a lot more than vodka

on a straight line

… “our booze cruise” on Friday contained sea, storm, sunshine, snow .. food, ice and sore feet too plus nearly an empty Euro wallet.

We had a fantastic fun and tiring day, there wasn’t much strength left in us when back home after 17 hours on the go. This is about my day cruise to Germany with my friend Margurithe and her friend Helena. It’s a thing I do once per year, my friends do it a couple of times per year. So I have done my bits for 2013.

And my little camera got chance to work too …. all nature photos are taken from the car – and they came out brilliant, at least what I think.

It’s a mad day … with early start – alarm went of 5am and 50 mins later was Margurithe and I picked up by Helena, because she has a slightly bigger cars for trays of beer. *smile It was a fantastic morning already 5am – very crispy. The drive to the ferry took about 60 min. The photos here I took from the car. We arrived in the port as they had start loading up “Stena Trelleborg” that we should start our journey with. Aboard we went straight to the breakfast restaurant and for 100SEK/$15,40/£10,10/€11.80 for a brunch buffet, both hot and cold selections – eat so much as you want and can – a fantastic selection. 8am the ferry departed and we arrived in Sassnitz, Germany just before noon.

It was nice to see the red & white funnel logo – Stena Line, the company I worked for during 35 years in total and every day was tought in some way, but  brilliant. The best employee in the world, at least in my book. I looked after them and they always looked after me, brilliant marriage with a happy divorce 4 years ago.

In Sassnitz the real winter met us, it was like coming to the Alps and the snow was so along the road to Berger was so white and we had clear blue sky. Berger is a nice little town where we have all the shops that we need to visit for shopping grocery, wine and whatever we can find that we don’t need, but have to have. Photos here are also taken from a car. Arriving in Berger did it start to snow heavy and it snowed until it was time for us to return to the port, 3 hrs later.

We shopped at Aldi, Rossman, and REAL- and around 4pm was time for us to drive back to the port and the Border Shop. It was time to fill up the car with beer, soft drinks, little more wine and serious amount of spirits – the last chance before driving aboard and be on our way back to Sweden. Driving in sunshine until we were about 15 min from the port the snow storm came over us and we couldn’t see the car in front of us … or traffic coming against us. It was truly scary and 5 min later it was all over and sunshine again, very wired experience.

I shopped cheese, king prawns, chicken liver, dressing mix, vodka, white wine, rice, Campari, cleaning products, saffron, whiskey and Cointreau. My sisters in arms shopped like there was no tomorrow *smile

During the journey home we had buffet again – quite good … not a big lover of dinner buffets, but I love my pickled herrings and smoked salmon. We had a fantastic charming German waiter by name, Tomas. The weather was trochees – the wind hit just the vessel in the stern – so it was loads of hanging in the air and banging in hull.

After dinner was it like and the air went out of all 3 .. and we wanted to be home straight away. 10pm we drove off the ramp and we flew through the customer control, there was at least 14 officers there to check the cars and lorries out. A hour later we start unpacking the car at Margurithe’s house. It was done with the last strengths that we had left, we got some help from two whiskey filled gentlemen – Margurithe’s partner and Helena’s husband.

On Saturday morning I woke up 11am – and every muscle was sore. Had late breakfast and lunch with Margurithe and her partner, Bengt … 2pm I jumped on the bus, No.5 that took me to mum in Simrishamn for the weekend.

Glad that the weekend was without any plans,  just mum and me ..

Now I’m a read for a new booze cruise, because it is truly a fun day … a day that demands a woman. The total cost for my day came to 1600SEK/$246/£162/€190, everything included; travel, food and shopping. The trip was a true bargain and now my booze cupboard is vital again and I have my favorite cheese, Titsiter, for my breakfast again for a couple of months.

“A bargain is something you can’t use at a price you can’t resist.”
Franklin P. Jones

only for mojitos

“Augenbling” with Seeed, released in 2012  and made it up to #4 on the German Top 40 Chart. “Seeed” is a German reggae/dancehall band from Berlin. Founded in 1998, they have become well-known in Germany and its neighboring countries. “Augenbling” means “Eye Bling”. A track full of moves and fun – just like our booze cruise.

“Your eyes are going bling bling
and everything’s forgotten,
your eyes are going bling bling
and everything’s forgotten.”

seeed_live -seeed de

Image of Seeed, provided by and thanks to: seeed.de

50 thoughts on “a lot more than vodka

  1. Amazing post, Viveka. I was there with you “in spirit”. Oh dear- I never can resist these awful puns. I can tell it’s going to be a good Easter at your place.
    Fabulously real photos. My favourite- the frozen shore.

    • Thank you so much – the photos taken from the car in motion came out good .. like that one too. Will have guests over Easter, but I hope there will be some left in the cupboard after they gone home. *smile

  2. Now that did sound like a wonderful trip.. and the booze cupboard, fridge and all is full once more… go on go again, but buy another fridge and empty your clothes cupboards to fill with food, wine and vodka.. oh and I do hope you remembered the chocolate…lol…

    • I drink so little so the cupboard next to the kitchen sink is more an enough. Did buy any chocolate – if I don’t have it at home, I don’t eat it .. but I had too much of it during the journey home – just to keep the blood sugar pumped up for the unloading of the car, it was a truly great day. This time I only bought what I truly needed – normally everything goes in the chart.

  3. Hi Viveka

    Sounds like you and the girls had a great day out, the photos almost tell the story on their own… I’ve got to say that snow storm shot looks quite scary, so glad you made it back safe and sound.

    Carl 🙂

    • Yes, I don’t really know what happen there with the sudden storm – the shot was taken when it started to lighten up. Couple before we couldn’t see anything – than a couple of minutes later – sunshine. Wired.
      Old sailor like me will always find my way home, but it was icy on the road … Helen is an ambulance driver – but still can’t be careful enough. Great day with great girls.

  4. I shiver to see your photos, Viveka! They tell the story so well of this wintry cruise! Sounds like a very fine time and how wonderful for you to look forward to coming back around again with friends in another year’s time! Happy you’re safely back on land again and I trust you’re keeping warm!

    • It wasn’t that cold as it looks … and the icy shots was from the vessel and – out at sea it’s much colder … because of the wind and everything ices up. Yes, I’m already ready for next years .. booze cruise. Just mental shopping of wine, food and alcohol for 3,5 hours.

  5. Your little camera does a fantastic job…plus you have a really good eye. Fabulous trip and post. I love the ice pictures, the windmill, the lighthouses and the “frozen shore”.

    • Our county has quite a few of those old mills .. many converted into private houses …

      I like the ice photos too – against the blue deck … Thanks for your kind words. It was a brilliant day and I’m ready for next years trip. *smile

    • The lighthouse with the seagulls is my favorite too – taken from the dinning room .. aboard through very dirty porthole.
      It was a FAB day .. a girly day.

  6. Oh, Viveka, you are just as mad as me 😀 Love the story! Would do exactly the same thing (although I don’t know about taking a ship in winter storm..), but hahaha great!!! 🙂 Well, who knows, me might to something like this sometime together 😀 Hope you’ve recovered again 😉 xo

    • Thanks I have recovered … and ready for next booze cruise … *smile
      Yes, it’s mad and we do the same just before Christmas when we spend a day at the biggest department store (budget) in Scandinavia. Mad 17 hours too … but I wouldn’t do it for a living. *smile.
      You’re so welcome to join us.

    • Maralee, sorry I have missed your replay here …. it took the whole weekend to recover for me. 17 hour long day and only 4 hours shopping, but fun and money wise a true bargain. It would have cost 3 times the money here at home, if not even more.

    • I don’t drink a lot neither … but I just enjoy the madness around it all … I shopped for one of my friends .. and just a little for myself, I just enjoy the day out and wicked shopping during 3,5 hrs. We could have needed you for the unloading. *smile

      • I know that family too *smile – you should have seen how people were shopping – absolutely mad – my friends wasn’t bad neither.
        It’s so expensive in Sweden, so I understand, but some have done it into a business – and the customs are checking case, but we are allowed to have so much per person for only personal usage, but who can check that. They buy and sell – make massive money on it.

    • Thanks a million – most photos where taken from the car … I bought very little booze, but I had friends that wanted some. Just love the trip in itself – great and tiring fun for girls only.

    • I know … nice for a day out in France too a bit envy, because the crossing is so much shorter there … and France is a nice place to spend a day, even if Calais are not the most exciting town.
      Happy Easter to you and your family.

  7. Wow….though it was a VERY long day….what a terrific one! I love the photos….the shopping….and I’m with you on the buffet thing….I don’t like them but will partake when necessary. Hope you get some rest! 😉

  8. Oh Viveka – awesome!! Of course, with ‘vodka’ in the titled, I was drawn in!! 🙂

    But this sounds fantastico. WAY TO LIVE. Great photos, too.

    • I understand, vodka is my favorite too .. now you were funny *smile
      It was a brilliant day and I will do it again next year. Once a year is enough. *smile

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