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It’s time now to start working with all the photos I took during my 27 day trip to US & Canada last year. Done the Chicago ones and I started on this post about 6 months ago, but saved it as draft. My way of displaying photos has changed since then – have figure out how to use the gallery tools properly. So I had to re-arrange the photos here, but the wording is unchanged.

When I returned to Seattle after 22 years this last July, was it like I never been away. Of course there were a couple more skyscrapers – and there had be some physical changes, but not much and I could find my way around as I use to do.

All the people I know have always been ravaging about San Francisco, so while living in Victoria on Vancouver Island I went there – and I had so massive expectations, but San Francisco didn’t do it for me. Didn’t have any bad experience or something like that – but it just didn’t live up to what I wanted it to be, so much better than Seattle.


Give me Seattle anytime – for me the cities are very much alike – with their cold mornings, the sun that doesn’t come out until lunch even on a hot summer day, the hills, the water front .. but what San Francisco don’t have is Puget Sound and it’s 100 of beautiful islands.

Seattle has very strong Swedish connection and  influence  too – it was more or less founded by a Swedish gold digger, Nordstrom – that with his gold money – opened a shoe store by name Nordstrom – today is one of the mayor department stores in US … and their Nordstrom Rack, has really taken off too – Chicago has even two. The biggest and most well know Swedish connection is the Swedish Medical Center.

“Swedish annual traditional ceremonies like Lucia, Julotta, and Midsommar are still held in Seattle.
In 1940 there was an immigrant population of 63,470 in a total population of 368,302 in Seattle. Swedes represented the third largest group with 7,670 people making up 12.1% of the population.

Local Swedish Organizations:
Department of Scandinavian Studies at the
– University of Washington
Department of Scandinavian Studies at
– Pacific Lutheran University
Nordic Heritage Museum
Swedish Cultural Center
Swedish Cultural Society
Skandia Folkdance Society
Swedish Women’s Educational Association
SVEA Male Chorus
Swedish Women’s Chorus
Scandinavian Language Institute

Although Swedish language and culture in Seattle is currently in decline, it is not
impossible to learn about Sweden while in Seattle. In fact, in 2003, the Swedish Institute
honored the Swedish Program at the University of Washington as one of the two best
Swedish programs outside of Sweden” (text from

Except from H&M and IKEA – there is a couple more Swedish companies in Seattle; Ivar’s – Seafood Bars, Fish Bars and SKANSKA – – construction and development company.

I love Seattle, didn’t know how much really until this July when I was back for 3 nights, wish I had given it another 2 nights, but hopefully I will be able to come back.

During my time living in Victoria – Stena Line, my employee – had bought a ferry company for the symbolic sum of CAN$1.00 – got 2 ferries, two terminals and a lot of problems. So when asked if I want to go over and help with the set up – it was YES straight away. Who can say no to a year in Canada ???

Every evening both vessels moored in Seattle for the night and that gave us, the crew, opportunities to have a good time in Seattle, a bit too often. When it was about shopping – was it more convenient to take a couple of days in Seattle than in Vancouver.

So to be back was a thrill and I was really excited. Were so lucky with the weather too, because it rains a lot in Seattle – that’s why it’s so lush green. The Chicago sun was glued to my back and Seattle was warm and sunny already when I landed and stayed that way.

I did a lot more walking in Seattle – so I will be back with more.

“Earth does not belongs to us;
we belong to earth”
Chief Seattle

american flag

My music cloud I just came across on Soundcloud – the artist goes under the name “Larrabe”, but no information what so ever to be find – more than connected to Buffalo, US.

Photo of Cheif Seattle provided by and thanks to; and Swedish logo:
For Swedish ceremonies page thanks goes to:

41 thoughts on “streetsviews of seattle

  1. Beautiful Seattle photos. Such a great city. We only spent a weekend there but really want to go back sometime. Money and dang work always seem to get in the way. Soon though.

  2. That was a wonderful tour Viveka, Thank you 🙂 The architecture looks beautiful, but the patterned pavement and the shot of the stairs grabbed me. Great quote too!

  3. What a wonderful history lesson, glad you dug it out your drafts and posted it (I love the new gallery feature also).

    Great music as well to ‘rock-out’ to over my lunchtime 🙂

  4. Thanks Viveka for the trip to Seattle. Now I know better even though there’s family living there, we rarely get to see the streets in their albums…wonderful article full of nuggets of information

  5. I’ve never been to Seattle, but did see that movie, “Sleepless in Seattle” where it seemed to rain the whole time. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your holiday pics, Viveka. Love the blue tree.

    • It rains quite a bit … but I can’t remember it was that bad …. but it’s many years ago. Last summer it was fantastic weather. A fantastic city really and fun.

  6. Great post – again. I don’t know how many new places I want to go to when I have travelled with you.. I can easily understand why you love Seattle from this single post – and I’m looking forward to seeing more!

    I have never visited the US – went to South America instead. The only connection I have to Seattle is my uncle. He lived and worked in the US for 17 years and managed the Century 21 Exposition (also known as the Seattle World’s Fair) held April 21, 1962 to October 21, 1962 in Seattle. That was when they built the Space Needle too. He is still alive, in fact in Malmö! A very modest man, but he in fact guided The Mr Kennedy himself through the Swedish part! He’s over 80 now, but still playing tennis…

    Hope your PC is working again!

    • Keyboard is damage, but I have order an mini keyboard to see if there is more to the damage then the keyboard. Have been looking around for a new Acer. Working on a very slow UK Dell for the moment. Only great thing is that it has a UK keyboard and the spell check comes straight away.

      Seattle is a fantastic city … and with all the 100rds of islands outside. There will be an other post on Saturday, have decided just to post every second day now … until A-Z starts 1th April.

      Wow, your uncle .. has been around for a good while and still going strong. Fantastic.
      Lovely story you gave me here.

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