an unpublished year, march to march

Even if I stated blogging 19th of January 2012 I didn’t start publishing my own photos until March-012. And there has been taken 1000’s of photo since then, but a very few amount has been published with my posts. On 8th of March 2012 – I put my little camera in my handbag and during my travel over to my mum it had to do some work – and those photos I took during my traveling was the first photos of my own (except for some recipe shots) that I published here on my blog.

This is my favorites of the team work between my little camera and me – and that you never seen before. I have chosen to a gallery of  them in random order, so not one of you will get them in the same order or size. Just like myself, I’m in random order at times.

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

matt-dusk - itlounge.nkp net

I have chosen one of my absolute favorite tracks to my music cloud – Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad  – with Matt Dusk. Very much how my year has been, but lot more happiness than sadness, but still it had both. Same with my camera shots, one good and two bad. Couldn’t find a proper track on Soundcloud – this is live recording from Las Vegas and after song  – there is some lose talking, sorry about that. Have tried to download the studio track, but it’s copyright protected. This song and Matt  is just brilliant … this is ear candy with a good swing. U2 have done a brilliant version too.

Matt’s photo provided by and thanks to:

71 thoughts on “an unpublished year, march to march

    • Thanks, Lori …. it’s wordpress that does that to for me .. the gallery, can’t take the credit for that – when I use ransome – they change around all the time.

    • I’m sure that some of the photos will be used again … in upcomming posts.
      Yes, it has been a good camera year – I don’t have any favorite … I think the one of the Seattle space needle is pretty cool and the luggage chart with the speeding train is up in top. Thanks for your support, Bob … going to buy lemons now. *smile

  1. The day starts with you now…. how beautiful the music fills my day… Your photography is amazing too. Thank you, have a nice day dear Viveka, love you, nia

    • Thanks for yor kind words and for reblogging – so sweet of you. I was over looking at the reblogging and your photos has ended up inside my gallery on page – I don’t mind at all … team work. I love this song too … very high up on my favorite list.

  2. Hello Viveka 🙂 first time visiting and already really like this post! I should do a similar post too, I go to so many places but don’t always end up blogging about it 😀 I would love the chance to visit Sweden one day everything it looks so amazing!!!

    • Thanks for taking your time .. and welcome.
      Frist time I have put this many photo in one gallery – but it’s a yearly review, It was hard to pick out photos – so many taken, so few published.
      You should do post about the places that you eat and sleep … and enjoy.
      I’m all over the place with my blog – it was supposed to be about food … and my world is so much more. Check out yesterdays post and you will land in a beautiful place in Sweden. Of course you should visit Sweden – we would love having you here.

  3. I like revisiting early days, Viveka. I reckon our blogs CANNOT HELP but progress – our self development or ability to write or photograph, or depths of our contemplations.

    Lovely photos as usual. You must have millions!!

    I’m so used to enjoying music when I visit here. No other blog I know, turns on music as soon as you arrive. Love it 🙂


    • Noeleen, this with the music is my trademark … a trick of the trade – only one of my blogging friends has figure it out, but she only use it for some of her special posts. I’m sure that others will figure it out too, but until then it’s a matter of national security … if I tell anyone I have to kill them too. So we leave it as its.

      Blogging has been very “be-riching” for me and even if I sometimes get stressed from it .. when I check my inbox – I love it and I learn something new every day. Not bad at my age.

      You’re so welcome .. whenever you feel for it.

      Thanks for asking .. I’m doing steady and steady is good enough for me. *smile

  4. These are great photos! You definitely have a great eye and you and your little camera are a perfect pair. Thanks for sharing Matt Dusk…I forgot I have this CD. : )

    • I love Matt’s voice and his type of music … it makes me feel good. Yes, my little camera and I had a great year and we understand each other so much better after all those photos. Thanks for your support; Heather

  5. O.K….what kind of incredible camera were you using? These are just excellent!..You should not save these up…give us a little blast of images from time to time…they’re so great 🙂 🙂

    • It’s a powerful little thing .. Canon Powershot X100IS 10xoptical zoom. Have a big Canon that eats film – with fantastic lenses – but I can’t be bothered with carry everything with me – my life is built for comfort those days … but I miss it at times. Also with a small camera I can have it in the bag wherever I go and it’s always in my bag. I use to post my photos every week in different posts
      Thank you so much for your support and kind words – they mean so much to me … I don’t know if they are all that great … but they are my favorite.
      There will be photos in tomorrow’s post.
      Once again .. thanks for cheering me on.

  6. Great gallery Viveka! Here’s the ones that caught my eye first ….
    – Playing with the light
    – Chicago cold and wet
    – Belfast – little city bright lights
    – Between Victoria and Seattle

    Love the song, too!

    • Frank, you are a star … you took time and go through them all and come back with feedback – FANTASTIC. “Love” you to bits.
      My favorit “left behind”- luggage chart at the platform at Copenhagen Airport – and flying shawdows … taken from my balcony in Landskrona. Thank you so much for the feedback. I agree, great song.

    • Thanks for your support … I had 300 visitors yesterday and many in Sweden, 140 – when I checked it was my photos that had tricked that figure – because when we check photos individual that goes down as one visitor for every photo we click. Never knew that – maybe it was you that is the reason for my high visitor figures yesterday.. Thanks you. Love to have your support.

  7. Do love a bit of swing, think I get that from my Dad! Just figured out how to use the gallery thing and loved, loved, loved your pictures Wivi. Just sat here now listening to your music with a nice cup of Earl Grey

    • Thank you so much – yes, it has a great photo year, my little camera has been working very hard.
      I think you have to visit my post from yesterday too – – and I will make myself a good cup of coffee .. and meet you over there. Totally different .. powerful and lush, so the music.

  8. You take wonderful pictures, great snapshots and wonderful details. Love to see them and the way you arrange them- or in this case not 🙂 Have a lovely rest of the week 🙂 xo

    • Dia, thank you so much for your support … I have to give WP the credit for arrangement. I love having them on ransom, because it will look like new photos everytime I look at the post.

  9. N.B. By the way: I was never able to read your post about celebrating your big day 1st class flight and trip to NY. Something was wrong with WP that week. Could you please send me a link? Ta! xo 🙂

    • – here it’s … enjoy the fligth – time for bed now … so tired today. Back from mums. ‘
      Thanks for your comment for my photos … will answer tomorrow. Have a good night and dream carefully. *smile Lots .. of … you know who.

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos… love your blog. Digital photography is a funny thing… I still have hundreds of unedited images sitting on my computer that have never seen the light of day! Very different to film images. I remember going to the photo developers very often as a child! This is my first visit to your little corner of the internet and I’m really glad that I stumbled across your beautiful pictures and stories. I’ll be following from now on! x

    • Welcome, thanks for taking your time to look at my photos and to comment on my post. I loved working with film – and when living in Brighton I always just a photo shop that my drycleaner was running, they did the best developments I ever seen. But film there was so much getting wasted, 2 good photo to maybe 36.You’re so welcome to my world.

  11. That is an outstanding set of images coupled with that brilliant song. You and your camera make a fab team! I love too many to list, but the shot of your ‘boyfriend’ is so adorable 🙂 Congratulations Viveka, and here’s to another great year 🙂

    • Yes, my good Scottish friends son … it was our first meeting .. and we really clicked (we call my fewness, but he are a lot more than that) – he are such a darling – and he shine like a star when I was around.
      Thanks for your support and kind words, looking forward to this year coming too .. hope my camera do too. *smile

    • Thanks for taking your time … to have a look and to comment. Means a lot to me, because you take such brilliant photos and I pick up idea from you.

    • Linda, sorry about .. that – but I chose not to use photos that already had been published .. and red shoes & bag .. had been. Have to do a new post about shoes and bags … have loads to take from. *smile Life is too short to … be sad all the time. But it happens.

    • Thanks Ann-Sofie, nice to have you around … have you checked out … my post about lush afternoon coffee .. you will love it. A new hotel in Gothenburg … thanks for your kind words and support.

  12. Wow, this is a beautiful collection of pictures, Viveka! Keep clicking! 😉

    I love the way you convey beauty in everything around you. Don’t lose that touch with love and beauty because they are what these pictures are projecting to its viewers.

    • Malou, my little camera is alway in my bag – and I look at things differently through my camera. There is always beauty somewhere on the way to the supermarket or in the supermarket. Thank you so much for your kind words – don’t worry I will keep on clicking. *smile

  13. What a super year Vivi! I’ve just looked at every photo – a true delight – the colours, th elight and shadows, the rchitectural and abstract, nature, snow, water and yes food glorious food. I alway slove seeing your world through your eyes and your camera lens. Looking forward to the next year

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