pleasant hours in gothenburg

So I was up doing my old home town a bit unsafe again – always nice to come back to Gothenburg, doesn’t matter if it’s for a couple of hours or days.


The drive went very smooth and we was up around 11am – my friend she had appointment with her hairdresser and I with my friend, Paula – 12.30pm.

With same time to kill we decided to go for a coffee and we went to my favourite café, Brogyllen – a former bank that has been a very popular café for many years. Packed with goodies and guests, it was lunch hours.
If ever ending up in Gothenburg, you just have to go there.
Västra Hamngatan 2 411 17
Phone: 031-13 87 13

If I ever had plans for cafe and bakery – this is the type of place I would love to have – but you that know me … knows that bakery and café isn’t my thing, even if I’m VERY good on salads and sandwiches.
I just had a cappuccino and some kind of cake with loads of almond in, called Säterknut. My friend had a chicken salad … with same fantastic bread that she all shared with us – the olive bread was just “WANTINGMOORE”. Her friend just had a coffee and a semla, something very Swedish – but at times better than sex. Done a little post about this bun that is so full of pleasure and guilt; “semla” – better than sex?????!!! absolutely!!!!!!

Then it was time for me to meet up with Paula on Kungsgatan – and to have lunch with her. On the corner of Kungsgatan, the main shopping street, is this fashion store with a massive thermostat – that showed +6C – it was sunny with blue sky, but a bit bitter in the air. While waiting I took some photos and the church is the “Domkyrka” – the main church in Gothenburg.

Had to go to our main Swedish department store, Åhlens, for some toner (their own brand) – the best on the market – and cheap too. After that we took a stroll up to the Saluhallen – Our Public Market, for the lunch – and the photos are what caught my eyes during that 15 min walk. We passed Paula’s favourite fashion shop and 20 min later – she was a happy owner of a new spring jacket.

At “Saluhallen” we decided to have lunch at “Amanda Boman” – a very busy little place – with two small eating areas. A place that has been at the market since 1973 and that has always great food. They announced the they had lamb burgers as one of the lunch options, both Paula and I had loves lamb – but they had change it into veal burgers instead served is wild mushroom sauce and potato wedges –with a little side salad and we both had Ramlösa, our national spring water that now is owned by Carlsberg and Danish. Really lovely lunch, but very crowdie.
Then Paula came up with the idea to go somewhere else for the coffee – and that story you had the other day …. lush afternoon coffee.

When we had said goodbye and Paula had taken off in her taxi – I decided to window shopping – and that is what all those photos are all about. In Sweden so first slightly warm sunshine comes out – all outdoor restaurants and cafe patios are filled up to the last seat, doesn’t matter how cold the wind is.

Also I was staying with my friend Maja that lives in nice town south of Gothenburg called Kungsbacka, 30 min with commuter train from Gothenburg Central Station, so I walked through Nordstan – the biggest indoor shopping centre in the city centre. I bought an orchid for Maja. We har both crazy about them and can never get too many. Was on the 5pm departure and my visit in Gothenburg was over once again. I love Gothenburg – but I don’t miss living there anymore

To Kungsbacka I will take you another day and post.

“True friends stab you in the front.
Oscar Wilde”


Geoff Thurman. - myspace com

I dedicate my cloud to my friends; Bengt & Margurithe that I got the ride with, Paula that as bit abandoned because my camera work … for Maja, for giving up her bed to me. My world would be very lonely and sad without you, guys. ”You Need A Friend” – written and sang by Geoff Thurman.
He are a full time songwriter and singer … on his spare time he works for T-mobile. He are walking grounds in Cincinnati, Ohio and been in the music business for 30 year. I think this a fantastic song.

80 thoughts on “pleasant hours in gothenburg

    • Colleen, sometimes the link between Soundcloud and wordpress don’t work – but normally it helps if reloading the page, glad it’s working. Easy go be a great amassador for something we love and I love my beautiful, little odd and sometimes litte strange behaving country. Next month a bit of Sweden will come to you every day.

      • Same with photos when they don’t open up .. down to internet. I’m not sure I’m looking forward to it .. massive job and loads of fact and research, but I manage last year. Stay there in my corner and cheer me on. Feels good when you’re present.

      • I am right here ready to cheer! 🙂 I usually get your posts while I am riding in the morning before work. I don’t know our time difference but I think it is evening for you. That is why we sometimes get a chance to “talk”. 🙂

    • Julie, just reload the post again, it happens with – internet at times .. WP can have a problem just now, normal it helps with reloading the post. I can see them all.

    • My day is bright, because of all the snow that came down during the night – no spring yet *smile – thank you for your nice words … love shopping with camera – cheap too. We had a fantastic day up in Gothenburg, sunny – blue sky, but very cold in the wind. Beautiful city with great people.

  1. I love these posts of yours with lots of photos… just all that food makes me hungry… man and Sweden sure looks like a place to visit… now I must pop over to see what is better than sex…

  2. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day in Gothenburg Viveka. Salivating over the food AND the shopping photos 🙂 The Semla sure sounds divine!

    • Thank you so much, Gloria … great to have you back – haven’t heard anything from you for quite some time – have left comments with you .. but no response.
      Love to share my “adventures” with you – thank you so much for your kind words.

      • Viveka, I just found this comment… I discovered I could find ‘unread comments’ and other things when I click on Archives! I never meant to ignore you!

      • Gloria, no problem … not the end of the world. Have replayed on your post quite a few times, but heard nothing from you, so I thought there must be something wrong.
        Thanks for coming back to me.

      • Last night I was ‘exploring’ on my wordpress blog… I had no idea there were so many unanswered comments. I found all of this by clicking on the ‘View Archives’….

        I didn’t know what happened, why you had stopped commenting. I understand now. I’m glad to be able to tell you this, Viveka. ‘Now’… I can ‘see why’… several people like you that I liked… never came back to speak to me. So, whether you come back or not, it did mean a lot to me, and I liked you very much… that’s why I’ve taken time to tell you. Love, Gloria

      • Gloira … great that this sorted out now – I think one of the problems is that you use two different providers to you’re blogs – I can never get my head around the google one – so difficult to post a comment …

        Gloira, we are back in business now … I think the last time I comment was after you changed hair style and you look fantastic.

        Thanks for making the afford. Happy to have you back with me too. Lots of Wivi

    • We love our cakes … and we only use loads of cream in them .. no frosting what so ever … and that cafe is a most when you come to Gothenburg – and the Public Market .. there is loads of wildlife too in Gothenburg … tall legged things called women. *smile Not all blonde, but very fit ..

  3. wow! Very cool pics of what looks like a very cool city … you should be mayor! Sweden is very high on my travel list (Christmas in Stockholm!), but now I want to go to Gothenburg too. Thanks for taking us on a stroll of this very impressive city!

    • Thanks, Stephen .. Sweden in December beats New York … with all the window lights – our welcome lights ..
      In the summer you can take a fantastic boat/cruise between Gothenburg and Stockholm – called Göta Kanal and you will see the most stunning view of Sweden … here is the link. growing in your own self confidence. My pleasure … by the way yesterday I posted my photographic year .. if you are interested.
      Thanks for your support.

    • Terry, you should go out and take more photos too .. it’s so relaxing – I don’t mean now when you’re busy … you take good photos too, so just put that little camera in your bag … pick a subject and just go for it.

      Thanks for your support ..

  4. What a fun day and fantastic post! I felt like I traveled right along with you…I even got hungry while doing so. Love the photos!! : ) And I love that Oscar Wilde.

  5. really loved your post…before this my knowledge of Sweden was limited to knowing its Capital’s name and what I saw in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” …in other words…nothing! Your blog has changed that 🙂

    • Thank you very much …. if you go to my blogging A-Z you will find 28 … posts about Sweden .. also about Stieg Larsson the man behind the book.
      Welcome back.

  6. You have some delicious photos here, Viveka. I would love to go for coffee and cake with you. Those cream cakes look delicious. The roses are so beautiful, and I smiled so much at the fish with the spectacles. 😀

    • It’s not a fish .. it’s a pink flamingo .. but that’s okay.
      I would love to have coffee and a Swedish cake with you – we don’t use icing .. as the Germans .. we only use cream and loads of it in our cakes.

  7. It was January and cold and snow-raining like crazy when I went to Göteborg so I don’t have good memories of the city, unfortunately. Your post kinda wants me to give it another chance which I one day will to. Lovely pictures.

    • Thank you so much … great city – great people with great sense of humor, the best in Sweden …
      I promise I come up and spend some days with you .. when you’re back in town.

      • It will be a while until I go back there. I’m planning Stockholm and Växjö for the summer. Hoping my friend family wants to see me other wise I’m skipping Växjö.

      • As most of my friends were exchange students as well, they aren’t there anymore. But if I go there, I will try to meet anyone that is still there 🙂

      • That I can understand … I’m the same when I return to UK and Ireland – somethime I have to see all … nobody is around. *smile I’m sure there will be some of your Swedish friends around, even if not living in Växjsö.

  8. You’re making me very hungry looking at those delightful goodies. And most of all, you’re giving me the itch to visit Gothenburg. 😉

    • Malou, thank you so much … Gothenburg is the summer city of Sweden – loads of water everywhere, parks and a fantastic amusment park; Liseberg and outdoor eating and drinking everywhere.

  9. My girlfriend really knows how to make the most out of life…good for you. My only wish is that I was at your side on your adventures. We would certainly have a great time leading to each other’s delinquency. 🙂

  10. I agree with Colleen, you are a great ambassador for Sweden, Viveka. Another excellent post by you.

    You’re excellent at this, & I love you sharing to me your world.

    Cheers. x

  11. I’m finally back on track…having Easter vacation and getting well from my stomach illness. So I can SAVOUR all your delicious posts! How I love them – they are complete like no one else’s!

    • Thank you so much …. for your wonderful words, they landed straight away in my software.
      I didn’t know that you have been having problems with your stomach … not a fun story.
      It’s lovely to have you visiting. *smile

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