a very grand old lady

L stands for Landskrona


Landksrona logo - landskrona se

Happy Birthday, Landskrona – 600 years today

I did this post during in April last years during the blogging challenge A-Z, but I have got a lot of new friends here now – so I will post it again – and I have added some new photos too. Today our King Karl Gustaf will be visiting us  and after that a year of celebrations will start.

WELCOME to my hometown;  55°52′13″N 12°49′49″O

 Landskrona, only 9.9mtr over sea level.

Landskrona, this little beautiful town with views across to Denmark –  Copenhagen is only 60 min away with direct train. My hometown since May 2009, when I decided to move back to Sweden after all my years living abroad.

Didn’t feel for going back to Gothenburg, where I lived all my adult life, since 1963 – also I wanted to be closer to my mum that has come up to a great age of 90, this year – but still with some distance. So I’m back to my roots in County Skåne (Scania), where I grown up.

I wanted to live where the ocean docks – so started I look along the whole coastline of Southern Sweden, but couldn’t find anything “clicked” when it was about apartments. Then I clicked on Landskrona – and there was my apartment. So here I’m. Had never seen my apartment until the day I moved in – sign the contract sitting in Belfast. A friend had checked it out for me and sent me some photo’s. It was like a blind date  – when I opened the door the first time.

A stunning town – that haven’t had the best reputation in the press, because of all the frictions between religions and other reasons, been deadly shootings here.  Landskrona have a large number of “new swedes” (immigrants).
Things has changed and I have never notice anything. In the house where I live – I’m the only Swede and I have the best neighbors in the world. So thoughtful and friendly, from the day I moved in – you would never get that straight away from Swedish neighbors (they have to know you first) and I was so sick during my treatments the ladies where concerned and looked after me.

County Skåne – was been Swedish and Danish – back and forward – in the history a couple of times, but now we been Swedish since 1719 and we are very pleased with that. Even if some of us, Skånningar, want to be our own nation – how will that work????? – can we live on potatoes, apples, cider and Absolut vodka only???? Maybe can we *smile  We grow a lot of rapeseed too.

In 1413 – Landskrona was founded –  a small fishing villiage. It was named  “Landszkrone” in those days. 1549 did Kristian XIII, King of both Denmark And Sweden, started to build Landskrona slott, Citadellet, stod ready in 1550. The castle that is fully intact today and our biggest tourist attraction.

Today 40.00 people lives here – so it’s not a big town and I love it because of that.
We have everything we need for our daily “go about” just next door and if we want something more advanced we have a massive shopping centre just 15 min away by car and the nearest IKEA we have 25 min drive away outside Helsingborg – there is also one of the biggest shopping centre in Sweden, Värla.

10 years ago I would had said NO WAY – if anyone said to me I will to move to a town of this size, but I’m very happy with my choice of apartment and my home town.
Had never been in Landskrona before I moved here. The town celebrate its 600th years birthday next year 20.03.2013

We are twinned with:
Kołobrzeg, Poland
Glostrup, Denmark
Plochingen, Germany
Kotka, Finland
Võru, Estonia

We have a good culture activities – many beautiful parks that the council keep in such a good order – they have their own “Landskrona Stad’s Park Team” – it says so on their backs, nice touch – all our roundabout are filled to rim with seasonal flowers and we have modern sculptures everywhere. Many beautiful houses with stunning details that I can walk around for hours looking at.

old water tower - landskrona se

We are a bit short of good restaurants – 2 in the center –  and out in Borstahusen, our fishing and yacht harbor we have one all year round and one seasonal, both very good. The seasonal one, Havnkrogen, are really only 2 containers and a beautiful conservatory – open from Easter to the end of September. They are on the ground where all the yachts are kept during the winter, so they just close up the containers and move them – and go home, my favorite of them all.

We have sandy beaches only 5 min walk from town center and perfect for kids .. because its very shallow water, 15 min walk for me.

Outside Landskrona, between Sweden and Denmark lays little beautiful island Ven (Swedish) – and out to there goes small ferries 2 departures per hour. A very hill little island and in summer becomes the place to be.  In the winter I don’t give much for it.  359 people lives there permanent on area of 7,5 km2 and 39mtr over sea level.

We also have something in Sweden called “Koloniträdgårdar” – and its small lots that people living in the towns and cities can rent to grow their own vegetables, flowers and fruit trees and to have a tiny cottage on. Not allowed to be lived at permanent – only to have as an escape. Landskrona has the oldest settlement in Sweden from 1895 and all are still up and running. It’s still something we are able to do in Sweden and the ground is owned by the councils. They are so pretty here in Landskrona, small fairy tale cottages and we have 1500 of them.

All photo’s here is all mine (except the top ones, the both maps, the old water tower and the ones with the small cottages above here)

Our local hospital are very good, but only 25 min away we have one of the best hospitals in Sweden – especially with my cancer – maybe one of the best in Europe, Lund University Hospital. They have a special bus that links 3 hospitals together: Helsingborg – Landskrona – Lund, Bus 215 and it has a nurse aboard as hostess.

I live at a really beautiful spot – and if I want to see the rest of the world, Copenhagen Airport is only 50 min away, my gateway to the world. From there I can fly direct to where ever I want.

Landskrona is a stunning summer town and in the winter – just like anywhere else … *smile

So now you have been in Landskrona –  so hurry back to us. 

landskrona sky on fire

Of course because of my trademark – my music clouds – I have to add music to the post for today. Something I didn’t do last year, but will do this year’s challenge.
I have chosen one of the most popular songs about my county Skåne (Scania) – it was written in 1939 by Alvar Kraft och Charles Henry. The title is “Jag har bott vid en landsväg”, in English .. I have lived by a country road. Have chosen a happy jazz version played by Kåge River Jazz Band, a band that started playing together in 2000 and comes from a town up in the north of Sweden, Skellefteå. A very happy and suitable track for a 600 year old lady that is still going strong and only becomes better by the year.

Kåge river jazz - kageriverjazz.blogspot se

“I have lived by a country road
all my life
and seen people come and go.
I have seen crops sprout,
on my turf in peace,
while storks trimmed its nest.
I have seen spring dawning,
I’ve seen autumn storms whimper,
I’ve seen wild geese dash
during the evening sky spirit.
I have lived in a country road
all my life
and seen people come and go.”

Photos provided by and thanks to: landskrona.se/weather-forcast.com (map)/karroklagar.blogg.se (cottage)/stubbergaard.se  – Landskrona 600 years photos: landskrona.se – kåge river band: kageriverjazz.blogspot se

63 thoughts on “a very grand old lady

  1. Isn’t this the area where the books by Stieg Larssen took place, Skane? Never visited Sweden although I went to both Denmark and Norway. Thanks for sharing, interesting post.

    • No … think you mix it up with “Wallander”, Henning Mankell’s books that BBC has made TV films based on He lives in Ystad – and you will be able to read more about Ystad under Y! Stieg’s Lisbeth she lived in Stockholm. More about Stieg will come under S! You have to do Sweden.

  2. Love the idea of the land that can be rented for growing vegetables and use of a cottage. Lovely idea. Here in my home town of Coral Gables we have just begun an organic community garden. I am glad to be participating.

    • Sounds very exciting – our plots or gardens we can rent – long waiting list, can be totally organic if they want to. Yes, it’s such old tradition over here, didn’t know until I moved to Landskrona.

  3. Thank you for sharing this information about your town…I may be able to visit Denmark in the Fall and this seem like a nice respite from the busy tourist areas I may encounter while in Copenhagen.

    • Yes, I think that quote is just what it’s all about living in a small town – now isn’t Landskrona that small … Brave ??!!! I was well looked after by my company even if they have moved all over the place. Glad I went where they sent me.

  4. Viveka, what a lovely place to call home. Makes me long for the ocean. If I ever win the lottery I’m heading straight in the direction of the Pacific and buying a house. 🙂 Such wonderful pics, as usual. Susie

    • Yes, Landskrona is a love town and have a great location – I love my little town.
      I couldn’t live without the seasons – but I have always been dreaming about a sea view apartment in Biarritz, France – because they have seasons too. I hope the Pacific dream comes true for us both.

    • Thank you so much … yes, this morning we woke up to snow again, but it was that cold .. so the royal visit went okay – the whole town was out. Start snowing this early evening again, but Landskrona is a stunning town the whole year around.

  5. Happy Birthday Landskrona! What a lovely place you live, Viveka. I enjoyed the tour. No soup- my laptop prefers wine! The nearest I have been to you is Billund in Denmark when our son was very small. He was a huge Lego fan. I would have loved to see Copenhagen so I’m very jealous. (always!)

    • Yes, it’s a lovely city – was out meeting our King today in the snow. Will do a post about it.
      I think my netbook would like some wine tool.

      I have done a post about Copenhagen, I have lived there.
      http://wp.me/p293Pw-rE – fantastic city, but so expensive those days.

      You have to come back .. to us – only 1.5 hours flight.

  6. Aaahhh Vivi thank you for showing us your special place. And it was a blind date too!
    I’ve seen / heard about Koloniträdgårdar – the Dutch have them too, they look idyllic.
    Isn’t it funny where we end up, I never imagined Hastings I grew up in the NW near Manchester….. Sometimes I think places choose us.

    • So true … I don’t really care where I live so long as … the ocean docks there. Landskrona properly picked me – it offered me what I was looking for … You can have a Kolonistuga .. on your lot. How cool whould a little blue wooden house with white corners would be .
      My pleasure … and anytime welcome to beautiful Landskrona.
      There will be a post about our Kings visit. when my keyboards problem has been solved.

  7. A loving tribute to your beautiful town Viveka. Love your pictures. Hope I get to see these scenes in person someday 🙂 Happy birthday to Landskrona!

    • Yes, I live in a very pretty town .. that has some issues – but I don’t go and look for them. Will do a post about the day the king visit – when I’m back home in Landskrona. My netbook hasn’t recovered.

      • I know … learned a less the hard way. Looked at a new over the weekend, but yesterday the price went up. Typical. Have bought a mini keyboard to test if it works with that – if so I can get away with exchanging the keyboard.

  8. Pingback: Awards and Acknowledgements (II) « Laura's Mess

  9. It look like a beautiful place to live Viveka… a far cry from Littlehampton that’s for sure! I hope to still live in Venice some day. Berlin was one of my favourite places to live until I finally got to visit and experience Venice. ‘Till soon!

    • Sweden is only a stone throw away from Gatwick.
      Venice has never been on my bucket list – but Berlin is one of my favorite cities … fantastic. But I don’t know if I would love to live here – been moving all my life. 23 years in total outside Sweden. Live in Canada an US too.
      But to Canada I think I could move again if I got the chance.

      • I loved living in Berlin it has a wonderful energy. I’ve never been to the US, Canada or Sweden. But Sweden is a place I would love to visit. I’ve always had a fascination with Scandinavia and it’s history. However, I think Venice will still probably the place I go back to whenever I get a chance to travel again, we have unfinished business [smile].

      • Unfinished business … great expression, I will remember that. Same with me and Chicago, the best city in the world in my book. Never lived there, but if I win a lot of money that penthouse is mine, but I will still live in Sweden, I think. *smile

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