a stands for anders zorn

A-Z 2013

Day 1; A stands for Anders Zorn – a national treasure 

Pablo Picasso

Anders Leonard Zorn , born 18 February 1860 in Utmelands village in the parish of Mora in Dalarna , died 22 August 1920 in Mora in Dalarna, was a Swedish artist . He is regarded as one of the leading Swedish artists and was also appreciated internationally.

Anders_Zorn_1908 - se.wikimedia org

This is particularly true in the U.S., where he was engaged as a portrait painter of presidents, business leaders and people in high society. His surname origin for Germany, his father was from Germany and he met Zorn’s mother in Stockholm, but she original was from county, Dalarna, that will eventually become Zorns too, after been travelling for years.

Zorn’s works include the collections of the National Museum and Waldemarsudde, Stockholm, Gothenburg Art Museum , the Musée d’Orsay , Paris , and in the White House in Washington DC, US

In 1875 Zorn began his studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm . Thanks to his father and a small amount of money from his German brewing company in Stockholm.

Zorn first worked in wood .. then he swapped to painting and first in watercolors  During an exhibition in 1880 – he taught watercolor painting and there he meet his wife to be, Emma Lund, in 1985. During their honeymoon to Hungary and Turkey fell ill Zorn in typhoid fever , and after three months he was sufficiently recovered to be able to continue the journey.

Anders Zorn & Emma - se.wikimedia org

Before marriage he traveled a lot back and forward to Spain and England. In Madrid 1883 he created his “Kärleksnymf” (Love Nymph)  – a painting that put him in among the world’s greatest painters. Although this was Zorn larger mission of including Spanish and Portuguese nobles, which improved his financial position.

Zorn_Love_nymph - commons.wikimedia org

After his recovered from his illness – they traveled to Spain, England, North America and Russia.
During a stay in St. Ives in England winter 1887-88 went to Zorn oil painting, with immediate success. One of his earliest oil paintings, “Fishermen in St. Ives”, was exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1888 and was bought by the French state
Just Zorn’s etchings contributed greatly to his success. With Rembrandt as a model, he developed a virtuoso etching technique, where he bursts of bar builds up the subject. Total came Zorn to perform 289 different sheets.

The painted portrait of President Grover Cleveland during his visit to North America and he came to paint the later presidents like and William Taft (1911) and he made etching of  Theodore Roosevelt (1905) too.

In 1896 moved Zorns home to Sweden and Zorngården in Mora, who had begun to be built. With this came an increased interest in home district, which came to be reflected in Zorn’s painting. They moved a little log cabin that stood on his grandfather’s farm. Over the years the cottage was to be extended, especially since Zorns 1896 settled Mora. Work on the house continued up to 1910. The building’s most spectacular room is the nine-meter-high hall on the second floor.

Zorngården_se.wikipedia org

It was Zorn himself who was responsible for the building design. With great resourcefulness, based both on tradition and the then modern building way, he created a very original home for himself and his wife. The house has a healthy mix of local timber architecture, contemporary notions of Viking dwellings and English residential architecture. Zorngården is a good example of the architectural freedom that characterized the decades around 1900.

“Midsummer Dance” (National Museum), the painting that Zorn himself valued most. His best-known genre paintings also include “Vallkulla”, 1908, “Dans i Gopsmorstugan”, 1913, Julotta, 1908. A few years later he painted his Self-Portrait in Red, 1915.

Anders Zorn died at Mora Hospital, 1920 – he became 60 years old. The cause of death was blood poisoning in the abdomen. His inheritance was estimated at a value of  US$6/38.6SEK/£3.38/€4.44 million was sent by his will to the Swedish government to institute a museum. Hans and his wife Emma’s home Zorngården became after Emma Zorn’s death in 1942 a museum and part of the Zorn Collections.

Anders Zorn - Summer Joy

His painting “Sommarnöje” – “Summer Joy” – from 1886 was sold in 2010 in for 26SEK/US$4.10/£2.61/€3.03 million –the highest price ever for a Swedish painting.

Also his nude art has been banned on Facebook????!!!!!! What is that all about??? But they allowed racist groups to rampage.

Anders_Zorns_Ateljesv.wikidedia org

The cloud hanging over this post is – Wilhelm Peterson-Berger’s No 2 “Sommarsång” – Summer Song – from his 8 piece suite for piano “Frösöblomster I” – composed in 1886. Wilhelm Peterson-Berg was born 1867 in  Ullånger, Sweden and died in 1942.

Peterson-Berger- se.wikimedia org

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80 thoughts on “a stands for anders zorn

      • Yes, sure, there is a painting, named breakfast under the tree, I love it so much, it reminds my childhood days… Thank you dear Viveka, art world is amazing. Love, nia

      • Carl Larsson, is my favorite Swedish painter … my header image on my blog is Carl Larsson … *smile
        Thank you so much for taking inspiration from me .. and Sweden.

    • Thanks for taking the the time … he are 3 of most famous painters. Carl Larsson is my favorite – will save him for next years challenge.

  1. Great posting Viveka!I live pretty near Mora and never been to Zorngården….. have to change that 🙂
    Good luck with the challenge!

    • Of course you have to go … have friends that been there and they all said it was a great experience. Beautiful house and surroundings. Thank you so much .. for cheering me on.

    • Linda, he and Carl Larsson … is our biggest names … and I love them both. My header photo is of Carl Larsson, that also painted his family and surroundings … save him for next challenge. Thanks for the support.

  2. What a wonderful post Viveka.. never heard of this painter before and looking at the photos of his work, he certainly is amid the top artists… Loved the music… hey.. I think I’m going to enjoy this month with you… gonna learn something… thank you..

    • Bob, thanks …. the composer lived during the same time as Anders, one of my favorite Swedish classical tunes.
      For sure I’m going to enjoy having your around too.

    • Thank you so much .. for visiting and for making a comment. I hope you will find 27 posts to come .. interesting too.
      Yes, we have 3 master painters … Carl Larsson that has painted my header image – and Bruno Liljefors that I will save for a later day.

  3. Thank you, Viveka for taking up two (three) of my favourites concerning Swedish painting and music! That music…not much compares to it up here north. Sibelius in Finland and Grieg in Norway – that’s about it.

    • We have Peterson-Berger and Helmich Roman … that hold our flag high. So we have a bit more than Norways and Finland.
      Thanks for your kind response.

    • Hi there, Amy … thanks for visiting – and for commenting.
      There will me more art this year, but there will be posts .. about the must Swedish .. there is around, for 27 days more. Welcome back.

  4. You’re going to be worn out by the end of this challenge, Viveka! You’ll have to put a couple of shorter posts in. I was expecting A for Aarhus so I was impressed with this wonderful painter. Many thanks.

    • No, I’m a strong person … so I will survive this years challenge too – shorts things don’t excite in my life … talk a lot too all the time. *smile Aarhus … is Danish. We have an Åhus (Aahus), but it lays outside the A-Z letters.

  5. What a wonderful artist he was, Viveka. I absolutely love that painting, “Summer Joy.” It’s exquisite. 🙂 It’s so sad that he died so young. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Larson always reminds me of summers with my Granny. She and my mum are big fans. My mum is German and spent a year and a half as an aupair near Stockholm. Our home was filled with his postcards and pictures … great memories 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting and for sharing you connection to Sweden and Swedish painters. I suppose that Carl Larsson is more worldwide noon than Zorn, even if Zorn will be more expensive. Both of them painted the Swedish seasons wonderfully.

    • Thank you so much for visiting and taking time for a replay. Most people know about Carl Larsson outside Sweden, still Anders Zorn was more know in his days.

  7. Great post, Viveka! It’s wonderful to know more about your country and the people that made the country proud. 😉

    What a nonsense that Facebook banned his nude art while other unsavory characters are allowed to go about with useless posts.

    • I know Malou, I don’t know what FaceBook is up too .. they allow racism, but not proper art.
      I think his art is magical .. and it’s shows Sweden how it was in his time. Very romantic, but hard labor.

  8. ‘Summer Joy’ is beyond amazing! Thank you for introducing Anders Zorn to us Viveka. Cannot believe the pseudo moralists at Facebook!! Look forward to the rest of the alphabets with pleasure 🙂

    • “Summer Joy” is an stunning painting, that I knew nothing about before I did my post. I don’t have clue what Facebook are on about – read it in a little notice that – that Anders Zorns nude ladies .. will not make it.
      Their lost!

  9. Fascinating. I love the black and white of he and his wife. And what an incredible painter. Thanks for the cultural enlightenment…. and it’s just the beginning. I’m going to try to keep up! xxx wendy

    • Midsummer dance is for me the his most famous painting – didn’t know very much about “Summer Joy” – but I’m sure if the Midsummer dance will be sold it will go for even more money.
      I love that painting too.

  10. I am not familiar with Zorn. i appreciate your sharing this with us as part of the challenge. I find there is so much information to take in on the daily posts.

    • Hi there, Joe .. so true – we learn something every days.
      Zorn is our most well-known painter, but he are worth his money … Thanks for stopping by and thanks for commenting.

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