revolved around them.

    Now, when I returned to France as a grown woman, the whole attitude was different. Happy, smiling people everywhere, and they were good at speaking English! Last time I went with my mother and my daughter for a week. Wonderful. We stayed at a small pension owned by an elderly couple – so sweet. I’d go back any day.

    • The French are okay outside Paris … have been travelling a lot in France and so long as we try to speak French with them, they melt, but if we go head on and expect them to speak English it get up their nose and they don’t want to try even.
      Most admit that my last visit in Paris, things had changed. A stunning city, but it doesn’t like it’s visitors … that they live on. Never know what you will get for your money neither. Love France … could live there, but not in Paris, just because of the attitude they had – great that is has became so much better.

    • Thank you so much …. I know that 99% of all people just LOVES Paris, but I rather go somewhere else in France.
      A fully week – wonderful – I will recommend a nice little restaurant .. one for the best meals I had in Paris – haven’t had that many *smile
      51 Rue Saint Louis en l’Ile,
      Paris, 75004
      +33 1 43 54 78 62. – reservation necessary

  2. Paris is a challenge for any one not Parisian born and bred! But outside of Paris, it is a complete different story! We recently spent time on the Canal Du Midi and in Provence and the people in general were just great!

    • I totally agree with you … I love France and it is really Paris that has an attitude. Nice was like that 35 years ago, but have totally changed. The French is great when we show them recept for the laungage – at least try to speak, if it’s not perfect doesn’t matter, You win them over with a couple or words.

    • You can have my seat on the flight … *smile I rather go to Nice or Lyon, I was a bit feed up with all photos of the tower the normal view, so I did took the photos from underneath. Thank you so much for supporting me.

    • Thanks, Heather …. !!! I join because I remembered I had this photo, that I really like … when I saw the subject for the week. Fun thing.

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