lush afternoon coffee … “i taste in spirit”

logo dorsia se

Dorsia Hotel & Restaurant
Trädgårdsgatan 6
SE-411 08 Gothenburg, Sweden
Phone, 0046-31-790 10 00

38 rooms; small classic to premium large; $375 – $682/€288-524/£245-445, breakfast included.
The restaurants serves breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner plus it has a very extended wine cellar.

“Welcome. It happens that guests come in think they went wrong. They will standing, easily confused, and wonder if they ended up at the home of an eccentric lady …” (text;

On Friday last week while up in Gothenburg … I met up with my Margarita-friend Paula for lunch.

We did a little bit of window shopping together walking to Public Market Hall, Saluhallen, for our lunch. During the 15 min walk, Paula manages to get her a very nice spring jacket … and I got some skin toner.

dorsia entrance pagedorsia page 4dorsia page 5dorisa page 4

We had a great lunch in the Public Market Hall … and after lunch, Paula, said that she would invite me for afternoon coffee at a very special place that she knew I will love. Paula bought two chocolate truffles at the Public Market, lime, and chili at the market … to indulge ourselves with. 

After about 15 min walk she took me down Trädgårdsgatan in the city center – there was this amazing place, Dorsia Hotel & Restaurant. I have been to many fantastic and wired places … but this beats them all.

lounge page

Never seen colors, textiles and interior design like it before – no money spared … everything down to the smallest detail was thought of. As we entered the hotel a massive table with at least 7 vases with different flowers in every vase, just like a flower shop – wallpaper in deep rich colors – furnished in the most stunning rich colors and materials. Full of real antique furniture and carpets in all public areas, down into Art Nouveau and with a very respectful touch of contemporary details.

The bars/lounge was a stair up and .. the same richness in textiles and material everywhere. The table in the foyer with all the vase with the fresh flower – beautifully decorated with hand painted flower, my absolute favorite of all the wonderful and beautiful pieces of furniture.

dorsia page 3dorsia dinning pageBorsia page

The art was very eye catching and decedent and. We got our coffee served in cups from Royal Copenhagen and our water glasses in the most beautiful crystal, I asked if they would miss them if our disappeared somehow in a mysteries way … also from Royal Copenhagen.

My little camera and I just went mental – every curtain, every chair, every painting … it never ended with objects and details to borrow. I had landed in “La belle époque” and I soaked everything up like a sponge.

Paula told me that I have to visit the washrooms and to bring the camera – unbelievable. Inside the cubic was covered in beautiful red, rust and gold tiles and every one of them had with the piece of art. Outside was it the hand basins with the fresh flower, lounge books, beautiful mirrors with crystal framing … and mountains of soft lush hand tools.

borsia washroom 1dorsia washroom

The dining room was pretty busy when we arrived when only one table left I went inside to take some photos – our young handsome and very elegant waiter informed me that the hotel has been open since end June last year. 37 rooms – all in the same style … with nothing spared. For the hotel room photo page, I have used the hotel’s website photo – and also the description of one of their rooms.

dorsia web page


Dorsia map dorsia se

Paula and I decided that we are going to have lunch or dinner at Dorsia – next time I’m up for a visit. Can’t wait. I’m still overwhelmed and I fell a little bit guilty that Paula was left alone … while my little camera and I went mental – but she have herself to blame … because it was her that took me there. Sorry, Paula ….  Will make it up to you!

This is a place of pure self-indulgence when it’s about colors, materials, details, and service. A place to for all senses.

“The terrifying and edible beauty of art nouveau architecture.”
Salvador Dali

entrance curtains

Giacomo Puccini’s opera “La Bohème” is classed as “THE” Art Nouveau opera. The world premiere performance of “La Bohème” was in Turin on 1 February 1896 at the Teatro Regio.
It has one of my favorite opera duets, the duet between Rodolfo and Mimì: “O soave fanciulla” – “Oh lovely girl” – where they realize that they have fallen in love.

“Oh lovely girl, oh sweet face
bathed in the soft moonlight.
I see you in a dream
I’d dream forever!

Ah! Love, you rule alone!i”

Already I taste in spirit
the heights of tenderness!
Love trembles at our kiss!”

“To coincide with the 150th anniversary of his birth, Giacomo Puccini’s immortal opera is brought to life in a new, lavish feature-film version directed by Academy Award nominee Robert Dornhelm and starring the opera world’s “dream team,” soprano Anna Netrebko and tenor Rolando Villazón, was released in UK cinemas on 19th December 2008.” (text:

Anna Netrebko, born 1971 in Kasnodar (Russia) and Rolando Villazón, born in Mexico City 1972. The couple are called the opera world’s sweethearts.

la_boheme_impawards com

Photos of the hotel room interior, map, entrance and header photo provided by and thanks to:  and for La Bohème; &

40 thoughts on “lush afternoon coffee … “i taste in spirit”

    • I totally agree with you – it was like moving back in time – the bird nest is made of iron … and over the entrance – forgotten to ask the story behind that – will do so next time I’m visiting.

  1. so glad you two had a nice time. I loved your photos. I especially loved the naked lady painting. I have a few of those paintings on my walls. I collect the bare ladies and fairy paintings

    • Thanks, Terry … they had some fantastic art (not really my taste, but perfect for the place) – must have taken about 120 photos in total. I went mental.
      Maybe one day I will be able to enjoy yours too … never now what tomorrow brings.

  2. I can totally understand why your “little camera” & you went crazy. These are rich, beautiful images. My gosh, how lush. What an awesome time you and Paula had. JEALOUS!!

    • It was a great afternoon, but poor Paula was left on her own must of the time .. next time we go there – I don’t have to take that many photos, I think … it was like going back 100 year in time – and still so current. Love it.

  3. Oh my goodness…what a beautiful hotel! I’ve never seen anything quite like it. So many neat features and details. Love the metal nest over the doorway. So intriguing! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!


  4. That is such a great treat! I would have done the same. Am sure Paula knew what you were up to and understood. Thanks for sharing!

    • Paula, wasn’t to happy about my behavior, but I promised that next time .. when we are having our meal I will behaving a lot better. Maybe even leave the camera at home, but I doubt that. *smile It was a treat for nearly all senses. Love the place.

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