The Xinjiang Procedure

This I just have to share …. that’s why I wouldn’t go back to China – as shame for the human race! They treat their people worst than animals .. they have no rights at all.

Here is Ethan’s article: Bitter Harvest: China‘s Organ Donation’ Nightmare, from August 2012.

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I am sharing this to you, for I know the subject matter is highly significant to us all.

I highly recommend reading Ethan Gutmann’s:

China`s Gruesome Organ Harvest


(A Congressional Testimony)

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A PowerPoint presentation required in academia;

A comprehensive analysis



by Ethan Gutmann

(Click the title, for it is the link to read the referrenced article)



The Xinjiang Procedure






The Xinjiang Procedure2




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30 thoughts on “The Xinjiang Procedure

      • It’s our national painter …. Carl Larsson … he had done my winter painting too. It’s truly beautiful … but I will go back to my danish women on the beach when the summer has arrived. Thank you so much.

      • Live in Canada for a year .. and I visit last July too … my favorite city for many years until Chicago came into my life. Vancouver is a beautiful city – but it has it dark sides too – a lot of traffic and many homeless .. only apartment buildings that all look the same, the city don’t have any character as such, but it lays in the most beautiful settings and surroundings.

      • You know why I want to go there? They have lots of historical sites that I have read and I long wished to see. But after this reading, no I can’t. Never! Horrible. I think their worst than the Nazis. For in these modern days, we are all educated and civilized, how could they do such horrific crime to their own people? Butchering human bodies with no remorse, crazy!

      • It’s not only this issue with China, they put old and sick people out of their homes when they was developing for the Olympic Games, because in those days … the government owned all private homes. They put people in jail and they kill them for their opinions.
        Maybe it will change one day … until then I personal stay away from China, even if I would love to go back.

      • I never knew that. The Beijing Olympics actually is what nailed my eagerness to travel there. I was so amazed with Bird’s Nest. I never knew some Chinese elders suffered for that nest, crazy! Thanks for the info.

  1. An interesting perspective.

    To me however, such deviant behaviour by authorities can be found in almost any country in the world. It may be to a higher or lesser extent. Depending on how open/closed the society is, the social activism index, the media freedom index and so on. It all boils down to decisions by those in power based on the perceptions carried by their respective support constituency.

    So what could be the way forward? Bu more universal social involvement and awareness I guess.


    • Thanks for your comment …. one thing is for sure that in Europe we don’t have behavior like this. Any how not acceptable. But on the other hand … human trafficking is going on in some countries, terrible too.
      But to kill people to get their organs …. the thing is that China, only buckle for money.

  2. This is terrible. I had no clue about it. A lot of people in my country think that Communism is the way to go, its the solution to most probs… but when you hear such stories you know that democracy might not work everywhere but it is still better than communism.

    • I dare to say this has nothing to do with communism .. or democracy … it has do how people are treated … human rights. All about power … over it’s people. Look during communism in Russia .. where they killed their people.
      So shocking …. what is going on in China when it’s about human rights.

      • yes, but Human Rights are violated most when citizens do not have a voice, do not have any way/method/forum/mechanism by which they could protest. Because everything there is coercive in nature. It might not seem to have anything to do with political set-up per se, but if you notice, most places where people are denied their basic rights of freedom of speech and thought and dissent, such things are inevitable!

      • So putting old and sick on the streets because we have to build apartments … or taking organs from inmates … is not a violating the human rights???? !!! It’s not only the voice we need .. we need a life that we make all our own decisions about.
        I don’t think people in China, like on many other places on earth has … have a voice neither. Human rights is about having the right to live the life you want .. and how you want it, so much as be able to say what they want.

      • You are misunderstanding me. I am not supporting China or anything that is happening there. Ofcourse that is GROSS human rights violation.
        But shouldn’t we ask WHY this is happening? If you notice that crimes of such epic proportions are only done if the state is sponsoring it directly/indirectly (remember holocaust). Any coercive act (an especially such heinous crimes) are possible when you do not have access to the basic rights, when you do not have a responsible, mature and free media, when the judicial system is far from just (or absent)…
        You see the very thought that if I act badly, I could be put out of power through voting, or I could be exposed by media and my image be tarnished…these are powerful tools. (By having a “voice”, I mean my opinions count or atleast I can take the help of the judicial system or media or any other means to make my opinions count, I am an integral part of the system.) But all this doesn’t happen in a communist/military/dictatorial regimes.
        Everybody has a right to chose the way he/she lives, make his decisions…but first you need to create an environment where all this is possible. And frankly, freedom and communism DO NOT rhyme together!

      • I hope you don’t think I am in favor of communist regimes – I still don’t think that was in going on in China and quite few more countries around the world … is that the people that rules don’t respect others life.
        In Russia they shout homeless – in Brazil they killed the street boys. Just like Hitler’s and his mad dog’s way of thinking. But I wouldn’t call China a democracy, because people don’t freedom in more than one way.
        I understand what you mean, but for me it’s not to look at why it’s happening, because it shouldn’t happen – for me the main thing how can we make them stop doing it. Why it’s happen? Is because somebody has decided it’s acceptable to do it because those inmates are criminals and don’t have any rights to their lives and bodies anymore.

  3. This was a really thought provoking article my friend, I guess you don’t really think about it until you actively read!
    And your site looks gorgeous! That header 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Uru, thank you so much … I didn’t know aobut it neither – but I reacted straight away. There is so much going on in the world that we never read about. Read last night that Russia shout their homeless. What a sick world.

    • It’s terrible .. and it’s not only China, but China is one of the strongest nations in the world and every country in western world are investing and having their businesses in China, when things like this goes on. I didn’t have an idea until yesterday neither.

  4. An excellent, excellent reblog, Viveka. I followed it the whole way to the article.

    Utter human tragedy, travesty, shame. I would NOT want one of those organs in my body.

    • How terrible …. it’s all about money … and because you’re a criminal you don’t have the right to decide what happens to your organs. We seen on fiction movies and TV series that people are being killed so they can be “rubbed” of their organs … the reality is never fare away.

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